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Converged Atop a Lonely Island

I sit alone at a corner shop,

Eating my meal,



It's strange to be alone;




Not that I'm unaware of its presence,

Not that I fear it's belonging,

Not even that it's strange because of the surrounding people,

All accompanied by at least another.


My soul intrinsically separated,



More likely,

I simply feel at ease.



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Converged atop a lonely islandDepressionImageryLonelyRevering

Create the World

Create the World

How does it look to go about the mountains at dawn?
To watch the sun smothering beneath a breathless sky,
And wander up and down the slopes of what were once avalanches.

It's simply a point of matter,
And fact of being,
So truly to be here with you.

And it's honesty,
The way that the waves crash into boulders

And it's friendship,
The way birds may dangle broken l...

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Create the WorldDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizationImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticRevering

Green to Gray

Green to Grey


I have before seen flowers spruced such to convey meaning,

And I have before been offered a rose,

Of tantalizing beauty.


But I sit here in a meadow of dandelions,

(The weeds of a flower)


For the world had left them unkept.


I do not see tomorrow through the glass made today,

Instead, I watch the moon shift in the sky,

And I pray.


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DepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonGreen to GrayImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

Withered Leaves

Withered leaves


There's a thing in the woods that I cannot see,
Stood with solid grass-green eyes and rotted teeth,
a willow-thin neck, Contorted.

But oh, how I've seen

but a glance of this thing
- Within my dreams -
Sat beneath an oak and pine tree;
(I’d felt uncertainty).

Now, I feel as though I'm lost,
Lost in the despair of a fated dream,
Watching as the being sits, solid b...

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DepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringWithered Leaves




Spin in your grave,

My god,

Oh, spin there where the moon does not shine!


Can’t you see the light seeping deep into your hollow home?

Yet you sit there and ponder how the dirt had once made up your body,


Because oh how the lack of oxygen makes us all feel whole.


Against the wrath of a god,

My god,

Comes again the ax of the wind into a tree m...

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Dear You (Third)

Dear You (Payton Cont.)


It brings tears to my eyes to witness the growth of flowers on autumn nights never before seen,

the flowers

(and how they bloom in front of me)

begging for a single drop of water from the sky,


what must I do,

Especially when I cannot provide such sustenance even to myself?!


It truly brings back memories of helplessness and fear that I h...

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Dear YouDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

Dear you (Second)

Dear you (Second)


Wait for me,

beneath the stars of the sky,

before the glass pane window looking out towards the sea.


Within a warm and comforting home,

you’d built for me.


Wait for me,

to find my stride through patches of daisies and roses,

to spot miraculously the blue amongst oceans.

To realize now down beneath the shore the gold hidden deep within m...

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Dear YouDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

Dear You (First)

Dear you (Myself)


You will overcome the silence.

You will confront the fear.

And when it comes to the quiet at night

That rings in your ear,

You will,



You will experience fear,

A plethora in fact;

But Keep it hidden,

beneath the ocean of dreams.



I must say this,

The world is too dark to not set aflame;

burning through the world...

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Dear YouDepersonalizationDepressionDerealizaitonImageryJoyousLoveMelodramaticReveringSadness

He bleeds Autumn.


Your skin like the yellow brick road,

and what is it that creates that rush of blush?

I’d love to shovel out your flesh or drill through your cheeks

to reach those autumn leaves,

that grow behind the golden weeds,

the red leaves that were never green.

No, never new, they never grew,

they stayed and they remained:

Dying, but never dead,

thriving, behind your face of ...

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Have you seen her eyes?

Like searching grass stains

Reaching, reaching up the bark

Of her rough touch, rough hands.

Legs like hay, the hairs like needles,

Could lose thoughts in them, do you understand?

Oh, have you seen her eyes?!

Like dancing lily pads,

I once tried to catch them in the lake.

Silly mistake, oh big mistake

Because she can be a swamp,

Her pull like...

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