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Immortality Methodology

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Immortality Methodology


Always remember -

endings are new beginnings.

Here’s to the future,

where an ending waits for me

while my words live forever.

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day 30epitaphimmortalitylegacyminimalist poemNaPoWriMo 2019tankawords


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Mortality stalks me 
like a jealous lover.

Breathlessly follows me
wherever I go, incessantly
banging a gong, 


it won't be long, 
come to me, let 
the pain end.

My eternal soul sees
this game of mortal gods 

and challenges me

to go where mortals
fear to tread...

Meditate in silent space
past the black hole,

beyond illness,
depression, despair

to that ...

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The Writer's Plight

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For some, the writer's plight may be staring at a blank page, fear of rejection, or resistance presented in various forms. For me, the writer's plight is being available morning, noon, and night to welcome a steady stream of pop-in visitors with expectations of providing conversation, cooking, cleaning, even childcare for hours on end.

With a Mona Lisa smile, I weigh the importance of what my d...

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comfort zonedrama queenfamilyfocushabitlegacymuseprioritiesquality timerelationshipswriter's lifewriting


If you become 
what you think about 
most of the time... 

I am becoming 
poetry, a lyrical 
fantasy floating 
in rhyme. 

I am becoming 
love and light,

Doing my best
to do what's right.

I am becoming 
and peace. 

Healing souls
like Wayne 
and Louise.  

I am becoming
who God intended
me to be.

Leaving a loving

I am becoming 



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destinyfaithfantasyforgivenessfreedomGodhealinglegacylightLouise HaylovepeacepoetryrhymesoulsWayne Dyer

Cha-Chi Legacy

I inhale the tears 
welling up in my eyes.
Feeling like I don't have 
the right to cry for 

letting so much time go by
without saying hi,
how are you doing, 
what's new in your life?

I "kept in touch" 
watching your 
on social media, 

after a 

providing water 
and food for 
people who didn't 
know your name.

I was proud of you,

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connectiondeathfamilyhomelesslegacylifelovesocial mediatimevolunteer


entry picture

Publish your poems,

your stories,

your soul songs.

A world of lonely people

are waiting for you

with open arms. 


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destinyhealinglegacylonlinessmiraclesmusicpoetryquillsoultwin flamewriting

Rubies and Diamonds

Rubies and Diamonds


To the dreary and the lonely,

To the cautious and the weary,

To the listless and enlightened minds,

Let them hear what my words describe,

Through humble prophets speaks The King,

Who urges and pushes for The Reckoning,

Answer your soul for it is beckoning,


Cast away shadows,

Cast away strife,

You must answer your soul,

And answer your ...

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creativitylegacypublic speakingstand up for yourselfwriting

Future blooms

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As Sun un-buds the bloom

of the yellow afghan rose,

I see children from my room

no shoes and ragged clothes.


Like young ones do

in life and play,

they act on out

the words we say.


They smile 

and pose unknowing,

their traits

already showing.


At the edge,

watch fathers proud

I draw my curtains


the future shroud.


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Royal ascendancy

entry picture

A Prince is dead

and a Queen lives still.


The ramparts are free of ghosts.



I knew neither well

and that I ever did

could I ever tell?


If one was worthy

or un-so,

do any of us ever know?


The worth of any 

living heart

is never known

till the two

do part

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Imagined land

Green as far

as could

be seen,


then blue

crowned white

by breaking 



Until green again

be-fringed with sand,

there rose another

Kingdoms land.


Where learn’ed men

with little care,  

swore allegiance

to their sovereigns chair.


And by all right

bestowed by God,

it fell to them to

mark the sod.


So lesser men could...

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legacyThe illusion of borders


To have here

in take out cup please,

always looking toward the door.

An exit path to take with ease

nothing done not planned before.


Seeing windows not as frames,

but deeper to reflect

the faces without names,

who the hunted must expect.


Corners taken wide

never tight against the wall,

on nothing be relied

miss the detail 

and you’ll fall.



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The Feast

Lining the motorway

wind turbines 

propel those who journey North,

harnessing tension

they rotate,

pre release

to cast them forth.


Leaving the melee behind, 

that broiling stew 

of abrasive diversity,

grinding itself to distraction.


Too much of anything

will devour itself.


Slowly it fades,

another land opens ahead

though not so different.


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disharmonylegacypassoversocial breakdown

Hopeful seeds

With all the hurly burly done,

and march to war forgot

the prize contested, still un-won

bones bared by deaths foul rot.


Conflicts noise not yet expelled,

the years between that day to this

are firmly in the cortex held,

in shocking flash of combats kiss.


It taunts and mocks

the fragile mind

to haunt and deal its wicked hand,

so prevalent they are to find


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Edward Burra

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When roads turned black

and landscape's morphed 

to cleft like human tryst,

the artist hand’s though crippled

brushed canvas with a kiss.


Cruelly wasted from the womb

though saved by England’s cradle,

he ventured to where colour bloomed

and feasted from its table.


Hell fell there 

stripped flesh to bones

an aperture renewed,

darker grew his playful ton...

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He thinks he might just rest a while

and close the open port.

A mind too full becomes fragile, 

when stoked too much by thought.


But then if thought is stifled 

or worse, sinks to be drowned,

who’ll pass on all the marvels

that in his head he found?


Such wonders only shown to him,

he’s buckled by their weight

he’d rather sink instead of swim

so one last s...

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The Voice of a Quill, Now Silent

I am but the mottled bark
of a tree once firmly rooted,
peeled from its stately trunk

and within my hollow carapace
echoes an inert drumbeat
that keeps the cadence for
a march of ornate trappings

soon and sooner still, one day
this crepuscular orphelin song
resonant in its languid longing
shall surge with the rising tide

the sound of its condescencion
as it strikes th...

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entry picture

Do not bring flowers to my grave…


Instead, donate the funds to Cancer Research

- if I die of cancer 

to Alzheimer’s Association

 - if I die of senile dementia

to Cats Protection

- if I die childless and alone

to Salvation Army

- if I die homeless, out on the street

(though the collection may be light)

If I die from a stomach split with hunger


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