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Head Lines

Head Lines


Allahu akbar, God is great,

You fell in love with Islamic state

The fervent prayers, mullah’s tales,

Packed your bags, your scarves and veils

Of grey and black, your greatest trek

Rejecting money, music, sex

For bearded heroes, evading jail,

You felt the call, you set your sail

On men of action, a cause so just,

That now lies rotting in the dust,


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Sad Eyes

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Are you sure you want to know 
the story behind my sad eyes? 

Can you handle truth 
buried in lies?  

Abused, abandoned, 
left for dead. 

Still, I raise my 
weary head.

Hoping against all odds 
for love and a warm bed.

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At the end of everything 
Some results come to gain 
Thus, you can get experience 
How to deal with same again 

Don't think, it was so difficult 
Just use your own brain 
Be ready for every possible 
Don't tell me "but in vain" 

If you can say "I decide it" 
The desert turns green 
Then you'll exert success 
Surely will forget the pain 

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Flying, to be free

The sweet midnight falling,  

Windows swaying beneath the hefty breeze,  

Shadows mourning for young hearts. 


Wallowing falls upon deaf shoulders,  

Shadows stand beneath their heavy trenches,  

Mourning the dying stars. 


Forever to sit in muddied waters,  

Is one but a shadowed man, 

Besides me. 


Set up the walls and set fire to the mountains,

To begin...

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I saw my future before my eyes for the first time in my life 
It wasnt just ideas but plans with who I 
pictured my wife 
The mother of my children and my partner 
through strife

But I lost it 

It was almost here and gone in a moment
It felt so good but now there's pain and I 
ow it 
Started to slip away so I desperately tried 
to hold it 

But now it's gone 

Was it my fault? I'...

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heart breakhopeLovemarriagemiserypainself worthseparation

New Year Addiction

Those few seconds before the new year

when the countdown begins,

my soul soars with so much hope and joy.

When the ball drops at Times Square,

there is a momentary

return to innocence.

As the confetti flies and music fills the air,

I imagine we are a world at peace...

no worries, no violence, no division,

just a few beautiful seconds of clarity and simplicity

that dis...

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addictioncountdownhappy new yearhopeinnocencejoypeacerealitytimes squarevision

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