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Money is the soul to reach a goal 
It is the tool to play a role
But if you're miser or a poor 
No way to live happy and cool 


Luck is the wing across future 
but work is the core of the creature
To be strong even no wing 
Keep your effort to win the venture 


Poor & rich, should also search 
Money everywhere, we must fetch 
the only lazy .. also crazy 
Forever, no goa...

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Aisa Kyu

By : Mirza Sharafat

mujhe  kya ,  har  cheez  me  tera  ghar  lagta  hai
wo  sama ,  teri  ghali  ka  wo  manzar  lagta  hai

pawu  zameen  pa rakh  ke  samandar  lagta  hai
teri  muhabbat  ka  asar  is  qadar  lagta  hai

Sulagti  huwi  aagh  pa  mujhe  chalney  do  rafiq
Har  qadam  pa  maloom  uska  reh  guzar  lagta  hai

terey  ansuvu  ki  jo  na  kar  sakey  qadar
phir  dil  uska  muj...

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Luck Runs Out

The dog stole my scrumptious donuts a-waiting,

And on school days, my thinker never worked the long haul

Then fate decided to reveal my bowling prowess

Before it flung me four-score a-gutterball.


Is it my fault I needlessly negotiate with math?

Or school days proved me a sitting duck?

Even if genes came into play,

I blame humanity’s ups and misgivings on luck



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I've written a million love songs about you,
But this one is going to hit home.
Countless nights I've spent
Writing unspeakable words.
Hoping they'll reach inside your heart
Knowing my luck, they won't.

Sometimes I wish that my heart wasn't so easy.
Maybe I wouldn't feel this way
But if I didn't have an easy heart
I would be my worst fear;
Another typical boy.

But let's face the undenia...

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"The Four Leaf clover"

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I love the beauty of the four-leaf clover

I study thier patterns over and over

Some collect them for Irish luck

But for other's like me, we're simply awestruck

We collect them because we know thier rare

They give us hope to not despair

And just like them, with light we'll grow

As the ground is watered here below

So remember this blessing, caught unaware

There might just ...

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"Lucky Otter"

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There once was a man who lived by the sea

Who fished the Irish water

The man had a ship that really was hip

He called it "Lucky Otter"

And every time hed sail he'd catch a thousand krill

And take them back to harbor for a hundred dollar bill

The man had a friend way down at the end by Jessie's magic parlor

She'd go for a trip with the man that was hip

Who owned the "Lucky O...

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The retiree

He goes for his morning walk,

with his ambling, enthusiastic gait;

he knows he’s lucky, and sunshine kisses his hair - 

not yet grey, barely greying. He of fortunate fate,

makes his way over the field, calmly,

unharmed, green grass nipping his heels, and late

summer flowers bow to him. The sheep watch curiously,

then defer to the master of the estate.


The children whoo...

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one saint patrick's day

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Where did you get that hat!?

Folks grind on me each day.

"Keep it off, tis not funny!"

Sorry, but it's staying on this way!

Tis the hat my father never wore

on St. Paddy's day, you'd swore

Tis but me spiked up hair, y'seen

Doused with a lot o'spray on green!

I haven't me a hat, let alone respect;

So I'll bug off with me head erect.

And just as well, I'm on me way

I haven't a shamro...

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Your dawn chorus

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In our deliberately darkened bedroom, 
the silvery slivers of this day's first light
softly kiss the contours of your face,
carefully carving out each perfect curve 
like a sand-dune's crest
beneath a bright new moon.
These lines,
as bold and clear as Nevada neon,
sing out in harmony
a dawn chorus of good fortune
heard by my eyes alone...

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Your Excellency


Your Excellency, a Lady of Separation!

I am cold, and that's a damnation!

The letter in the envelope, do not tear, my dove!

I am not lucky in death, I’ll be lucky in love!


Your Excellency, a Lady of Luck!

For someone you are kind, for another one a chuck

Nine grams in the heart, just wait, do not call!

 I am not lucky in death, I'll be a winner once for a...

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