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A new Family

When I walked through the path,
Alone in the moonlight stars.
I found a stranger wearing smile,
Didn't know the feelings behind
Walked with her and saw a different world
'There I got a new family' - I loved
Didn't know we could get so close
That my life could be disastrous if we broke.
Hiding the feelings behind and faking the smile they left.
Hope of meeting again is the only thing they ...

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Better alone by Atile (the bread queen)

When I’m not alone 
All I do is moan
I also groan
My companions say “Oh won’t you stop!”
But my only reply is “I’m going to the shop”

When I’m alone
I can play my trombone
Without somebody screaming “I would rather you moan!”
And I don’t always have to go to the shop
I just always watch TV non-stop

Once I was alone
And I was on my phone 
And I was shown 
A warning about a...

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Alone with the Virus

I went to the market today, 

I bought some Haddock.

Under the present circumstances it seemed like the best thing to do,

There’s nothing in the shops,

Not even toilet paper

It looks like things are going down the pan very rapidly

What a thin veneer

Civilisation is so fragile

No thicker than a sheet of tissue paper, so gossamer.

I poached it in a bit of milk, the Haddock,


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a tweet that is sad enough to post here

will somebody love me? please? and not actually leave? not sneak out that back door after a month and act naive? i know this isn't the real world, but that doesn't mean i can't feel the pain. you promised to stay. how do i pull the knife from my stomach without bleeding out?!



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an old man sitting alone at a diner

a child alone at recess because no one wants to play

an addict who sits at home inebreated because shes lonely

all of their minds have gone astray

feeling not good enough, feeling like no one cares

the feeling of loneliness is sometimes too much to bare

laying alone while your significant other sleeps

watching the ball drop on your own on ne...

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