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Hate on Tap

Hate on Tap






Three-word chant

Three-word chant

Three-word chant


Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!

Rouse the mob!


Hate on tap

Hate on tap

Hate on tap


Sexist Trump

Racist Trump

Mister Trump:


No more of that




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Head-Butt the Heads of State with a Logic Noggin
Spank and scold the political children in adult skin
Give the Government a Time-Out and have it sit in the corner
Lock the toy box
Take away their Red Rolls Royce wagons and Barbie & Ken wardrobes
Restrict them from cell phones and internet access
Give them a broom and a mop
Slap that hand!

Election time mass media moronified
Tattling tales...

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Fishing in troubled water

In the political arena
Playacting one's
Ethnic group's vanguard
Head to toe  they
Indulge in corruption grand
Spawning many of
Their brand
Eager to seize
Every advantage off hand.

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Blue On Blue Contact

entry picture

Blue On Blue Contact


This blue on blue contact

is really rather fun.

Amber shoots at Boris

with her metaphoric gun,

Michael snipes at Dominic,

Andrea shoots from the hip

And Jacob assaults everyone

with his stiff upper lip.


This blue on blue contact

puts them under friendly fire -

the egotist, the pessimist

the naysayer and liar.

They all have an op...

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chaosday 8hostilitymessNaPoWriMo 2019phrase used in a professionpoliticstory government

blablabla Teresa may


a clever government scam 

grabs everyone's attention 

just a distraction 

all words and no action

sorry that was too polite

the word to describe 


I can't bare 

to sit and stare

at a tv and listen to the rubbish they say

bla bla bla Teresa may

brexit what the hell is brexit 

what's all the fuss 

"coz it's affecting us"

yes you are right it...

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politicspolitics humour

Come Down from the Clouds

entry picture

Come down from among the Clouds

Come down from among the clouds and seat yourselves.

I will set plates for y'all. There will be no wooden flatware,

no metal cups, certainly no raggedy napkins. The ceramic

made in China, flatware in the USA, tempered glass in 

Argentina, and napkins cut and sewn by a little old colored

lady in Little Rock, Arkansas, while her great granddaughter


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black lives matterhistoryironypoliticssarcasm

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