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"The Soul of Freedom"

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"The Soul of Freedom"


The morning on our creation day

Had the charming face of a young cheetah

But ran in the pace of a snail.


Who would have known that the trophy of independence

That we fell over eachother in celebration of

Will tighten again the locks of slavery yet the more?


We cried of faces white as the moon

But not anymore, not anymo...

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Constancy and Betrayal

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I was enjoying sitting in the garden, pondering the beauty and the timelessness of nature, compared to the fickleness and unreliability we see in our leaders and found myself writing a villanelle. First draft below – may yet be edited but I wanted to share it now.


Reminders of a life, a dream now torn
Scabia, flags and tulips, forget me nots
Behind the privet hedge a rolling lawn


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Political Irrigation!

(Wrote during the post Brexit
 vote debacle)

Ahh democracy!
What a wonderful thing!
The freedom of a vote that counts
Makes my lickle heart sing!

The Magna Carta, the 2nd Reform
The start of our foundations
The principles of all free worlds
The lifeblood of our nation 

The Suffragettes - great heroines
Spilled blood to earn the right
They would not bow or break or bend
Or fade...

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Ode To Trump-Land

In a place not far away,

a place they call Trump-land.

Where the leader of that place is called,




or worse, on a bad day in Trump-land.


Some of his subjects have been heard to say,

that he has abused the sacred office he holds.

Worse, say some, that he has suborned the institutions of Government.

These days are the darkest of days, in Trump-l...

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Haiku for the Tory voter (a lament)

Wanted a Churchill.
Got a blonde workshy dandy,
hapless and fearful.


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I Will Never Lie

I might use poetic license, 
write stories and invent details,
tell tall tales, speak in parables, 
exaggerate, embellish, 
embroider, enlarge upon 
or summarize and minimize.

I could write memoirs 
about my illustrious, 
impeccable career. 

I could cite statistics 
to prove a point, 
maybe fudge the numbers.

I could hide information, omit details, 
deny any knowledge 
and glos...

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We set the world alight

With incendiary thoughts

That burned like sulphur

Cut with lithium

A million candles

That lit every corner

Of our flammable minds

And shone like supernovas


That was an age ago

When new ideas

Were like matches

Striking on sandpaper

When the faintest

Flintlock spark

Could flash against powder

And deliver shot


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