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A Part

My bed is still warm

When the next body rolls in

But I'm not

I'm numb


Your body

- Or his -

- Or hers -

Envelopes mine

And I can breathe


I am consumed

I am part of you,

Of someone that lives

That moves

That loves

I am

I was

I will be

Because I'm not apart

Just a part

Of something

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a partaddictionapartbecomingconnectedconnectioncopingcoping mechanismdepersonalizationdepressiondetachedhumanintimatenumbpersonphysicalremovedsexusing

Outside of Herself

"Find yourself"

You can misplace your mind


You can't forfeit your mind

When you've built a fort for your mind

Mine is bulletproof,



In here

I can stay outside of myself

I can step outside of the world



I watched us having a conversation

From my window panes

Through the heavy glaze

It made me feel some type...

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anxietybeing a personbeing humanconformitydepressiondissociateemptinessemptyexpectationsfailurefind yourselfforthermitmindnumbparanoiaself protectionsocialsocial awkwardnessstrugglesupressed


Trapped in an industrial freezer

the shelves announce no room for me here.

As the walls start to cave in,

the fear and numbness begin.

Crys only heard among these four walls

searching for escape before the night falls.

Piles of ice scrape to the floor 

no longer the nails that have been there before

banged and bruised, knees ever so sore.

Soles that I walk, no longer bar...

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White noise

White noise is the cloak my mind wears

to protect me from its darkness.

I'm always elsewhere,

In a place of emptiness.

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Waking up

I’m wrapped in cling film I’m sure of it:

(unlike sensation)

paralysed and mute, I feel it;

the temptation



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Into the Woods

entry picture

We were lame and we were young,

Walking in the woods,

While singing our song,

Never in my dreams, felt anything wrong,

Thought you were always coming along,

Do not remember where exactly I lost you,

My eyes searched for you in heavy fog,

I continued my journey amidst the rocks,

Shivered through-out the night,

Darkness was blocking my sight,

Always thought that you wer...

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alonedestinyFatejourneyknight in shining armorlovemannumbShiningsongsunwalkwomanwoods


I'm sitting here, trapped, frozen in time

Head imploding, finally losing my mind

Nowhere to run, bound and confined

To the prison within, my unconscious mind.

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boundconfinedDepressionlimbolosing my mindmental healthmental illnessnumbnumbnesspoetry and mental healthprisonspacedspaced outtrapped

Tiny Round Friends.

It's been a while since I've written
It may be 'cause it's been a while
Since I've really felt anything at all

One little white pill
"It'll take all the pain away"
But the dealer never told me
My new friend was here to stay
So before you say yes
There's something I need to say

You'll lie awake wishing for pain
At least then you'll feel something
But it'll never fucking come
Because you...

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At first love was a pump, a needle,

Eyes wide when your high

...Or see someone you like.

Stifled, we always rivalled

Till no more, the beat became sore

And we spiralled, overdosed,

Hot headed, cold blooded.

Passion became blown out,

The anticlimax of a candle...

Like the heroin ran through her heart,

Like the cocaine contorted her chest,

Like the salvia had shaken ...

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I’ve got amnesia and I don’t know where I am. It came down upon me

and I’ve become so confused – can’t you help me to find my mind?

Am I alone in my own helpless world with watery images blurring my

consciousness forever?

I feel a soggy mess, my limbs weighing me down, unable to do anything.

I just sit here numb to the world wondering when Ill be p...

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lose my mindnumb

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