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Innocence surrenders

As noon stirs in the wake

Of chocolate melting sun-light

Soft breath upon my neck


Covered easy whispers

Birds and breeze conspire

With music swayed by nature

To utter desire


Wine in a glass as warm

As flesh

Passion, seeping through the mesh

Of skin

That opens to the sky

And calls for mercy, with

A sigh

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Dance Dance

Dance Dance

I may when the sun comes up

To the worlds glorious rise

To her chant, her breath, her freedom

Her nurturing boundaries

Such nectar,


Dance Dance

I may when the sun comes up

In the evening I shall rest

Rest inside her sweet surrender

Contented to my soil rich roots

For the world has been my playground


Dance Dance

I may when the sun comes u...

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Danceeveningmorningrestsurrendersweet life

conditioned surrender

When they say
to hang loose like a fucking piece of laundry,
to await approach without taking flight,
to form a shape and color they can recognize;

That you must become less threatening--
to dangle there limp and unimpending,
to bare and stretch your lacy neckline,
to make lifeless your torn back and tattered torso;

This is when you must surely beware,
for, if you do as they say,

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surrendertrustwhite flag

Quietly, I

quietly, quietly sat a lie
arms outstretched
palms staked to the fierce eye
observing within
as, first, flesh mottles
closer still to see without
while blister
vermilion doubts
one apiece of each
seized mortal engine
dripped of framed wax
placed in a filleted whole
gas pored
for a hungry earth
this is all I wish today
let each word die in a dusty throat
a melt th...

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Let the Chips Fall

Let the chips fall,
We're cutting down a tree.
But only to build a bridge
made of electricity.

It's connecting you and me,
to a future we can't see.
Que sera, sera,
What will be will be.

The light that shines inside us
is directing you to me.

Fate is in auto-pilot and it flies in stealth
the beauty of surrender
is a new abundant wealth.

To hell with always asking why

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