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My Cheery Story!

My Cheery Story!

Ujjal Mandal, WB, India

When I cast my eyes to a butterfly, 
The vernal freshness glows and I
Fly to the open blue by the sea
To tell my cheery and buoyant story. 

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If i were a butterfly
and you, the boy with the net
would you catch me?
would you keep me as a pet?
in a jar made of glass?

Could you bear to let me fly
without weeping for the loss?
Could you restrain your urge 
To feel my wings beat against your fingers?

Or would you reach out
knowing the cost
and brush the powder from my wings
so that i could no longer fly away?

Would you kee...

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Touch of a Butterfly

Sitting at the foot of the stairs

Captive of your thoughts

Prisoner of your emotions

I watch you from above

Your neck inclined

Untroubled by your hair

Free to share its beauty

To all alert enough to see

A kiss, a flutter of a slight wing

A modest light touch

Brings pure solace to your face

Your gaze searches and


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The Human Effect

The last butterfly

flutters its wings,

drives the waves

on the other side

of a distant ocean,

then, deletes itself

from the existence

it fleetingly owns.


We watch until

the sun disappears

over the horizon,

and the butterfly dies.

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Poem of transformation...

The butterfly in the morning sun flutters with grace until his day is done
He's in and out of the beautiful flowers
To the music of the birds he dances for hours
Blissfully aware of his own handsome features
He's the envy of all the other garden creatures
Making the most of his time in the air
Embracing his life as if not a care
Made up of colour and symmetrical...

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Fly Away

She wanted to fly high

But was afraid to fell from the blue sky

She longed for someone

To come along her way

To guide her throughout

No matter what the world says


She would believe in miracles

She was never afraid to dream

If only that someone showed up

She would have been living free

Chained in the shackles

She longed to breathe

Eventually that someone sho...

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The Lost Girl

A lost soul 

not so bright 

never done wrong

but not always right


Lost in the woods

in her dazzling mood

going against the world

she thought she could


I heard she was sad 

maybe she lost her dad

in early age 

she got trapped in a cage


Society used to tell her 

what she had to be 

but she never believed 

and went after her dreams



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The Evil Tree

I'm going to tell you a story, which was genuinely one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I'd always been quite cynical about the idea of ghosts and demons and spiritualism, but this moment changed that for me and made me realise that actually, we are NOT alone in this world. Please, I know and understand the cynicism of most on this topic, but I can assure you that I have not invented any...

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Butterfly, flying free
Unaware of its destiny
Butterfly you are truly free
For yours is a path with certainty

You exist within the day
Falling victim to the night
But when the darkest hour comes
There is nothing, there is no fight

So as you flutter by my way
Without a single care
I envy you and your mortality
One such I cannot share

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Butterfly & Snake

Once upon a time on a warm sunny day

The snake has been chasing the butterfly,

Trying to catch her on its flying way.

The color of sunshine on the wings of flight,

The beauty met with the horror and fright.

The fear of being swallowed

Gave the butterfly strength.

It seemed she could overcome any length.

She flew further and further away,

Saving her life on a warm sunny d...

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Living the Eternity

You walk
You stand
You speak
Then you are quiet
You love
You hate
You fight
You make peace
You cry
You laugh
You live
You die
And you live again

You inhale so many lifetimes,
Your home is the universe,
Your time is eternity.

Words you speak are never silent,
Deeds of yours are never unseen,
Steps you take never fade,
Emotions you share always felt.

We often ask the questi...

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State Wards are funny creatures

flittering winglessly from place to place

showing their colours to very few

and then only in hope of finding love

   all the while needing compassion

   like butterflies need leaves to land on

More happened in care that out

more pain and heartache suffered

than those who handled us could know

Counselors and Matrons

Ordering us


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A caterpillar's tale


Today I am a caterpillar, I am knobbly and green,
I cut that path through the leaf behind me, it shows you where I've been.
I crawl slowly on my belly and I am rubbery like jelly,
And if I should slip from this here cabbage, I might end up somewhere smelly.
But soon I will go through changes, that you would not believe,
I'll say goodbye for a while to the cabbage...

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My dear butterfly who flew into my life, you take away my darkness and make me happy. Not sure how long it's been since I was happy and danced close with a real lady and really smiled a real smile. . By your actions of coming into my life, you banished three years of darkness away, gone for good. We went to the art gallery and looked at the pics, you explained what pictures you like...

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