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Hold Me


When my heart is in pain, the most amazing thing that could heal me

is if you stand behind me and hold me, the warmth of your body will sooth me

when you hold me, you heal my wounds and you heal my pain

and soon I will smile and see better days again

you may be the love of my life, but you are my true friend


I will always hold you in my arms and I promise to nev...

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lovelove poemspoetry


For Gwen, Anne and Eryl


In that happy heady grass-green Spring of my years

A time of lambent lamb slow lamb full days around a whited cottage

Lent us space and ease beneath the sun long sky

Golden glorious hours together in a single thought

With close chicken scrape and distant herd

When the swallows dipped to the fly buzz

When the kite climbed to a gliding speck


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Cambrian MountainscountrysidecowsEndymionfarmsfieldshorseslovemoonnightpastoralSelenesheepstarssunWales


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The sweet words of deceiving lips she’s grown to despise
Her heart growing lonesome, from cold nights
Awaking with her man not by side
Mornings bring revelations of bitter truth
Her king claimed by another, same sad news
This endless cycle leading her heart to decay
Longing for affection yet only yielding rejection
If this is love I don’t want none...

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right now i miss you very much
this feeling inside that
i feel you will shrug off
for too much has happened
we've seen too much
done way too much
for this to matter to you
or me but it's there
right inside me
not going but residing
the feeling that i miss you
and we should of done more
gone to more places
cared for one another more
loved the other more
instead of fighting

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the lovers of time

the lovers of time

oh my dear lady 
i do love you
i don't want this to be a cliche
nor a drab love song
i want this to be for you you you
not anybody else

so sing me a song baby
a song of love
about how we met
and what we have
and who we are dear

we are the lovers
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
how lucky we are
we have this time now
a thing that is...

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charactersfiction projectlovesong

Senshi (戦士)

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My love is a two-edged weapon, wielded by insecurity and sharpened with fear. 


Akin to Pandora’s pithos, it remained concealed; destruction would only come of openly sharing it to the outside world. 


My heart is shielded, once scarred by mistrust, now a lone vessel playing a broken melody looped:



Just as soldiers march through wet trenches in perf...

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battlefightGreek MythJapanlovemusicmyth

Zodiac - cancer

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i'm overly sensitive and also rather shy

i keep my thoughts to myself and hide when i cry

I notice that i'm an emotional wreck 

I moan a lot and i'm a pain in the neck

i wouldn't put up with anyone like me 

yet some how you do what is it you see?

Is it my certain skills like being able to cook?

Or is it because i enjoy other thing's like reading a book 

is it because i'm un...

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She Said.

Boy just take it easy
Boy just take it slow
Please don't give up now
You have so much further to go

Put that gun down boy
Step away from the ledge
All the demons your fighting
Don't have to stay in your head

Let me help you boy
Let me be your light
You and I together boy
We'll give 'em a hell of a fight

This is it boy
It's time for war
With me by your side
It'll be easier than befor...

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It’s raining rose petals from the sky

It’s raining rose petals from the sky

There’s no one around as the town walks by

Blossoms on every tree on a treeless city street

It’s raining rose petals from the sky


I walk around love struck

With my head so high in the clouds

It’s a wonder I can see anything at all

It’s raining rose petals from the sky


If I'd wrote of all of my feelings

From a sea of Ink on ...

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loveLove Poempoem

Girl Love Stars

Girl Love Stars
As one 
My Hayabusa girl 
Air force
War sky fight on till my end!
Hold my hand
Love my heart
Gal stars wife dear
I love you always
Always always always
Stay close
Till we meet again
Gal with the stars
Happy th...

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Like Fudge...

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Like fudge…


I want to be so sweet

you can’t resist. 


To treasure your desire

by lying in wait for

your lips, your tongue

to lick, nibble, devour

with relish…


swallow me whole!


I want to imprint your

pallet with my being

so no other flavour

will satisfy your hunger

because ~ you would rather

starve than be without

my love…



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Buying each other pointless things

chocolates flowers diamond rings

In the hope to share our love

But still it feels it's not enough

We could just forget it 

and we wouldn't regret it 

But those feelings i have make me want to share

love you show you how much i care

It's strange how without you i feel so alone

makes me weep cry and moan

I'm to emotional and sensitive


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cuteheartlovelovelysweetvalentinevalentines day


O, where roams your delicate soul

Does it yet travel the seas

                gliding afar with the Arctic tern

                or is its delight in quieter waters

                in dappled river pools or streams

Is it content to rest in the cool damp shade of the willow

watching minnows play

                diving among the nymphs

                and sacred lotus



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Alcedo atthisAtthiscalmdesireHalcyonHylasKingfisherlosslovepassion

Driving Through Cromwell Hill Road

A house is built from bricks and glued
Together to create shelter renewed
A skeleton protecting organs hidden inside, 
Waiting for a family to live and reside
Seasons pass and storms blow by
Damage accrues despite how hard it tries
To keep flawless and perfect, societies dream
From beauty to beast, becomes unseen
"I am ugly, marred, broken- why bother trying?"
My purpose is futile, my fut...

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Right Here

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Right here,
Staring at the dusk,
Where we both withered,
Ashed into the wind,
A gentle breeze of the night.

Right here,
I no longer wait,
Walking along with gloom,
Brushing away each yesterday,
Stitched and crossed the torn.

Right here,
I watch every fall,
Of the tree's threads,
Reaching the depths of my wounds,
The last tear drop awaits.

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Erotic Naughty Girl Poem

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{Eroitc Naughty Girl Poem} 



Chain me up and put a collar around my neck and then you command me to sit down on my plumped ass and then you are telling me to follow you and then you are telling me to beg you for harder punishment like a dog and then you are yanking on my chain and then you are telling me to climb up on the bed and then pulling out the leather whip then you spank my ass...

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EroitcfictionallifelivingloveNaughty poetryOne_Pissed_poempoetrystoriesTina Gloverwriting stories


Those love letters from the seventies

I could not bear to read again

and could not bear to throw


Those airmail forms

those tortured lonely twelve page laments

that I read and read so many times

in my cabin off Cape Town,

in Melbourne and Sydney:

So many words

So  much love


But in the end

They were just ash

And I scattered them


Ashes to her ashe...

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letterslovelove letter


She wanted to put her hand in his back pocket
And run her fingers through his spiky hair
He wanted to help her wear that heart shaped locket
He wanted to. . .but all he could do was stare

He wanted to take that hand and peck it
And hold onto her tiny waist
She wanted to touch his eyes that for her lit
She wanted to. . .but her eyes knew not the case

Their eyes lowered and
Unaware they...

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Only Connect

Only Connect


We don’t want to be alone…


But our deepest relationship is with our phone

Like a dog with a bone, checking the tone.

We swipe and we flick,, we tick and we post,

Poking, retweeting, who likes us the most?

We turn on the roast, we like and give stars,

But end of the day, do we know who we are?


This ain’t how it could be,

It’s wrong, do you see?


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my frail hands reach for you,

my heart possibly reaching too.

you are my felicity, 

the feelings you strike inside me stronger than electricity.

I truly do love you,

but I'm scared you won't stay true. 

nevertheless, I still want us to have a everlasting rendezvous.

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end rhymesherLonginglovelove longing distancelovedmissing


Post the day to rest and I.

Gentle night come lullaby.

Whisper to my ear and kiss my eye.

Set free the stars to reign the night,

And wash away the day’s goodbye.

Cover me, let my dreams take flight.

Bring to me my love rejected

From my night reverie selected,

For days love dejected.

Entangle my cataleptic bed,

With visions of life that I’ve corrected.

Let her kisse...

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