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Fill me.

Missing life. Empty streets. Cold hearts.

Covering your face what you once criticised on stranger's faces.


Missing love. Empty hearts. Cold air.

Covering the flowers in your heart, the strings of my guitar.


Missing music. Empty stages. Cold rooms.

Covered ears, listening to scary news, not to music anymore.


Missing passion. Empty beds. Cold skin.

Covering all lu...

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Into the Wild

The seeker seeks, the searcher finds,

    The adventurer travels around his own mind.

The winds that blow and storms that shout, 

    and rock both tree and bush about.

The wanderer carries a burning torch,

    To light his way with no remorse.

No solice does a watcher find,

    when seeking troubles in his own mind.

Cold hearts grow, lone spirits become strong,

    and ...

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Dear One

I’ve told you so many times,
“I love you so much.
I’m so glad I found you.”
What else is there to say?


June 2012

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Cold Feet

For weeks I savored time with you, 
wanted to be with you always.
I never asked: “Will you marry me?”
Instead, I asked 
when can we wed? 
You answered “As soon as we can.”
I left your apartment giddy with joy.

It was a cold New England winter. 
I got cold feet as I drove to my lonely room. 
What had I done! 
Had I been impulsive?
Was this a doomed infatuation 
with a new girl who had...

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