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Why? 😖

I lay here and I still lay here as the hours tick by and I watch the woman I love separated from me by such a minor distance of just a couple feet... It couldn't feel farther away... My heart aches from the pain I've caused her... My soul is ripped in two fighting on the right choice.. I love her.. she loves me... I know this.. why do I push the people who love me away? Why was I cursed with such ...

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Gazing into my eyes with such ferocity

Am afraid I'll melt into a puddle of flesh and bones

The passion like a burning fire behind your eyes

I sadly come back to my personal hell : Reality

When you're down to Earth

1D said you'll know how hard it hurts

They say you know when you're in L-O-V-E

Pepper me with kisses to prove it all

Cliche dates and movie nights

Fancy dinne...

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A series of 11 short poems


End of a Galaxy


A blink

In the silent depth of night



As the last leaf of the beech tree

As the silent tear of my love




End of Harmony


I see her dancing on the sands


I see her                                     as she sees me

and in that moment

sand, sea, sun, surf

vanish in the vortex



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Love is a Compass (Poem)

Love is a compass,


A guided direction 


To bring us closer 


To our divine destiny.


Though we may not know it,


Every loved one brings us closer, 


To our dreams,


And mission.


As we struggle to find the answer,


A loved one gives us insight, 


To our divine calling and 


Unanswered questions.


Though we fight o...

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The Music of Time

The music of time

Remains frozen

Drifting like snowflakes

Across the Himalayas

Waiting for dancers

To unlock the mystery

A simple Pas de deux

Lyrical and elegant

Filled with the joy

Of lovers

Joined by a thread


But never touching

Until the final moment

As the music of time

Transports their reality

Into one

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Bruce Levine


My Darling

I was so hopeful then

First it was

Home for Christmas

Then it was

Home for New Year’s

But you never came home

Except in my heart

Where you’ll live forever



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High priced clothes, foreign cars, money, hoes,

living the good life, trips around the world living right

but you missing something in your life.

Even though you have the money you looking around like “where my friends go?”

You chased them away because you thought you was something

flexing on "em" making big money


In a blink of an eye God took it all back

now you stu...

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What is love? Is it real? Is it even a possibility? I can not fathom another person really loving... Life is what it is. Humanity is cruel, and to find ones other half is only a miracle given by the one who created us... Love is strange is it instinct or is it only self preservation? Does the mind trick one into feeling only to have two more hands and a mind to help provide and support? the human ...

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