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Trust, Love and Betrayal - Agonizing Words

"Betrayal is best served when love and trust are at their peak."

Have you ever wondered that in our life betrayal is something that everyone has faced at times when it was least expected? Why does it happen only when we think or we expect that this can't happen to us? Or at times when things were going smoothly in our lives then out of the sudden betrayal shows its presence, like wassup my ...

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The Girl (She Used to be...) - Agonizing Words

When we first Met…

It felt like the same magnetic poles repelling each other....

I wanted to know her, But I was afraid.

Never felt that before, moments with her were special...

Then our Conversation began,

It all started with an argument though.

We were understanding each other,

But our thoughts were way different.


With each passing day,

A Connection was developed.


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Yours Forever | Agonizing Words

From unseen messages,
And unanswered calls.
One day you'll realize that
There's someone dying just to be heard.
Looking for that one person
To be there for them.
When they need you the most.


They are the last ones there to be seen,
And that's very mean.

I just wanna be heard
When I'm about to burst.
I feel like drowning in the flood
Of my own tears with a greater thrust.


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Keep Smiling | Agonizing Words

Sometimes when a relation ends 

You often look back at him and

Find him smiling with others so

So just think that he was never yours.

But by that moment you don't realize

What he's hiding behind that smile.


You'd never know what he's been through

And still unable to get over it.

But he just can't express what he feels

So he just ignores it all and smile back.


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