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Swim with Me

Swim with me 

in the sea of Galilee, 

where we will drown fear,

loneliness, depression, despair...

then surf the waves  

of forgiveness, 

peace, mercy, grace,

unconditional love,

and joy everlasting...


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Over and over, 
I see your name 
like a tattoo 
on my brain. 

A flame 
that ignites 
not on deed or fame, 
but simply a name. 

A tag, reminding us 
who we are:
dreamer, poet, 
old soul, 

who despite living 
an alternate reality, 
believes in passion, 
love, happily ever after...


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Two Lives

One life is swell, 

the other is a living hell. 

Trying to bridge the great divide, 

but the chasm is too wide. 

Chasing light where darkness resides. 

A grey goose gouges my eyes, 

pecks my mind. 

Naked. Nowhere to hide. 

Cowering to the joker inside. 

Praying God sends his army

to help me make the climb,

out of the abyss to my sober life. 


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A Thousand Years of Peace

I used to think it would be an honor 
to usher in a thousand years of peace,
a willing martyr to stop senseless suffering, 
but I had no idea of the atrocities 
that would ensue between men,
or the loss of innocent children 
that we would witness with despair 
and helplessness. 

Come now Lord, end the madness, 
flood evil with love,
make our planet a peaceful place, 
before all hope i...

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