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A lonely place

You’ve found yourself in a lonely place

With nothing left to lose but face

That you try to save but fail

To see the never ending trail

Of destruction from your hate

At an exponential rate

Trust has fallen, love is lost

You didn’t think what it would cost

You at the start when you began

And now I wonder if you can

Ever find a way to heal

The hurt that all but you ca...

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Too deep

I really wish I went to college 
I can’t believe I trusted that bitch
But was it love or just a lack of knowledge 
Shit hurt my heart seeing my big brother 
Cuff a bitch that had mileage 
He went to jail, she told him I tried to fuck ha
Ian even have no money 
So ion even know why the butch was lying 
Niggas buy anything a bitch tell em when they in jail  
But damn big Jevo Ian even have ...

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You say that you love me, yet you still hold a grudge 
I have tried every trick to erase it, still it wont budge 
I told you I was sorry john time and time again 
I would never have hurt you or caused you pain 

If you would shout at me god I hate you then OK 
instead each day you punish me making me pay 
I stood on your pet spider, so what big fat deal 
This hatred you now feel for me is ge...

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