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Coming Back

Sweet love you got something i havent had before and im a lover you just cant ignore

Hold your hands and open doors

Amazing thats what you are in every tense of the world

You give me butterflies in the dead of winter 

And in the summer time i get flurries

Feeling the beaming of the sun hitting my face in the morning 

You sleeping to the beating of my chest 

Waking up to me car...

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little NYC hotel on 23rd street (1980s)


little NYC hotel on 23rd street (1980s)


our little

leo house hotel

on 23rd street

was operated by Sisters of St. Agnes


an old time hotel

an elevator with

brass  scissor gates

operated by a nun


separate hot

and cold faucets

a bath/ shower/bath

clad in white subway tile


a crucifix over our bed

spied on our lovemaking

blessing our ...

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