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Love Changes

My love changes with the dark

The breezy bright morning girl begins to doubt

Shadows casting through her crowded mind

Memories opened like ancient crypts

Fear flies into anger and dismay 

But let me show you my lady of the light 

Bouncing, shinning, beaming and laughing her infectious laugh

Fast thoughts, feelings, crackling into outer and inner space


I will be ...

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marlboro menthol (07/26/2023)

it's 12 degrees
and the marrow cools:

we catch  --
breaths hitched
 to a cataclysmic gait
a crooked pace:
while you wait

god's sticky magazines 
pages pregnant 
with guilt
the ilk of resplendent idleness
of abandonment
in this blind-eye of a city, turned 
to rot, mitotic
a car crash of ashamed sex
but it's just too good 
to be any other way .


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lucifer becomes god

let there be light
let there be angels
let there be demons
angels becomes angels
let there be dust
let there be mass
dust becomes dust

dust becomes angels
angels becomes mass
light becomes light
mass becomes mass
satan becomes satan
satan becomes light
lucifer becomes god

lucifer becomes light,light becomes dust
lucifer becomes light,dust becomes dust
lucifer becomes god,god be...

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Can you taste the the dew of the day?
If you can, I bet you could taste your soul.
That dark black hole, or, is there a light shinning in there?
That moment when you feel like your body is betraying your soul.
What a sacred precious stone
So fragile, so lost
Yet so bitter
I know you are fighting; I can feel it
Those late hours, the scratching of your head,
Bitting of nails, wild thoughts

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