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The touch of paper against my skin,


A ghost of the varnished table or wooden door you could have been.

Instead you're here beneath my fingers,


Ready to save my thoughts upon your sheets.

Even when my memory fades the ink still lingers.


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Poetry Contest

Another prompt invokes an undesired surge
of thought and fractured scenes,
requiring energy to sort and draw conclusions,
prior to recording in the journal for today.

Time to him resembles auctioning a gem,
the longer it lasts, the higher its price,
and he's approaching life's end zone called "red,"
where actuaries hold their breath and count.

The formalist stands firm on well-packed g...

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Be A Mentor

Without a mentor, precious time is lost,
pursuing dreams with spunk and energy,
encountering delays, defeats and cost--
most times alone devoid of synergy.

But with a mentor, showing how it's done,
like mother cheetah teaching cubs to kill,
techniques of hunting added to the run,
applaud a budding skill with victory's thrill.

Most luck is found where preparation meets
an opportunity and n...

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They Are Everywhere

They sit in piles on my bureau,

stacks on end tables and desktops.

They stand in rows on shelves and are silent.

Each holding its own unique secrets.

I can hear their silent words, and

feel their thoughs pushing against their covers.

They wait and are patient.

A wealth of knowledge standing by

always steady in their thoughts, never changing their minds,

dependable and st...

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Creative Blocks


My brain is like a blender, 
Fragments of ideas
Frustrated fragments whipping around
Fighting for a place of their own 
And tossed to the next side of the cup before they even have a chance to...

Onto the next thing 
It's all so important
Focus Lauren, write a poem
Oh wait, you already did.

Your own worst critic
If it's not perfect it's not good 
If it's not ...

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creative blockswriting

The Promenade of my Thoughts

I enjoy my solitude
Alone with my words
Can't count on you all times
But on my words I do.

I never get upset
That you're not how I wish
You'll never be, those bits I gave you
Still claim their independence
And that's the thing I love the most
Knowing I am a contradictory being

My words are canyons
I cannot stop getting lost inside them.
I'm gonna write my whole life through
And carve ...

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