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No Matter

How many times must a man come to grips

with all of the troubles in life,

where voyages tend to become sunken ships

and seems every path leads to strife?


How often must he try, despite what he sees,

a battle that’s too big to win?

Where forces are meant to bring him to his knees

and make him start over again.


How many times when rock bottom he’s reached

and no ...

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determinationresolveno quit

70 Times 7

Unto what shall I liken my struggle filled walk in life?

Unto a breath without air, gasping and grasping

for that which I can clearly see and ever try to be,

but like unto the shining stars of heaven’s glory above -

lies as it would seem high above my reach.


Yet my hands are stretched heavenward.


Unto what shall I compare the hope which I have for change?

To the li...

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determinationresolveno quit


I tried today and failed again.

I’ve tried so long I don’t know when

it ever went the way of which I planned.


I’ve given up on wondering why.

I’ve learned it doesn’t help to cry,

nor does it pay to try and understand.


But each time that I stumbling fall,

I rise with my back ‘gainst the wall

resolved to bury disappointment’s ire.


“Get up, keep going everyda...

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Purpose & Desire

Nothing can stop the unquenchable fire,

fed by the flame of the deepest desire.


Born of a purpose, intent that is true

in the one who's determined to do what they do.


One who believes it can always be done.

One who won't quit till the battle is won.


One who gets up every time that they fall.

One who dreams big, regardless how small


they may seem in this ...

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determinationresolveno quitwon't quit

Lessons From A Wandering Sun

Below these clouds I wonder when I'm going to see the sun again.
I heard a rumour it might not be there... anymore.
But come the rain, and come the wind...
Come storm, come thunder, come lightning...
Come every single shoddy thing the world can throw…
They'll find me no downtrodden sod,
No trembling leaf, no breaking clod,
For I, and the wandering sun, do not so quickly pass. 

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determinationhopemeditationshort poemstormsunadversity

Not Not Not

Life may not be perfect
But sadness isn’t worth it,
And no matter how bad it gets,
Or whatever the world may expect
I’m not done hoping yet.

I could weep, I could cry
But what would that buy?
Another moment of misery?
Or instead I could smile
And then at least I’d be lifted.

And life may not be great
But happiness shouldn’t wait
So no matter what
I’ll enjoy what I’ve got
I’m not ...

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determinationHappinesshopelifemeditationself esteemSEND parent

(Promise) Land Ahoy

Lost in a sea of thoughts salty with fears
Her arrid eyes void of tears
Adrift, aimless she sailed for years

A tattered raft of determination her only support
On the horizon utopia beckoning
An obliging port

A siren's song, haunting, promising sanctuary
Pulling her in with its ethereal melody

Taunting her hope's
Teasing her dreams
Promising the actuality of possibilities

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determinationhopeJourneyloveMother's Love

Still cool

I'm still cool,
torn by destiny
that made me blue.

Why to pain,
and for whom,
when it isn't a worthy tool.

Time cut me
into pieces immeasurable,
and I rose like a toddler,

I still rose,
each time, with a power
of a thousand phoenixes.


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bad patchesdestinydeterminationpositivism



Sitting in the exam hall,
mind bogged ;
with ratios, equations and curves,
I looked around in agony
to find a reason to continue,
just in time,
to find the invigilator roaming nearby,
carrying a stack of paper, with one hand.

I looked at him to find traces of,
misery, anger and hopelessness.
a kind, encouraging smile
is what I got.
Which alone was enough
to ge...

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couragedeterminationinspiring poems

I, Capricorn

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Failure is not an option 

That I choose to accept

You cannot deter me 

While I still have breath

My vision is clear

My desires are true

Unwavering passion

Will guide me through

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

I will ...

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Battle Cry

You think you rule this whole damn town
But I can tell you for sure, I'm stealing the crown
You may have won before, but I won't back down
I deserve to finally be free now.

You walk with attitude, like women in heeled shoes
But it doesn't take a genius to know you haven't got a clue
You fought well though, so don't feel blue
When you see the tables turning, against you.

You think you r...

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Battle crydefeat is no optiondeterminationfighting backhad enoughmanipulationmental warphysical warpowersocial warstrengthstrongeranxiety

Sadness Slain

Sadness Slain


Endurance is salvation’s gift,

To help your inner spirits lift,

Don’t let fear blockade the door,

Have the ambition to explore,

Defeat is something to toughen your skin,

Keep on fighting and you will win,

To overcome with great speed,

Neptune’s fury you shall need,

With power and dominance in the mix,

Let temperance hold your mortal wish,


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"You'll be safe, I promise", reassured his mum.

“But its not you who’ll end up sat on your bum!”

A conversation they’d had most every week

but it didn’t make his knees feel any less weak.


“Now come along, Harry, stop messing about,

go finish your homework whilst I clean up this house.

The show doesn’t start till the end of the week

and all this chatter is making me Squeak...

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Kept convincing myself

 end would turn out fine


Fazed but withstanding

implore for a visible sign


Trudge turned Incessant

with reserves at very last


Stretched to the optimum

leaving me plainly aghast


Events turned divergent

 expectations got belied


Means while just perfect

 but to end never applied


Resolve nearly exhausted

on p...

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The Slow Boy

The teachers told him not to dream too big,
That his talents lay somewhere other than Arithmetic,
That English would never be so kind,
As to reveal its secrets to his young mind,
That History was better served,
By someone who could steer its curves,
That Science was a distant star,
So he shouldn't try to reach too far.

Maybe because he was so slow,
He didn't listen to them blow,
But to...

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A narrative poetic thought.






Aye, living & achieving freedom
requires an openness to vulnerability,
to taste fear & persevere.
There are those that would take away
our liberty & even our life.
Nothing is free, we pay dearly even just to breathe.
It takes guts and determination,
then finally we become awar...

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