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Publish your poems,

your stories,

your soul songs.

A world of lonely people

are waiting for you

with open arms. 


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Not one Friend

In the end,
there's no help from one single friend
because in the end, 
I'm all alone, left once again

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lonlinessno friends


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Where we used to live is a Tesco now

its aisles full of shoppers


We used to bathe and do our business in the bakery

make love among the pickles


You kicked me in the nuts at the pharmacy

I fell down floored beside the pain relief shelf


I collided with your sister by the half price stand

and rebounding landed here in this disavowed Poundland


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He left

He left 

He left behind his broken wife and his scared son

He left

He left us cold, all alone with no one 

He left


The vows, they meant nothing 

The promises, broken 

I just wish we meant something 

More than just empty words spoken 


I cried for days at a time 

My young son wiped every tear 

Leaving us was a crime 

And now, it's been 1 year 



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No one likes lonliness,

It's an endless pit of darkness.

Battling gruesome demons,

Struggling to forget those wretched memories.

Decayed flowers and surging tides,

Lonilness is sleep deprivation, a weak soul, a cold heart, 

Lonliness is my biggest demon.

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My parents laugh from the other room,

Their happiness makes me sad.

I wonder if they are aware

Of my broken heart

Or if they have ever experienced

An ache like mine.


His face is everywhere:

In a building with a million corridors 

I can't ignore,

The feeling of a ghost

Lurking sore in the pathways of my mind

There is nothing to be said or done.


A source...

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