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Roger McGough and Brian Patten Involved in New Community Anthology



Roger McGough and Brian Patten, two of the original Mersey Poets, have contributed work to a new community anthology. They, along with Adrian Henri, found fame in the 1960s with their book The Mersey Sound, which is said to have brought poetry down from the shelf and onto the streets. Their work was hugely influential, and they have retained this ethos ever since.

They have collaborat...

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Best a Poet Can Get

Poem scribbled into my phone

   is my best and new number one.

Can’t believe I’m so in the zone,

   where in space did that come from?


Hit me with extraordinary pace,

   ideas strident, in avalanche flow,

   filling the bright white open space,

   the right words set up to glow.


Me witness to growing perfection,

   and conduit without choice.

Happens so rare...

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The Secret Alchemy of Shakespeare

What is often ignored or overlooked by academics is the vast amount of occult and magical references in Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the art of astrology, alchemy and magic. Qudos Academy examines in detail the "Bard's" interest in Neo-Platonic Symbolism from the time.



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HS2 Is Not Coming Soon

I am sorry to announce, 

but my long awaited

HS2 poem 

has been branded


and is at risk

of not coming out.



brutish reviews 

say it won't deliver

soon, and

a poetic replan

should cut the

quatrains to haikus.


My sonnets

run obsolete,


don’t complete,

and the limerick (below)

is the only...

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: The Place Within :

When your times become tough,

and your road ahead is rough.

And all your brilliant thoughts,

Have come out to noughts.

And then uncertainties begin -

Just find the time to look within.


When you're searching for the track -

You had missed somewhere back.

And leaden of foot, tired and sore -

You feel lost and venture no more.

Then, to start moving afresh again;


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Amidst silence of thousand voices

Arrived a shooting star,

Gazing right at us

Proving everything destiny.


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once stood a great warrior

of malice and pride

with no battle too bloody

for his hungering eyes 


his blade, sharp and stained

stood tall at his side

left in its wake

only dead men would lie


then, in the distance 

that red, setting sun

gave a glimpse to the man

of the deeds he had done


the crimson and black

was all he could see

he saw not the...

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Seasons - An Acrostic Poem

Sing and dance before the last leaf falls

Energy flows in swirls and zig zags

Assuage your worries and soak in the golden hues

Silent is the moon pirouetting across our night sky

Oh! Where did half our year go?

Notice the liminal spaces before and after the cold

Seasons will blow our pages to turn and turn.

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: After :

The only thing that is left,

                        After people die.

Is an essence all bereft,

                        Of every earthly lie.

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Define 'Brightness': Sharpened

—- I don’t know how many of them there are. ‘enough to keep things guarded.’ you say I’m protected down to my every breath, but my thoughts scatter like a broken hourglass to that same place in the mind that weakens the immune system. and I don’t know how many there are lurking in the far beyond of that creviced awareness. your shadow grows the longer you hold me in-between the spaces of it. I spe...

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Our Green Earth poets read at Liverpool’s beautiful Palm House

Merseyside poets and musicians performed their environmental anthology last week at Liverpool’s beautiful Victorian Palm House in Sefton Park. Led by Michelle Wright, Barry Woods and Ali Harwood, the event covered ocean pollution, global warming and rainforest reduction, with contributions from many local poets and some first time writers from local schools.

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: Prose and Poetry :

He thought in prose everyday.

And in prose he made his way.


His head held the heart in check.

The heart had no choice to make.


Often it would in a silent mourn -

Stifle a sigh and a silent groan!


His head preferred nothing less.

The heart kept trying nevertheless.


Then deep inside he heard it's voice.

One day thus he made the choice.


And to hi...

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: Living :

Some fragments of time.

Some moments sublime.


          Some lingering thoughts.

          Some yeses and noughts.


Some presence so dear.

Some laughter to share.


           Some instants of grief.

           Some feelings too deep.


Some tasks to be done,

Till there are none.


Suvendra C Dasgupta

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: In Solitude :

From the subconscious mind,

Came a memory lost behind.

It reminded me of, gently then,

A music pure and fresh as rain.


I felt the tunes play in my soul.

The familiar melody to enthrall.

So long lost in the layers of time,

Heard it again - just as pristine!


Then back it went to nethermind.

A caressing whisper it left behind.

I felt it then - with some surpris...

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: Alone in the Rain :

Walking in the rain all alone.

Tripping thru' nature's home.

On the stage of the field ahead,

the water drops perform.

The trees murmur, sing and rejoice.

With the rains they found their voice.

No keening wail in tempests wry,

but a happy voice in joyous cry,

of nature reborn.


Walking in the rain all alone.

I need no friend, for company.

I want no body to come...

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: That Distant While :

Oh! How fast the times did really fly!

Those days of yore no more near by.


The distant days under a distant sun,

And distant thoughts only half begun.


Thinking over and over what I should,

In those distant moments of solitude.


And distant words - faint echoes now.

Some distant dreams had died somehow!


Those faded prints from a distant spell,

Just memo...

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Kick Off!

If poetry be the food of love, write on!

If it be food for freedom, then kick off!

If you care aught for poetry Write Out Loud!

If you care aught for love then stay not quiet!

If you care aught for freedom, then kick off!

If you will fight with me then you are on!

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Title: Valley of Doubt


Shadows speak to you in tongues. Even the light of truth yields to the thicket of no trust.


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what you fear is fear itself

what you fear is fear itself
what you fear is rain itself
what you fear is the rain of destruction
destruction rain down on destruction
fear rain down on fear
destiny come calling
destiny come calling on fear

destiny come calling on rain
fear come calling on fear
desire is worth a lion’s tail
desire is worth a lion’s fear
desire is worth a lion’s destiny
desire is worth a lion’s dest...

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The Fisherman

He waits

unlike most

and searches

through the muck

through the dirt and the dust,

the nails and worms


He waits 

for a glimpse of success

a meal for his minutes spent

on the water’s edge

a reward

for his tireless toil


He waits

as his bucket fills

alongside his hope

then empties

leaving his spirits all the same


For his catch does not ...

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Aethereal protégée

Universal consciousness is omnipresent
— living vicariously, we too are one - and the same,
Having the time of our lives
all knowing— enlightened divine sparks
going —Godspeed.

This is a way of life:

Anatomic amino acid building blocks chain letters,
into the complex double helix;
in our initials is a chemical signature—me and my significant other have between us—
this bond, that

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the lens of the universe

science zoom in on a disturbance
science zoom in on a lens of the universe
science disturb the lens of the universe
science create or disturb the lens of the universe
science create or zoom in on the lens of creativity
creativity zoom in on creativity
creativity is a lens of creativity

the universe create the lens of creativity
disturbance zoom in on disturbance
to zoom is to zoom in on...

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america is a beautiful speech

speech of a term is speech of a speech
speech is speech of a speech
speech is speech of america
america is a figure of speech
speech is a term of speech
speech is a term of america
america is a term of america

america is a beauty of a beautiful speech
beauty is beauty of a magnificent speech
beauty is beauty of a magnificent term of speech
a beautiful america is the beauty of america

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May 17, 2019; 11:21pm

I find myself wanting to call you

A lot more often than I should

Considering the fact that I ended it

I miss you dearly

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break-uppoetryi miss youmaywriter


Tired of being here

Stuck in a frozen


Tired of waiting

For a voice

That is impossible

To hear.


Is like a curse

It is an ice

On my left shoulder

It is a melting alibi

Makes me say good-bye

To the little hope

Beating in my chest

Tired of asking

The questions

With no responses

Tired of seeking

The light.


Turns every corner


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sad poemspoetry

minus the soul,plus the body

my way or the highway
my way or the heartache
my way or minus the highway
my way or minus the heartache
minus the heartache,minus the highway
minus the soul,minus the heartache
minus the soul,plus the soul

minus the soul,plus the heartache
the mind,body is a plus of the soul
minus the soul,minus the body,plus the mind
plus the mind,plus the body,minus the soul
minus the soul is plus t...

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I am surrounded with the ghosts 

Each and every day I blame

The heartless bodies on my toes

I am surrounded by some dust

That has always been in their eyes

They look but just cannot see 

That their life is full of lies

Do you ever wanna be surrounded by the mud

Wherein their souls are stuck

Shall we draw this sharp line once again

Between our minds that have already g...

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Down Memory Lane

within the range of your eyes

with the residue of love

like the mist descending

in your heart:

-is my walk!

and still I’m walking

with the lonely steps

of every single person on earth.

-from down memory lane......


is love haunted always by betrayal?

like dusk masking the sky?

or we make the error to fathom

each other's terror?

decide to cover up the past


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a old tale

mankind is a old tale
mankind is a old tale of respect
mankind is a wise old tale
mankind is a wise old respect
respect is a wise old respect
respect is a wise old tale of respect
honor of mankind is kindness of mankind

respect is a kindness respect
respect is a kindness old tale of respect
in honor of respect is in honor of mankind
a old tale is a wise old tale
a old tale is a wise o...

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a founding grace

from heaven to grace
from heaven to speaking grace
speak is speaking grace
speak is speaking the lord of grace
jesus is a lord of grace
speaking grace is speaking the lord of grace
grace is speaking grace

a son is a son of grace
a son is a son of the lord
jesus is a son of grace
jesus is a son of the lord
a son of grace is a son of a lord
heaven is a founding grace
a son of grace is...

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