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What I Need

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{What I Need} 


What I need is to be 

the same person I was 

before chiari 



And what I need is

to be that person who

can be able to cope 

with life again


And I need to feel 

calm and not so 



And I need to feel

good about myself


And not so bad 

about myself


And for the thing's in

my life that I am u...

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Hold Me


When my heart is in pain, the most amazing thing that could heal me

is if you stand behind me and hold me, the warmth of your body will sooth me

when you hold me, you heal my wounds and you heal my pain

and soon I will smile and see better days again

you may be the love of my life, but you are my true friend


I will always hold you in my arms and I promise to nev...

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Murderous Tears

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{Murderous Tears}


These murderous tears

follows down my cheeks 

wetting my shirt as I gently

wipe them away like the

way the did you by murdering

you in cold blooded murder

and it left me here like a

child that was orphaned 

to survive in these darkened

cold streets that the

blood stained asphalt

surrounds my feet 


But I cannot fathom 

how th...

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Starry Skies

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{Starry Skies}


Rose's are red,
Violet's are blue,
the night starry
skies are shining
through you just 
like when I gaze 
into your starry 
twinkling burning
fiery eyes that is
intoxicating to resist
that always lights up 
my life 



©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer October 3,2016 but posting here on February 23,2018 

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Sometimes I look into

a mirror to see my face

so I don't look so crazy 

asI talk to myself


And sometimes when I

am missing you I will

hold my dead phone

against my face so I 

don'tlook so crazy as

I pretend to talk to

myself while wishing 

the whole time that

it is you 


And this only

happens when I 

feel so alone 


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Poetry From A Wandering Soul available now on Amazon!

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I'm excited to announce my first book  Poetry From A Wandering Soul, that was released today on Amazon, available for both eBook and paperback, both with different book covers. A collection of poems about love, depression, heartache, loneliness, disappointment, happiness, insincerity, and hope. This could be a total success or an utter failure, but this has been a wonderful journey. No matter what...

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What Is This?

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{What Is This?} 


What is this game we call life 

And how do you win 

And how do you survive 

And how do you make it out alive

And do we use pawns 

And do we have check mates 

And you say that my heart will do just fine

Or will this game we call life will I make it out alive 

And only in due time will tell me if I shall survive 


©Tina Glov...

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He loves me,
He loves me not,
I love him,
He loves me not,
I fought for us,
He didn't, 
I chased him,
He didn't chase me,
I saw the sparks in his eyes, 
I saw the way he looked at her,
I watched his body movement,
I watched him kiss her all of the time,
I've wrote a thousand songs for him,
I have sang a thousand songs for him,
I shipped a thousand feeling's to him,
But he...

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Himhurting heartslesson learnedlifelivingloving himOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetryshort poemsshort poetryshort storiesthinkingthinking out loudTina Gloverwriting

To Hear Your Name

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{To Hear Your Name} 

To hear your name

it's just like another

dulling sword that

has pierced straight 

through my heart 

ooh-ooh the pain 

To hear your name 

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer August 11,2016 but posting here on February 23,2018

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All I need
is if I was 
the only human 
on the planet 
is my furry 
friend by my 
side then I'll 
be doing just 
fine and dandy


©Tina Glover  All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018 

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The Darkness

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{The Darkness}

Your whole 
aura is 
giving off 
that deep 
down darkness 
that we all 
fear to love 
but you are 
making yours 
to resist 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018

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The Moment

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{The Moment}

The moment 
when happiness
arrives but some
stubborn asshole 
comes along to 
screw that up for 
you so steer clear 
of all assholes 
that's even 
including you 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018 

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Just So Sick

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{Just So Sick}

I'm so sick of 
being so tired 
of being so weak 
all of the time 
due to my 
illness and 
sickness but I 
hope and pray 
it will get 
better for me 
but I honestly 
don't know if 
it ever will 


©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on February 21,2018 

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Green plastic army men

Barbie plays with Ken

Drafted are the boys to men

Someone’s started a fight

The girls can choose to abort

Politicians say they have that right

Choose to prostitute then they will prosecute

Pro-choice is not the right to choose

Only the right to a choice

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A Cooks Wish

Praise me if you wish

For yesterdays dish

The meal you did not finish

The sauce your spoon would not tarnish

The dinner you did not touch when it was fresh

Saying now this dish smells of Melville's fish

Do not consume the meal when the chef's gone to bed

Pay me no compliments after the dogs are fed

Who wants recognition after they’re trodden;

After they are gallows led?


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When I Am A Sleep Or Awake

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{When I Am A Sleep Or Awake} 


When I am a sleep or awake I dream of you all the same 




©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer Originally written in 2016 but posting here on February 15,2018 





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The House is on Fire

if you are the glint of moonlight in a shard 

I want to hold


piece of the moon

if you are the shard 

I want to be

the glint itself

but if you are the fire

I just want to see the shadow 


- a silver flash in the dark - 


that is all I want to see.
























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Like Fudge...

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Like fudge…


I want to be so sweet

you can’t resist. 


To treasure your desire

by lying in wait for

your lips, your tongue

to lick, nibble, devour

with relish…


swallow me whole!


I want to imprint your

pallet with my being

so no other flavour

will satisfy your hunger

because ~ you would rather

starve than be without

my love…



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Erotic Naughty Poems

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(Eroitc Naughty Poems)




He walks in from work with his shirt draping off his rock hard body that has me looking straight at him in his eyes while locking on with his eyes then I start to twist and bitting my tongue and lips while licking them wanting to taste his body on my lips and you can't take it anymore I get up walking over to him while doing a sexy stripper walk dance while...

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Erotic Naughty Girl Poem

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{Eroitc Naughty Girl Poem} 



Chain me up and put a collar around my neck and then you command me to sit down on my plumped ass and then you are telling me to follow you and then you are telling me to beg you for harder punishment like a dog and then you are yanking on my chain and then you are telling me to climb up on the bed and then pulling out the leather whip then you spank my ass...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #50 (Havana)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #50 (Havana)



My heart is hurting because I left something extra special behind in beautiful Havana 




​​​​​​He was a tall tan skinned man that was a tall glass of water that kept thrusting for him day and night and I think I am about ready to lose my mind because of that man in Havana 



And as I need and want Havana to appe...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #49 (Doobie-Doobie)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #49 (Doobie-Doobie) 





When the doobie-doobie drugs don't work any more girl you are just a fool if you think love don't hurt because hot damn it does that's why one more blow to sniff until I cannot breathe 

And when the doobie-doobie-doobie don't work any more as one more sniff and one more puff and popping one more pill until...

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drugsfictionfictionalhurtlifelivingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpainpoempoemsPoetrystoriesthinkingthoughtsTina Gloverwriting

Newport, Rhode Island

Crisp air cuts through my skin, like paper to skin

the warmth of the sun

heats the metal of the railing below my hand,

holding steady to the rough current below.


Ropes of green curl below the surface,

peeking through the waves,

currents whip past the haul,

my soul opens to the depths as I look out.


Past the cobbled staircase surrounding the light house,

and dri...

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Trust Is A Fickle Thing

Ever hear the phrase

“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”?

Friends know your weaknesses,

enemies can exploit them.

Being a roommate is different than a friend

You trust your friend

You might trust your roommate at first glance

I did

I regret that decision

Living in close quarters can cause a ruckus

but not as much as disloyalty and distrust.

Knowing a ...

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Lies, Lies, and More Lies

“I’m fine”

F. reaking out

I. nsecure

N. eurotic

E. motional

Those are the words that F.I.N.E make up

Words that lie

“I’m fine”

I say as my mind reels and races through time.

Not a day goes by that I don’t question myself.

My misconceptions and decisions.

I wish I knew how to express my thoughts

Maybe in a conclusive way,

one that was easily understood

and ...

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liePainpoetrySelf Image


Shells fly overhead,

            dust kicking up in the air

filling the lungs,

            and choking the life

            from the blank eyes.

Staring up wide eyed and teary

            as the life slips away,

Laying there bare to the bone

            stripped of the soul

            lost to the sea of dust and rubble

            laying underfoot of the building


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poetryPTSDwar poetry

Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #48 (His Fine Self)

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #48 (His Fine Self) 





His fine self 

Had my heart bumping, thumping to the never ending thirst of his endless muscles that was rippling like the ocean waters beneath our feet touching every base of my body that had me longing for you to touch me all over my body because it aches for you and do you wanna reach for the never ending thirst fo...

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I Love You Man!

Tell your best mate that you love him
and tell him that you miss him
embrace him warmly when you meet
and if you have to
reassure him
this does not mean you want to fuck him!

Just let him know you value him
that you're glad he's in your life
confess you have no interest
in making him your wife

ask him how he's doing 
and be prepared to listen
provide encouragement to share
it could be...

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gendermasculinitypoetrysocial commentarySocial Observations

The Poet's Problem

Impulse is the best linguist

So Mr Thoreau thought

And often what is written here

Is spoiled by what is later brought



All I write and sometimes rhyme

Falls on the page untaught

So needs some tender love and care

Before you see it as you ought



The lines you read from any page

Should by your ear be caught

As best words ordered to flow well


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Be The Adult You Would Have Wanted To Be

They look at me like I'm the problem
and the cause of their boredom
and who knows
maybe in some ways I am.
I was a teenager once
bemoaning the lack of activities to get involved in
because opportunities were slim
and money was always tight
we had no Internet
to check through what's on listings
or you tube videos to learn new skills


I remember a lack of positive role models

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memoriespoempoetrysocial commentary


We all started this life screaming, red faces infants, exiting mothers wombs with something to say. Things have changed now. We no longer know how to speak our minds, we cross our legs and bite our tongues refusing to let the words escape. How did we get to this point? When did we realize our opinions no longer mattered? it's funny to think that silence is mistaken for tactfulness. "its not my pla...

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Have You Seen My Wayfaring Father

Have you seen my wayfaring father

He went astride before I was grown

He left our stead and my fragile mother

(He said he would not tarry long)

I summon him this decoration day


I left our stead late December

(With no ballast or chink in my pockets)

Across Mountain brook

Through thorn-ed bramble

To find him consorting with the abandons

I will not be swayed, this de...

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Snippets 6.

Like any good friend, we sit on bedsheets un/noticing

how she hides beneath in a fetal position.

and we let her cry, because home

has become a nostalgic pang

more cumbersome than hunger.

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Like crocodiles

entry picture

Words, feeling, deeds,
nothing could tell you where this alley leads,
standing strong, the key in your hand,
nothing wrong with your pretended end.
Walking on, walking fast, the alley along.
Into the shadow you take a walk,
into the the shadow, into the dark.
The shape of twighlight people,
standing side by side.
The key just like a needle,
you are holding tight.
Passing the alley faste...

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Animalsmind powerpoetry

No title

When the moon high up in the sky,
lights the way for the broken hearted,
who think everything was just a lie,
lonely they retarded.
When summer ends and fall arives,
the blue turns grey and white,
the appletrees finish their lifes,
just one apple,just one bite.
When girls on breezy fields,
pick flowers on a summerday,
the flirty guys will come their way,
on heavy wooden wheels.
When on...

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A stranger half naked

Stands before me.

I whisper


And his eyes start to melt

the acute angles filling black with pupil




except the skin



clings to the bones.


The mouth moves, but only Blood trickles

So only I can hear him ask myself


What will become of me? If you peel away what’s left

Like a lemon in s...

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 Horses raced here

 Until the railway

 Cut the field in half

 Between two stones

 And a third

 No longer standing.


 The first excavation

 Proved this to be true

 From the clay pipes

 And wine bottles

 Now cleaned

 And catalogued.


 More recent surveys

 Using methods


 Indicated the presence

 Of se...

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AberystwythDavid SubacchipoetryWelsh Poetry

Snippets 5.


Winter came early in December

crept into 3AM and slept

on the windowsill – gently breathing.


Winter walked on the sidewalk

the bones in her wrinkled hands

shaking like the wind shaking

like the trees shaking like it’s limbs shaking

like Winter when no one is                                          home.

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Snippets 4.

I am the ghost that waits in the rain alone.

By the wet path of stone-tiled sky.

In the poem crumpled and thrown.


Green lights glisten on a tinted windowpane

we meet Midway. Half smile: Half lie.

I am the ghost that waits in the rain alone.


We hold hands tightly, bone to bone

because you’re cold and because I,

In the poem crumpled and thrown


, keep running...

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Snippets 1.


bits of string

lay on wet, brown tiles.

They were not his, making out in the noise,

but mine, plucked by the strength of her poise

I stared enviously, brokenly, tiredly


at the pile, they had become


bits of string

twisting in that frigid, black night.

we staggered back home

our breath tying white laces

around our necks.

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Last Spring

Last spring was filled with joy and
With little children's giggles
Began a new chapter
Of my life.

A little girl with beautiful
Curly hair
Gave me some candy
As I was sitting on the side of the road
Hungry, and homeless.
A little boy came up to me
And gave me a hug.

Two adults were walking by.
They kicked me in the stomach
And told me to leave
My resting place.

But ...

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