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She eyes the progress

As lines of greatness

Are penned across her flesh.

Sat for hours and watched

As the ink took

And rode the highways of her veins.


Verse after verse coming to life.

Sparking what was once unachieved

Reserecting her beauty.

By way of the literary divinities.

As she takes to heart

Hearing the rag,

I am, I am, Iam.


Watching the red ...

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Here's a kind of slaggy one:



Where are those carrier bags?

No, not those recycled poncy type.

The slaggy ones, a slip of plastic, 

with Key Markets or Tesco on the side,

Like me Mum had.


Throw away ones - which is exactly

what you did.  

Shamelessly, without a single qualm. 

plenty more where they came from.


Don't get me wrong, I salute those 


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a toast to the afterlife

entry picture

here’s to the afterlife —

what fate does the day after The Last Day hold?

doubt ,

doubt consumes man’s faith .

down into the depths of the pit

my mind descends ,

down to the caverns ,

the walls closing in .

the light dwindles ,

crushed under the weight of this apparent reality .

hopeless and helpless ,

lonely and tired .

beaten down by the endless sorrow .


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blind faithCollegedoubtfaithgodpoetrysaddnessteenagersyouth

I am Thee and She is Me

What is the universe

 If we are not here to behold it

 To understand it

With all – the compacity

Of all- humanity


What am I without the world

The life that I can bring from its beauty

Would I not just be another girl

The life that fades with her beauty


My mind being

With my eyes seeing

Fueled by the galaxies

Destiny- projecting through its physicality


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The big oaks at the corner
stretch their leaves to gather the evening sun.
A breeze lifts and turns them,
dark, bright, bright, dark.
A green glitter effect
that entrances me
starting the long stretching walk along the lane.

As I walk, the sun lights overhead leaves,
creates broderie anglais shadows
where cars slowly trail only feet apart.
Above a lacy sheet of alto cumulus spreads

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Heavy Water

A heavy rain pressing staccato against the bedroom window

droplet snakes chase each other down to the collected pool on the dimpled lid of the wheelie bin

we are dry
we are warm

The incense stick meditates it’s aroma throughout our space
the smoke caressing our senses like an ethereal concubine
virgin candles of pink and white cast our silhouettes on the mandala that hovers ove...

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poempoetrypunk poemromanceromance poem

Once more

Through the pain of life

And the prick of a knife

I learnt how to live

Surrendered faith to give 

I saw your devotion

Sensed life's promotion 

Catastrophic promise

And disquieting dismiss

I fell into a stratagem

Darkness like tantalum

Covered in loneliness 

But now harmonious

Now I'm ok

Goodbye decay

I've learnt to live again

Forgotten to deign 

I'm ...

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Overwhelming Sky

The overwhelming sky enthralls me
Shows me its magic, fills me with glory
Layers of stratus, piles of towering cumulus
Cirrus lacing glazes overtop
Neon pink icy scribbling on an evening horizon
Fireworks sunsets, pale sleepy dawns
Reds, yellows, purples, greens overwrite the blue and black
Gauguin, Picasso, Rothko must have felt this
The Starry Night is truth, no wonder Vincent suffered s...

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beautycloudspoetryskyvan Goghwonderwonderment


entry picture




 The palm trees at Alghero

 Are of impressive height and girth

 Their solidity demonstrates confidence;

 Sometimes we touch them

 Hoping to be made strong too.


 In their shade we shelter

 From baking sun,

 Under their protection

 Friendships are made

 On sultry August evenings.


 Nearby in an ornate church

 Time ticks away in marb...

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David SubacchipoetrySardinia

For you I will do my best

Slowly you disappear into the past,
yet you are buried in my thoughts which I'm forcing to last.
Everything that you do,
finds a way to touch my heart,
and every word you say,
shows the beauty of your art.
Your bleached white hair,
perfect smile,
cute little nose,
an honest representation of your soul.
You say you want to give up,
but you don't have to go.
You're not alone, nor will yo...

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girl crushlove poetrypoetryteen years

Forgive me

What did I do?

I'm sorry I hurt you.

I've never been this sorry

Like a sky so starry

You're the light to my night 

You're the courage to my fright

And I've cast you away

Thrown you to the fray

And I'll do whatever

Whatever you want forever

Anything to get you back

Because my life's gone slack

And I need you

Your every blue

I need your smile

To cover my ...

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forgive and forgetforgivenessPoetry

Bow chicka wow wow


I want to take all your pain

But I don't want to taste it again

You deserve everything

Everything the world can bring

And if I could give you the world

I'd leave it at your feet unfurled

You're my addiction guy

Leaving me all over high

Until I can't breathe

So don't ever leave

Because I'm sure I'd die

If I ever caught you in a lie

I'm emotionally bound


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Candlelit Cigarette

All these new things, 


Time passes through me like a breeze - 

But the hours feel like eternity. 

These cigarettes hurt me, 

But I can still breathe - 

My heart skipping beats - 


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I might make you laugh, but I might also make you cry,
I might give you answers or make you question why.
I can look so serious or sound really quite absurd
I am divine unseen pen pictures designed to be heard.
I will make comparisons to shine a light inside your heart
I’ll begin our stories with with an epilogue or end them near their start.
My language can be quite colourful, yes I have be...

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Abandoned Houses

Take me to the woods to rip out my soul -

Kill me and bury me in a deep, dark hole.

Kiss me,


In abandoned houses,

Listening to my heart scream -

Drowing out the loudness.

Photos forever of jumping trampolines,

And a mother suffering silently,


Sleeping on the floor with the sick kittens -

Wondering where I put the sandwich I bit in

Which tree...

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kisseslovelovelymental healthpassionpoempoetry


entry picture

Stuck in a box,
Barely breathing,
Barely alive.
Lines everywhere,
Running alone,
Chasing unknown.

Searching a hole,
Finding escape,
Hunting for space.

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Sins which we are


What am I?

A fruitful comrade?

A terrible lie?

And if so, how bad?

I lie awake at night,

Lost in thought,

Troubled by fright,

My stomach in a knot,


If we are all unjustified

Destined to hell

Blossomed in pride,

With our breasts full of swell,

Swelling with sin

Sin which we nurture 

Sin which we bath in

Sin which is our future

Sin whi...

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This Morning Was A Breath

This morning was a breath,

And the burdens were weightless.

My hair bounces as I walk,

And my voice is clear when I talk.

I smiled when the camera was pointed at me.

It feels so good to just be seen.

The caress of you,

Reminds me of colorful views,

That  used to be used to.

Today I am me -

And this me is brand new.

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100 best poemsbrand newconfidentLove yourselfpoetryshort poem

Cheap Mascara

Did you ever try to accept me,

Instead of avoiding me?

Or drinking me away?

Because I tried everything,

Just to make you smile at me,

But I could never make you laugh,

But I smiled constantly -

Like a fool.

Caring for you.

Because sometimes I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to be in love with you

But sleep to you was like a breath -

And I was always your p...

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Bragger Greys

Instore café content, paces past a chemist and a black man, taste it
Bearded men, smooth men, and golden ruby wives
Vigour-lacking lists turning over old stories, new times on black and white paper, detail sliding tackles
He-'politician’, this day and age had his lady helper, a mug to mouth coaxer, slow motion intake hailer
Not about beyond, that ‘should be’, leaving, knowing near-term middle ...

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beat poetrycontemporary poetrypoempoetry

All I have


You're all I have

And all I need

Don't make me behave

Just make me bleed

Bleed with a wound

Conjured from a scream

Made perfectly tuned

And carved from a dream

Wholly burn me through

With this undying love

Beat me black and blue

Release my white dove

Spread my wings

Let my screams soar

Think of all the little things

And steal me back to the floor

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Please don't leave

I'll let you break my heart

Even let you tear me apart

And I'll laugh that whole time

Because I enjoy your every crime

I'll kiss my murderer

I'll miss my slaughterer

I'll want the person that killed me

And with all my heart I'll love thee


Even when I'm pierced by the knife

I'm filled with the purest of life

Brighter than black and white

A violently emotional f...

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A Triadic Structure of Depression

entry picture

My poetry's hollow and null
And like my life it is quite dull
So I ramble and cry
And I wish to just die
While I ponder why I've not been culled.


And yes even so
I continue to write words
With no direct form


Rhyme scheme, structure, they mean very little
To a person who has no control of their life
And apathetically watches as he carries on strife.
And in a rotted hole, th...

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AnxietyConnor LannesDepressionPoetryStructure

seconds away

Don’t think
Take it
Legal Aid and alcohol

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Beat Poemcontemporary poetryexperimental poetrypoempoetry

Sane × Insane

entry picture

Why do you expect so much good in other people

Why do you pray so much under every steeple

How can you be ok to be disappointed all the time

And hurt yourself with so much hope inside

You’ll never learn your lesson if you try to be blind

To The bad side of people you try to hide

And let them inside your heart again

Is it a crime to let them cause you so much pain

To the poi...

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bad daybad karmagood lifeinsanepoetrysad poemssad poetrysaneSelfself reflectionself-destruction


I hooked onto the face of a psychopath executing flagellation
ate his lobster raw
and its eyes for his eyes
his damp face from my white meat spit
elastic banded claws dropped on embroidered brogues
in Monaco gamblers we trust
rise over here and I’ll hammer you

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Beat Poemcontemporary poetrypoempoetry

Free Pass

Renegade living, after the Vietnamese boat-boy was beaten, after motorcyclist came looking, after steel toe-capped boots and a hammer threat, after a nearly ended dad by caged bird
Forty miles from the sea he shouted about a broken car window handle, never onto manipulations or abortions
Too tight squeezes later, tax man and his vice girl with the lost dog lie
By nervous accident, same place, f...

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Beat PoemBeat Poetrycontemporary poetryexperimental poetryfree verselyricspoempoetry

Fiery Tears

entry picture

Fiery Tears

by Jason N Smith


Fiery tears tumbled free fall to explode and splash

like a mass C4’s destructive aftermath,

massacring bright young paths

into broken jigsaw pieces,

with no refrain from an emotional blast radius

rippling painful sorrows as towering Infernos

blistering burnt brightly from windows,

where no one can consoles those bereft of breaths,


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GrenfellTower grenfell povertypoetrySpoken Word poetry

The Fall of Man

Eleven antemeridian house breaker, home wrecker
Now she’s rubble left, sustaining all her more, all her less
Memorial tumbler with a three-quarter up-ring on a bedside table
She’d got to the point, of a hanging frame off bone arrangement, but can still take real, the outside, real weather, God placed it on her neck
Outside to a whitening wilting life, with a cheap bus ticket, would-be liar to ...

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Beat Poetrycontemporary poetrypoempoetry


Talking Asperger in Holland’s gutter
women for men
man-hiding in scab wombs
smell the dad perfume
childlessness disease
restless rights and south paws breaking Pentagon’s cyber world
devise numerical love

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Beat Poetrypoempoetryverse


entry picture


 So I gets this call from Gareth Southgate

 And he's laying it on like marmalade,

 Saying come back Rooney you've got it made

 Playing for Everton, O what a state!

 I thought your ambition was to be great!

 England's not a problem don't be afraid,

 At Goodison you'll always make the grade,

 So get those three lions back on you mate.


 But I though...

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David Subacchifootballpoetry

I had that dream again...

I had that dream again...

You and me dancing on some random beach.

 I felt your hands on my thighs,

moving me gently with your warm eyes.

You were looking at me like if it was the first time, 

the first time of holding me with your warm hands. 

I remember it clearly now.

My head was resting on your chest,

I know you were smelling my hair and

playing with it just like y...

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entry picture

A paradox
Of expressions
And concealment.

An escaping
From the deepest
Hole of the self.

An adventure
To the quest for

A hiding place
Through metaphors
And similes.

Like a dungeon
Waiting the key
To be unlocked.


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Haiku's inspired by the Poetry of Bruce Lee

entry picture











The fallen blossoms
Clouds floating across the sky
They blend together

Waves crash around us
The water becomes murky
Will clear by it's self

Bird sail purple sky
Finds the pink rose blossoming
Dawn purple to gold.


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Lost entity pt 1

entry picture

Lost in the world

the ways of the world are much better

much more fun,

Whats life without fun?

They dont know how wild you are

They dont see past the innocent smile.

You was lost

and beat up,

You were too wild

but you never hesitated to follow your desires,

you divided your soul from your spirit

and you could differtiate your mind from your conscience.

I can see...

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deepthoughtslost soulspoetry

All Poems of Shaakiera Schroeder

http://www.poemhunter.com/shaakiera-schroeder/ This page contains the collected works Poems, reflective pieces ,etc by Shaakiera Schroeder (c) Poems are the property of their respective owners. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge

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Collected Worksgrieflosspoemspoetrysurviving

90% polyester

still twentieth century visits
Camp Majesty
bending tungsten
satin sash title fighter hooks
smoking green grass burners
uniting tight-fitting lap-sitting women
industrial tribunal metal pin tattoo brainwashed art  
money dragging gifted arm

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)

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Beat PoemBeat Poetrycontemporary poetryLyrics. Poetrypoempoetry

Glasgow bolt on

Crinkle cut oven Glasgow
wet ozone
dark brown film lid on red and grey mortar
scaffold lips step by public print art diversity
second hand justice buses
Celtic with Rangers feet dancing to van chimes.

*(Copyright is mine. Please contact me if you want to use or perform any of my poems.)


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Beat Poemcontemporary poetrypoempoetry

Black Boy Jerome

Black Boy Jerome
walking stop, walking stop, closed park nest
insecticide guttered blood lumps
realtor biting torchlight, thicker dollar pile rate rat room
squat sleeping, leaning broom, dirt bridge
ate pigeon error Wednesday
Ma note sticks about Black Boy’s bridge’s lynching arcs
shining knotted ironwork, rogue’s gum
waning bridge appeal, twists, turns, joints, worn rust
move on Winter

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Beat PoetrypoempoetryRaceUS Civil Rights Movement

Smell Filthy

Saw Sondheim’s ‘Fruit Juice of the Soul’
actor’s encore dip, tips, left and right and out to women like this, to men like that, the crimes of The Broadway Ripper
odd height couples in their Manhattan towers, I stored myself for a while, then star backed, from walking a three-week cold saunter
‘Where did he walk from?’
That was him, from LA, now fed-up in Western rent, getting sun’s burn, red a...

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Beat Poempoempoetry

Running Power


I feel



Heart whipping the veins

Legs pounding

Lungs heaving

Breath chugging

Muscles relieving

And I'm accelarating faster

And faster

And faster

Till I beat the wind

My legs a blur


My legs will tire

But my spirit flies


And free

Like the wind

With a whoosh



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Poetry Summer School

entry picture

Good Morning All

Over the summer holidays I'm bringing a Poetry Summer School to the Town in association with Ossett Arts for 16-25 year olds.

The 6 week course will feature a mix of writing and performance workshops that will culminate in a very special performance during Ossett Arts Gallery Evening

For more information see below:


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entry picture




 The bass guitar is not loud enough

 He explained solemnly

 Unless it rattles your cufflinks

 In the back row

 It's not concerned with melody

 Just there to add some body.


 That was a long time ago

 In our long hair days

 The next time we met

 His locks had disappeared

 Mine were slowly thinning

 I reminded him of his saying.



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David Subacchimusicpoetry

Learning to stop feeling guilty for getting my shit together

It suddenly struck me
It's the end of June, I thought.
That means. Oh shit that means
her anniversary is here again.
I felt a sense of guilt because
the date of her passing had slipped my mind
I guess I've just been busy
visiting friends and family
and moving to a new area.
Oh and I've not been particularly well.
Nothing to worry about Mum
I just keep having these seizures
I never had ...

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Honey sweet honey

Honey sweet honey,
I see you in my dreams, dear sweet honey.
Good to see you're still jolly,
I can hear you at night my dear dolly...
You still got that melody kicking in dearie,
I can still feel it through you darling.
Got those big brown eyes dashing...
honey sweet honey,
Would you be mine tonight sweet pie?
Do not worry about anything for some time,
I got you covered in my soul tonigh...

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When the World Sleeps

I wake in the morning, 
Grab the girls to school,
Spend my day cleaning and serving
Helping those that refuse to help themselves.

Long into the night,
I work right through it all,
Sometimes it doesn’t seem right
That amongst it all, 
I remain invisible. 

Yet when the world settles
And all is quite, 
My life takes a different line. 
I become a person of worth,
Someone seen and love...

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daily lifehidden thingslifepoetrysecret lovesecrets


I wish people would understand,

The plight I walk with hand-in-hand.

I wish they give me space to cry,

To make my heart able to fly.

I wish the confusion I feel to resolve,

So that I know, when to turn the valve.

I wish the stars, the moon would talk,

And tell me the time for me to walk.

I wish the birds, the bees would whisper,

The talks that I could decipher.

I wish...

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entry picture

Young woman sits

while an old man stands.

She gazes through layers

of foundation.


Does it screen

the opposite wall?

Can’t she read the

“Who are you fooling?”


Fake fur-collared jacket

and label shoes.

Large black leather bag

clutched to protect her


– it doesn’t – she’s mean!

The old man has turned

his neat and clean

but well-worn back



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Becoming a ghost

There's this song I always come back to,
It reminds me of the day I first met you.
No other words mean as much to me as the lyrics that were sang in the song,
it's a constant reminder of how we held on for so long.
You might've been just a ghost but you knew what flesh felt like,
you knew what a hug meant and how to treat someone in the cold night.
You were no stranger to love and comfort,

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Desert Sky

Driving in a roast red desert
Headlights staring into primeval dark
The untrammeled sky glorious

Above us a bridge of stars
Rivering between rocky horizons
At once near and so very far

Cricking my neck to see
I bounced around the back of the open jeep
Absorbing, amid the shudders, splendor

Star birth and death, worlds hidden by distance
Great glowing nebulae
Fat in the centre, a d...

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