I guess that at one time or another - if we're being honest - we've all been blinded by the white hot heat and light of our fantasies, dreams, and ambitions; as poets it's practically in our job description to be thus.

The following poem owns up to flying too close to that particular sun, and the resultant crash-and-burn,

That doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying for the impossible though ....

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I am Certain

In every city, I go.

In every country, I have been.

The Star and the Cross hope,

That he will be with us one day.


They call him by different names,

And claim him as theirs.

Both preaching similar faiths,

Both saying they are correct.


One says he is yet to come,

While the other hopes for him again.

One says he is the son of God,

While the other says, he wi...

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CertainChristianitycorruptionCrossfaithGodHateI am CertainJesusjudaismLoveMessiahpoetryStar

Hope for another shot at life

Shot after shot,
you miss your own heart.
Trying to end it all,
just because of one missed call.
Your life is worth so much more,
it's not worth giving up because of that stupid old bore.
Don't you know,
he is a man-whore,
he is not someone you should adore.
Open your eyes,
and look around,
you'll miss the fun,
and I'll miss your beauty.
When everything is done,
you'll be praised lik...

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My Dearest Friend

You have proven to be my biggest ally, knowing

Me better than anyone else.


Shaping my thoughts into the paper canvas, opening

A door for them to see into my world.


Grateful I am for your help, lost

I would be without you.


Thank-you for being by my side, and

For encouraging me to never give up.


My dearest friend, my

Silver pen.

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Your Poetry

A few silent words lay between us
on some stained and shady card-table
for all the song and dance now skip'd along
and each chosen line stands for ten
this the burden of being penned

A bitter glass of judgement lies full-drained
truer thirst realised in venom-fail
offer a fair hearing to one dream-sane
the slightest insight magnified
for its own sake rest satisfied


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How can I tell her that I love her?

How can I show her my true feelings?

If the words “I Love You” are dwarfed compared to what I feel.

Not even all the jewelry and roses of the world could equal her beauty.


How can I describe to her?

That every time I see her my surroundings cancel out.

She is my center of attention,

That for her my heart aggressively pounds.



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emotionalemotionsLovePoetryRomantic poemsromantic poetryUncertainty


In my times of tribulations,

Arrived my salvation.

One might think it was an angel,

It was, but in the form of a girl.


She brought light into my life,

My prayer of hope in the flesh.

Her name alone is a prayer,

That brings easiness to my heart and head.


She makes me be a better man,

She has taught me to trust and love.

With her eyes, she stops time.

With ...

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I sleep

in a bed of fire

because I'm covered

in love for you.


I melt into,

turn into lava

when I see you,

love you so much

I hope you haunt me.


I'm burnt red,

a fiery paintbrush

took across a sunset.

burnt orange leaves


That fall from trees

as I fall to your feet

when I melt for you

like I do.


The seas are dry,

and parted aw...

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I Will Stand With You

I am who I am largely due to the women I have known

I give thanks to their help in my personal development

for teaching me how to express love

through vital lessons they have shown

like empathy, compassion, forgiveness and understanding

accepting me despite my many flaws and imperfections.

To all the positive female role models I've known over the years

who reassured me that s...

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equal rightsequalitypoetry

Is this me

when I look in the mirror

I don't always like what I see

because I see a reflection of me 

I ask myself is this really who I am 

people tell me to love myself for who I am 

but I hope you know I'm not my biggest fan

I probably made 600 wrongs  for every 1 right 

and how often do I try to pick a fight 

is this really me 

it once was not 

where will I go

my life is t...

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The empyrean art of philology
Replete with canker and halo
Touches the tips of consciousness
With etymylogical fervor.
Base and conniving innuendo
Coupled by oxymoronic fate
To celestial immolation proves
The ambivalence of langue.
Verse unyielding, rhythmic rhyme,
Sweltered pulsing downbeats;
The stretch and meter of poetic prose
Hold firm to a shifting parole.
In places where sagacit...

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Krypto's song

I'm on that up, up, up and away (x4)

Yay, Yay

On that up, up, up and away


We in this life not to stay

Pilgrims in the way

Straight and narrow is how it's looking

On solar power is what we cooking

Serious heat

No defeat

Know the feet

Get weary

So take flight

Let's get on that up, up, up and away

Yay, yay

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Tell me I'm broken

Tell me that it's too late to glue all the pieces back together

Like a shit mosaic we made when there was nothing better to do

My body is a vinyl that no one's played in years

Scratched and distorted but the music is still the same just heard by different ears

If my body is a temple in which my mind is the God of it's intention

Then I must surely be an athiest 


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Writer's block?

No inspiration

What am I to do?

A writer without a drive

A pen without any ink left

That isn't right!





But I refuse to rhyme that last line with a curse word

I'm in a cursed world 

And I'm suppose to be the blessing

But my lack of inspiration has got me stressing


I'll admit it - I'm weak 

But thanks be to God that in my weakness...

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Wandering expositions

entry picture

Poetry has many inspections
each line, like thought, re-touched.
We frown at fingered collections
of nouns, and other, stuff.
There are troublesome inflections
and bleeding, wrung-out, verbs,
the wandering explications
of rhymes, the metre, serves.
There are stand alone conjunctions
in hope, that it, amazes,
in solitude it functions
in contrived, schematic, phrases.



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I Hate You

I hate you 

Can't stand you

I think that I love you

You know me

Ignore me

I want you to love me

I love you 

Just want you

I really do hate you

You see me

Smile at me 

I want you to leave me

I need you

Don't want you

My heart is stuck on you

You want me 

Don't need me

Just stop talking to me

I love you

Don't love you

I just want to hate yo...

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It's the Little Things

It's the little things. 


It's when you catch him smiling just looking at you. 


It's when he reaches for your hand when he sees your heart sink. 


It's when he treats you like you're strong when you smile through the pain. 


It's when he kisses away your headaches. 


It's when he comes running just from hearing your voice. 


It's when he pulls you up and ...

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Happy Birthday (in memory)

It's been 

A long long while

And your face

Is coming back 

Into my dreams


I've searched

The whole wide world 

Across but I can't 

Find the words to 

Give you peace


It's been a long year

It's been a hard time

But I can't erase this 

Date from my mind


So I guess there's only 

One thing left to say

Happy birthday 

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Read You Once More

I have been having these moments
waiting for trains
pouring kettles
folding sheets
opening a window

I have been having these little moments
flicking through old magazines
in the off-license
glancing up at windows
looking out across the city

When the magnitude of your potential
when all the things you said to me
when the poetry you quietly dedicated
when the soft touch of your deft...

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longingpoetrythe past

Life is No Place

Life is no place

For the living

Death is no place

For the dead

Those who're alive

Are there for the pride 

And the dead



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Can I Have This Dance?

entry picture

I want to be the one to make you smile

Because I'm selfish

And your smile parts the seas


I want to be the one that makes you laugh

Because your laughing 

Reaches deep dark parts of me


And I know that you could be

With anyone but me

Without giving me a second glance 


So I hope that you can see 

How glad I am to be

With you, and that you gave me a chan...

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love poemsoriginal songpoetry


My mother calls me brave, so I am brave. 


She takes me to the bus stop on the first day of school and I am scared. She smiles and lets me go, so I smile and go. I am brave. 


She sits me down and tells me we are moving. My father will be gone a while, and I will have to make new friends. She tells me not to be sad, so I stop crying. I am brave. 


I want to dye my hair blue. I...

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free versepoetryshort formwriting poetry


Blame is so easy to do. Make you believe when it's not even true. You do it to make yourself feel better, selfishly only thinking of you. Yeah, I've been victim to it to. It's a viscous cycle were the purpose is to purposefully misconstrue. You say things that you know aren't the truth. Just to save the image of YOU. In time where does that get you, when all your words are untrue. Yeah, I'll admit...

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These Wooden Boots

entry picture

All I think of when I see these boots

is a hand full of dimes

squeaking at me through the leather

and broken soles that seem to grind

my feet to the ground


All I see is a row of wooden picture frames

and I count them, subtract them, divide them

into the hours that mark my sanity. Because I

am aware of time and can add, subtract, multiply

and divide it I breathe thro...

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human conditionpoetryshort poemwork poetryworking class


How beautiful is this rain pouring down
Lovely silver droplets all around

Beautiful silver drops falling down the lane
Washing away all unhappiness and pain
Kissing the green trees bringing them to life
Making us realise that happiness follows all strife
How beautiful is this rain pouring down
Lovely silver droplets all around
The rivers and little stream let's are gushing in joy 
The b...

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The White Van

We wake up before the Sun,

But thanking God for another day.

We get ready as a whole,

Exhausted but getting dressed.


We load up the van,

With mops, a scrubber and a buffer.

We load up the van,

So that we may not hunger.


We drive to our destination,

no vacations nor days off.

So that our children can continue their education,

Hoping that our hard work will...

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HispanicInequality discrimination racism gender disabiliLatinopoetry

Wake Up/Despierta

I hear you,

I hear your snore.

I see you,

Sleeping without trouble at all.


But I am confused,

For you should be angry and awake.

La Bestia has slashed at you,

Calling you a thief and a rapist.


He is the dominant culture,

Thinking of ways to keep you down.

But we must think of our future,

And make it our own.


The clock is ticking,

The lines are ...

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