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Kings and Scribes

How easy it is to judge 

from the throne of 


How comforting to

cast off what 

doesn't fit our

moral code.

Perspective is 

colored by our own 

evolution and lingering 


The soul of a scribe

cannot help but 

share truths

that set spirits

free, no matter 

the cost of their 

own liberty. 

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It's Easier to Believe

It's easier to believe
I am a child of the most high God
than to live a life of despair.

It's easier to believe
everything happens for a reason
than to question fate.

It's easier to believe
love is everywhere
than to give in to hate.

It's easier to believe
in forgiveness
than remain a victim.

It's easier to believe
in abundant blessings
than mounting problems.

It's easier ...

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A meaningful rape

Her womb vacated now

of the last thing she ever loved

tighter is the flesh

thats borne enough


Yet what she carried

is ever giving

beyond her defilement

she gave life to the living 


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[tarmac touch supply chain shackle

dead land sprung mixing

business flow pleasure

cargo fed artery drip



green belt boundary destination

misplaced motor-way expansion

catharsis false anatomy

road sweep strategy

cultural access invader hard shoulder


systematic appetite number

lowest common denominator

stamped queue disc...

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Adams Thumb Prints

Adams Thumb Prints


DNA is a marvel that's very true

And your's must reflect well upon you

Those twisting chains of proteins and more

Have in their ravels a record we now score

On computers the bases are being plotted to see

How clearly the great apes are related to me

But hidden amidst the recumbent parts

Are secrets of evolutions which all had to start

From s...

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