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First Love

I saw every happiness in your eyes
I wonder what was in your eyes that I blossomed
I was feeling strange
There was a different glow on my face
Thought I'd tell someone
But I don't know what was that feeling
who were you could not forget
Couldn't sleep at night even after trying hard
Surrounded by questions, confusion could not solve the mind
was looking for your eyes
where I saw you befo...

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attractionlovenew love interests


a cough as dead leaves drop

detached with soft faint sigh

last breath of lonely martyrs

murmur of breeze in the sky


gravity's heavier as we age

ancient oaks sad blue eyes

saplings thrust like a lance

a loving that knows no lies


do remember me, I'm here,

did you forget I found you?

like a lost fawn, dappled in

shadowed glades and dew


scoured every ...

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