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You lay in bed at night with thoughts that bring you down

You thought that you were strong, but you were wrong

You relieve the moment when you lost it and went into the dark

You lay there awake wondering if you could have done anything different

Could you have made her stay?

Could you have shown her that you lost your way?

You lay awake because you haven't forgiven yourself


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anxious nightbroken dreamsbrokenheartforgivenessloveshamesick

Blind Date

a scarecrow screams

wood pigeons rise

they can't believe their beady eyes


across the fields

he stiffly strides

years of east winds in his sides


its love he lacks

he's getting old

he wants to come in from the cold


there was a cry

one of his own,

from miles away over walls of stone


what will she think?

is he her type?

imagines her framed ...

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blind datedeathlovemoorsscarecrowshotgun

The Guitar Player

While sitting on a long and wooden chair

A lonely girl is playing the guitar

And when the left hand slowly moves along

The right hand gently touches the mild strings.


The room is empty and the lights are dimmed,

The walls are dark and distant around her

And hidden from the sight of anyone

But still surrounding her from every side.


The woman has a white and lovely ...

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Too much of life

Ever felt loved and betrayed?

Kinda feels evil.

Dark and handsome,

Till it hurts you.

Look at the world,,

And paint it with one color.

Its not so black and white,

But what you choose may be Grey.

You are a prey of choices,

Choose what suits you,

But what makes you think you are correct? 

This world is complex,

A rubrics within a rubrics.

Try all the rubies,


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lovepath of life

It’s hidden well, but I search deep within the crevices of your mind.
I interpret your words and actions to depict intention and longing, want and need.
They’re masked behind masculinity; hidden within the social construct that disallows you to be feel.
That which praises to the appeal of lust; turns love to dust.
Strong enough to break a woman’s heart, but no strength to trust us.


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heartbreakhurtlosslovemoving ontoxic masculinity


aghast, I'd not seen her for ages

a ghost of love my mind engages

but fate had turned cruel pages


beauty once soared from these features

hottest among human creatures

Nefertiti of love's teachers


still young, my experience rare

she'd flown me gently to her lair

the first woman I witnessed bare


two hawks preen on a pyramid

pecking morsels of new killed k...

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ageinglosslovememoriespassage of yearssexteenage passion

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