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The Girl I Sold My Horse For

rambling wide was what I did

saloons and bars near and far,

winds alive behind my back

horizons lit by a guiding star


I never thought much different

till she caught my horse's rein,

she taught me to settle down,

didn't need my horse's mane


she's sassy and bright and clever

I grew to love the kegs she wore,

she's the mother of my kid now

she's the girl I s...

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What Became Of That Poor Girl?

Nothing could stop what we did

Alchemy dictates its conclusion,

Tangled in an urgent chemistry

Physically desperate for fusion


What became of that poor girl?

Hiding those scars on her wrist

Bruises like plates on her back

Her lips in pain when we kissed


A freshers' conference is wild

Or used to be in olden times

Before masks and distancing

And other anti-...

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Barefoot Girl

We obey society's conventions

For fear there's much to lose

One of the unwritten rules

Is to at least try to wear shoes


You went barefoot like a peasant

A throwback to the days of old

I wondered about your welfare

I feared you might catch cold


You risked those feet on grass and stone

Burned one after dropping the kettle

The other was left hopping mad


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Hailstone Girl


Hailstones pounded the sidewalk

And bounced off your pretty hat

I watched from a nearby doorway

I could'nt do any better than that


Hailstone girl you made me smile

The way you fought through fire

Afraid you looked but beautiful

Your courage filled me with desire


You dashed across the intersection

Automobiles flashed by roaring

Wipers raging, mad horns b...

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h e r

this world is a universe

for she is a world 

in herself

at every turn beautiful;

a billion flowers 

in any garden of gloom

would bloom to her smile;

her existence is life

her instance pride

with sadness shied away

the swooned heart

travels miles in a beat; 

every sweet smell 

reminds me of her

the earthy perfume

rain sends forth

the flavored whiff 


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pity flower


I forget

what you are:

just a flower

swaying to

the directions

of foul winds;


yet can’t stand

your ground;

looted off

your perfections

for reasons lewd

you pursued

colors faded

and gone

gone into a world

a life where

pretty flowers

don't belong


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The Last Rose

On a snowy day,

In a dimly lit street,

An ailing girl, utterly dismayed

Perches under the canopy of an enormous tree.


Looking heavenward,

Her eyes well up a little.

Perhaps she’s waiting for a special someone,

But all that comes to her are snowflakes, frosty and brittle.


She tears the icy veneer of the earth

With her gloved fingers.

And buries a white rose b...

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Simply Says


Simple Girl, frankly, says: 
“Life is simple without lies”. 
Lies are always complicated, 
And TRUTH, surely, will rise. 


Simple Girl's heart is warm, 
And brain is normally calm. 
Thinks for her shiny future, 
Happily, without windy storm. 


Simple Girl believes in God. 
Says always a faithful word, 
And purely behaves in life, 
As human does always good. 

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Blank eyes,
Gazing skies,
Saw your skin,
Full of lies,
Touched your hands,
Saw Wrinkled lines,
No family,
Few Broken ties,
Casual traveler,
Finding life,
Two strangers ,
Such A cold night,
Sipping wine,
Dim sunshine,
A girl I met,
By riverside,
Beauty as if,
Shining moonlight,
Felt like I know her,
From some other life,
I think she was Running away ,
Just Like me,
Drinking aw...

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I do not get it

I do not get it when they say,

We will not make it one day,

I do not get it, when they laugh,

On us and on our scars


I do not get it when they do not believe us,

How crazily can this world suck?

I cannot express the pain in words,

Let’s run because we seem cursed


Let’s run away from the chains of pain,

Let’s run away where we can dance in rain,

Let’s run as ...

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#life #destiny #fateboysbreakupcheatingdestinyexperiencefreegirllaughlovelove endingmodern liferelationshipsscars

The Lost Girl

A lost soul 

not so bright 

never done wrong

but not always right


Lost in the woods

in her dazzling mood

going against the world

she thought she could


I heard she was sad 

maybe she lost her dad

in early age 

she got trapped in a cage


Society used to tell her 

what she had to be 

but she never believed 

and went after her dreams



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beachbutterflyGirllostsoulsearchingworldyoung girl

Before She Fades


Before She Fades (On a dream who are you girl?)

I see you you've come back to see me
You all in black trouser suite
With a bit if lipstick not needed

You're slim and medium height with tied back hair
We get on well you tell me how you feel

I say I've done a poem for you
I fumble in my book to find it
So many messy pieces here

Where is it?

I was just working on ...

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The flavour of her

After the rain on the damp with the dew
And the scent aromatic like sassafras
Where the girl walked bare foot 

the declivity steep
But an effortless jaunt, 

pinnacle to shallow in obstinate manor.
The girl in undress 

through the plaza she rides
Cheers plentiful,

 suitors in abundance

But her eyes fixed hungrily

 awaiting her nemesis.
And all this pluvial,

 the rain her ...

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bare footdampdewgirlRain

garnets and emeralds

garnets and emeralds
the pretty girl
puts on some blusher
from her compact case
on it is an image 

just like her

a pre-raphaelite print
this girl scans the sky
her eyes always above
she watches the planes 
go out and come back
for she counts them all

one by one

is her guy up there?
or is he missing?
she remembers him
and cares for his comrades
the girl who counts the plane...

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Do you still cry for me,

Like I still weep for you,

Those tears blocking everything you see,

Trying to hide the pain when you meet somebody new,


Is your vision as blurred as mine,

Behind your beautiful eyes,

I’ve been trying to move on now, for such a long time,

But I keep questioning if I gave this love enough tries,


I was hurt,

And I was used,

And now I’m...

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How many tears can one girl cry?


it depends on the lie...


The world is often not what it seems

Broken hearts

Broken dreams


How many tears can one girl cry?


What seems real is often make believe

a part of the truth but not complete

My heart is often not considered

I am real and my heart beats


Beauty is skin deep

The heart is deepe...

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Have you seen her eyes?

Like searching grass stains

Reaching, reaching up the bark

Of her rough touch, rough hands.

Legs like hay, the hairs like needles,

Could lose thoughts in them, do you understand?

Oh, have you seen her eyes?!

Like dancing lily pads,

I once tried to catch them in the lake.

Silly mistake, oh big mistake

Because she can be a swamp,

Her pull like...

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I’m pretty sure there were tulips in her eyes,

I shouted “Fire! Fire!”,

She took off her sunglasses,

She saw sunrise.


Now I know it, there was a darling rose in her blush,

A honey dew in her stare

But they told me “beware, beware!”

“Have you not been warned of ‘primrose way’?”


Now I felt it, there were dandelions on her lips…

Make a wish, make a wish!

Daisy ...

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Listen To Me..

Hey baby, listen to me;
I never thought you'd follow my advice
Though I'm sad, I don't regret,
Seeing the happiness in your eyes.

Hey baby, listen to me;
I know you know me too well,
I wear this façade just for you;
Though I know, I can never tell.

Hey baby, listen to me;
I changed myself just for you,
You know I care about you,
But she's attached to you, like glue.

Hey baby, lis...

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Chapter 25: Supernova

I usually don't do stuff like this

Singing little cute melodies

Over a honey tune on my guitar

In front of an electric crowd.


I don’t know if anyone felt this before

That simple moment when you realize that you’re in love

Because there was nothing to gain

And that didn't matter.


You are the bearer of all that is beautiful

But I don’t mean beautiful in a traditi...

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Chatper 24: Melody

What's that sound?

Is it a heartbeat?

A hummingbird singing?

It’s the sound of the crowd singing along with me.


It's so beautiful.

Like keys to a piano.

I can hear the crowd screaming “Hey, sing louder now,"

I have to show them what it’s like to be in love.


I have been living behind these four walls that I called my mind

Surrounded by uneasy thoughts and panick...

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boygirlsinging songsStage

Chapter 22: Girl, Can I Tell You A Wonderful Thing?

She looked at me with those green eyes

Gentle eyes that told a story of hard trials

Stories yet to unfold,

Tales that must be retold


She said, By the time I was your age

I’d give anything to fall in love

That’s when I met the man of my dreams

My knight in shining armor


So many days we awaken to morning blues

Making love under the sunrise

With passion within ...

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Chapter 20: The Music is Gone

Back on the grand stage again

The place where I feel so comfortable

Well, where I used to feel so comfortable

Something doesn’t feel right


I don’t the feel the music anymore

The source of my happiness

It’s like the sun has burnt out

Like the moon has lost its glow


I want to sing but my voice keeps breaking

I want to play but my fingers keep shaking

Just stan...

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girlinternal strugglesinging songs

Chatper 18: Overthinking

I think it’s bad when a boy looks at a girl

And thinks that the way he sees the girl

Is better than the way the girl actually is

And I think it’s bad when the most honest way

A boy can look at a girl is through a camera


He doesn’t see me like that

He sees me as something special

And that’s why I had to let him go

He was getting too close for comfort


I'm trying ...

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Grisly Girl

Someone's sowed pins and needles into her lips.

To kiss her now will pierce your tongue and numb your mouth.
This is the smile that cuts,
Tears deep, tears the tears apart
The eyes that fixate on her lips,
The ears that listen to her voice.
This is the mouth that eats.
It eats, eats, eats away at your flesh
Till there's nothing left,

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Chapter 16: I've Got A Bad Habit of Making Boys Cry

I wish he didn’t look at me like that

With those gentle eyes of his

He thinks I’m some heroine laced in gold

But he can’t see through my poor disguise


Please don’t fall in love with me I tell him

I've got a bad habit of making boys cry

I’ll break your heart

And you don’t deserve that kind of fate


I'm not your perfect picture

I’m not your favorite song

I’m no...

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Chatper 15: A Little More Comfortable

A sweet late Friday summer night

The moon making love to the stars

A caramel spice in the atmosphere

Just her and I and the space between us


Sitting against a marvelous oak tree

With her silver guitar in hand

Singing a sugarcoated song

About the wonders of the universe


My heart melts so tenderly

At the sound of every chord

A smile gleams on her face

As th...

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Chapter 14: Coffee Shop

He takes me to his favorite hiding place

A cute little coffee shop on Sam Houston Ave

Where he is going to perform stand up poetry

I am excited to see this different side of him


He takes the stage like a dancer about to perform

With a notebook full of words and an arsenal of wits

It’s opening night and he’s there in the spotlight

Like a flower blooming in the sun rays


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boygirlperformance poetry

Chapter 12: Believe

Driving back home after a long night of dancing

He’s soundly asleep in the car, living out his dreams

Where he can fly high as clouds in the sky

Or swim in the deepest of the blue seas


It's an odd feeling

Helping someone find themselves

Or maybe I was helping to find myself

Such a strange situation


Honestly, I’ve just been avoiding everything

And I feel like a ...

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Chapter 11: Dancing Has Never Been So Rock and Roll

She takes me to this ancient dance club

Not the one you see in hip hop or country music videos

Something more calm but energetic at the same time

I was entering a whole different world


Everyone is swinging away to cosmic tunes

Body senses being lost within intergalactic beats

People feet becoming slaves to the sound of the music

The language that they understand now is da...

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boygirlmusic and dancing

Chapter 10: Destination Succes

Well, we're a long walk from the city lights

As we’re driving in this summer heat

I smell the scent of adventure in the air


Put up or shut up, we're not wasting time

We got this big city dream that won’t stay asleep

This four leaf clover is gonna change everything


“Girl, where are we going?” he says me

Oh, Boy you’ll know when we get there

As my words spin like a ...

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boygirlroad trip

Chapter 9: Driving Into Infinity

I look at her like she is crazy

But maybe a little craziness is what I need

It’s a big, bad world out there

And she is not scared of it at all


We hop in her car like we’re on a mission

Turn the keys as far they can go

The engine roars like a howling monster

Ready to be set free from it’s cage


Driving down on complex roads

As the sun is blazing over the horizons


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boygirlroad trip

Chapter 8: Come With Me

It’s the boy from the bus again

He seems so alone in his mind

I don’t know him at all

But I need to do something about this


I grabbed him by the hand

Look him in the eyes and say

I want to take you on an adventure with me

Where we can get away from these city lights


An awesome journey

Of just two people

Discovering the true meaning of life and music



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Chapter 6: A Girl With A Big Imagination

Laying down on the light green grass

Staring at these bright stars

Letting my imagination run wild

A brand new story is being born in my head


The sweet wind blowing against the tree leaves

As the humming birds follow in pursuit

I’m just a fearless lioness on an endless quest

To find a place to call my own


Music flows through my soul

Like water flowing down a ri...

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Chapter 4: Girl Meets Boy

He seems so stoic with those hardened brown eyes
Dirty mirrors that haven’t been clean in years

Like, He has so much he wants to say

But doesn’t know how to say it


An awkward introvert living alone

In a fantasy world that he created from poetry

His lips rarely make a move                       

His voice is heard from his poems


A hint of obscurity surrounds him


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Chapter 3: Boy Meets Girl

So there we were, playing the staring game

She looked at me with those honey hazel eyes

Like she was trying to look into my soul

Or something weird like that


“Are you going to stare at me all day or take a seat?”

She asked me in the sassiest of voices

For most people this would be a turnoff

For me, this was quite refreshing


We sat there together in total silence


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Chapter 2: The Girl

The smell of a new adventure is in the air

As the sun awakes from its slumber

I can't stay in this quiet room today

There’s a whole world to discover


My foot out the door

Time for me to break out

I’ve been living behind these four walls for too long


Every day I see people live their lives

While I’m sitting here inside my mind

But I'm tired of being in this room


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A Good Girl In A Bad Girl Body

She's a flirt with good intentions 
A master of methpors 
Her diamond tongue keeps me in check. 

Beauty with attitude 
A old fashion rock and roll chick. 

Bright skinny jeans 
Angel tattoo on the back 
Can't keep my eyes on her. 

Pink highlighters 
Nose pierced 
Cherry lipstick 

I wanna get my hands on her 
But my hands are getting nervous 

Walking towards me 
With those high heels boots 
Hips swinging side to s...

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girlSoul Rebelspirits

Poem for a Barmaid

(Somewhat tongue in cheek but here we go . . .)


You’re not expecting the thunderbolt to hit

Then when it does it hits you like a brick

One minute innocent and unmoved

The next incensed with passion and feeling bemused


Lovely face and beautiful eyes

The curve of your body is no surprise

Your smile affects me so, I’m feeling weak

And like a fool I can h...

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girlgirl crushlove

That Girl




She’s a kind of a paradox, that girl

Its not that I even like her at all

I just love her, that’s all


She’s a strange one, that girl

I mean, I’m not sure if she even likes me at all

I just love her, that’s all


She’s a young one, that girl

Much younger than me and tall

And I don’t even like girls that tall

I just love her, that’s a...

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girlloveyoung girl





I know a girl who is such a babe.

She walks down the street looking really cool,

not caring who looks at her ample curves.

You can’t have her coz she is mine

but I don’t mind you looking

but please don’t touch.

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curvyfemininegirlmy lady





It troubled her how it had come to this –

she knew each detail, each action, each thought –

but still it troubled her.

As she fell to her knees, her woollen skirt became sodden

with freshly fallen snow.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she wept

for her lost love, gone forever from this strife-torn world.

Soon she would do the ulti...

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One with the Storm and new sea themed ebook link

http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/force-of-the-blue/18949130 my new sea themed ebook check it out

One with the Storm

The battered fishing boat sets out in the storm.

The crew knows that something is wrong and that someone will die.

As they pass the coast the storm savagely worsens.

Through the rain a small figure is seen atop the cliff.

All in white, a ...

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crewdeathfishing boatgirlnew ebook linkseasea themed poemsstorm



She came to me out of the sky from the blue,                                                               

she is a high altitude cloud Cirrus maiden.                                                                       

She found me on the mountaintop,                                                                  

our worlds met as one!                                   ...

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I know a girl who is such a babe.

She walks down the street looking really cool,

not caring who looks at her ample curves.

You can’t have her coz she is mine

but I don’t mind you looking

but please don’t touch.

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girlkeep offmine





I notice you in the pub, you with the raven black hair and pierced face,

you look at me, a dark eagle. I guess rightly that you’re as alternative as me.

We talk, we get on, I see no ring on your finger, are you single, should I have asked? You say you sing, I say I write and I’ll show you my poems, you’ll sing me a song. What kind, I ask, emotional you say, but yo...

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after hergirlpubtaken





You’re a girl like no other ’cause of what you are.

It’s not your fault that you got scared,

cry at night or get so lonely in a crowd.

Everyday you ask the same two questions:

Why me? And when will they come for me?

You get flashbacks of blinding pain and flashing strobe lights.

So when the aliens abduct you and you feel it before it happens, you...

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aliensflying saucergirlliespaintruth before you is invisibleufo





I know a girl who is such a babe.

She walks down the street looking really cool,

not caring who looks at her ample curves.

You can’t have her coz she is mine

but I don’t mind you looking

but please don’t touch.

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