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Honey Boy

Honey Boy was a wonderful cat.  
Honey- orange in color, 
he loved to stay home 
and play with the children, 
frolic with our beagle 
or purr on our laps.

Sometimes he stayed out late 
for nighttime romances, 
but he always came home 
eager for food and a cozy bed.  

Over the years he mellowed 
with a touch of grey here and there. 
He left on a summer night 
and never returned for...

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San Francisco

Around my neck,
A dream chokes me.
Hopes of salty shores
and short walks on long piers
hold me hostage, 
stealing my breath.

A thief.

Pearlescent waves swallow me.
I become tangled in the kelp,
Trapped on the sea floor,
reaching for the surface,
where a great bridge stands
to carry me home.

But back I float,
to the mundane.
To green trees
and dandelions every spring.

The o...

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