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1000 Letters


I’ve written you 1000 letters

I’ve waited for you 365 days 

I’ve prayed to God a million prayers

But I realized now  it is all insane 

I realize now it was all in vain

I get scared to think of no longer loving you 

I get so scared that I pray for another way 

I pray that God makes me see that everything’s ok 

Love isn’t forever 

Love doesn’t always stay

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The Road To Nowhere.

The Road To Nowhere.


I seem to be at a crossroads

Like so many where I live

There is no sign to show the way

Not a hint to me to give


Left or right go straight on

It is up to me to decide

I don’t  know where I’m going

Upon this joy ride


A poet once wrote…


“Is it fate or random chance
How can I decide
Are we victims of circumstance
When destinies...

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Can't find my way homeLost

Lost Boy (AKA Lost Child and Lost Girl)

Lost boy, find your way home
Reach out your arms
You’re no longer alone
Lost boy, please don’t be scared
There’s a safe place waiting 
You just need to get there

People may judge you
And that is OK
If they have a problem
We can keep them at bay
Thoughts and feelings are normal
Its everyday life
The future is yours
So keep that in sight

Lost boy, why are you afraid
It’s not your ...

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Why Would You Do That?

I’ve got callouses
I’m covered in scars
I’m broken inside
So loving me is hard

You kissed my fingers
My heart pounded so hard
You bathed me in love
And now i can’t get up my guard

It just seems so easy for you
Even after all we’ve been through
You told me you didn’t want to lose me
So how are you being so cold
You washed away the armour that i hold
I wish that this hurt you like i...

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angerheartbreakhidden feelingshurtlostmoving on


The light, so fierce and bright,

The glow like warm embers of a fire.

Attracting, magnetic, drawing you in,

Even more obvious from the shadows,

Looking in from the cold darkness

Where the fire once burned

And the warm hand of comfort used to rest.


It's cold out here away from the fireplace,

On the wrong side of the lighthouse,

With a perfectly illuminated view of th...

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The Empath's World

The emotions swirling through your soul,

The past woes that have embedded Into your heart;

They become mine.

As the soil soaks the drops of rain,

My soul soaks in your pain.

The paths that you have ventured,

The choices that have defined yourself,

Those times click into my mind in perfect Clarity.

Your past becomes mine.

Time is relative when you feel

the surface As t...

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Life Is A Slow Death (God Please Help Me)

I can't take it,

I'm only asking,

Please Lord help me,

I'm tired of relapsing,

Over and over,

My veins are collapsing,

I know you hear me,

I'm sorry for babbling,

I don't understand,

Why this keeps happening,

I'm covering the pain,

It's so everlasting,

The hurt burns deep,

It never stops dragging,

Life is a slow death,

It's truly a sad thing,

My hand...

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DeathDepressionEmptinessGiving upHating LifeHeartbreakHopelessHurtLifeLostNegative thoughtsPainRelapseSoul Crushed

Honey Boy

Honey Boy was a wonderful cat.  
Honey- orange in color, 
he loved to stay home 
and play with the children, 
frolic with our beagle 
or purr on our laps.

Sometimes he stayed out late 
for nighttime romances, 
but he always came home 
eager for food and a cozy bed.  

Over the years he mellowed 
with a touch of grey here and there. 
He left on a summer night 
and never returned for...

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San Francisco

Around my neck,
A dream chokes me.
Hopes of salty shores
and short walks on long piers
hold me hostage, 
stealing my breath.

A thief.

Pearlescent waves swallow me.
I become tangled in the kelp,
Trapped on the sea floor,
reaching for the surface,
where a great bridge stands
to carry me home.

But back I float,
to the mundane.
To green trees
and dandelions every spring.

The o...

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