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It's been broken so many times

I began to lose pieces that I thought were all mine

I'm in so deep and the void is so empty

So lost for words, but I don't want sympathy


Holding this heart with my bare hands

Please just take it...I don't understand

Time brought these wounds, yet they're not healed

Permanent scars have left them sealed


I'm scared of being alone and s...

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brokenemptyheartbreakin lovelostpoetrysadthis is my outlet


I’m losing my mind.

Don’t you understand?

I’m desperately reaching out for your hand.

Don’t leave me hanging, slipping, falling…

down into the endless abyss of darkness,

Never destined to land.


You’ve saved me once before,

But this time there are no safety ropes.

I’m free-falling, plummeting, going down…

My only hope Is for you to save me now.


I’m losing my ...

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abandoneddarknessdeepdepressiondesperationdrowningemotional painfallingforgottenhelphurtleftlimbolosslostlovemental healthmindone-sidedpainpoemstoryunrequited love

I lost you

I lost you today

I understand you, but then again I do not. 
You led me back to a time last year
which I no longer remembered.
I made a mistake, which cannot be forgiven.
You hold these moments in your thoughts
thrashing around like a rollercoaster
until it derails and crashes head long into its target.

I know I am hesitant and full of doubt
but I had you fully in my heart.
If you we...

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Lost Woods.

If you're not careful you can get lost in the woods of your mind.
My piece of advice would be to bring with you a guide.

Someone to hold your hand and walk you through.
So that if something is lurking you have someone to hold onto.

Make sure the person you bring is trustworthy.
That they'll stick around when it starts to get scary.

Things go bump in the night and more-so in these woods.

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demonsdepressionguidehelpLoststuck in your headwoods

You and Me just Lost Ourselves more - Already Broken Without Saving

that's what i use to be
that's what changed in me
that's what i came to be 
that's who believed in me
was all i could see
you suddenly took all of me
had problems of your own, some i'd not yet seen
became broken down and lost while looking for me
promised to never hurt me
promised you'd never desert me
tried to be

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already brokenJimmy 2018lostlost myself in youlove


Sometimes it's hard to see the light whenever you're surrounded by darkness

Have you ever felt the type of pain from looking in the mirror and not being able to recognize yourself?

Looking into your own eyes and at your own face and you say "Who is this?"

I've lost myself, yes, I'm afraid I do need some help...

But help from where? I've already been here, and I've been there...


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inner selflostnaomisinking

Broke Boy.

This is a poem written for the guy ,from his perspective, all of my other poems are about when he and I were still together. 


Broke Boy. 

I lost my wallet yesterday. 

Went back to the south side. 

It wasn’t there. 

Some dickhead must of stole it. 

Oh well. 

It really doesn’t matter. 

I’m a broke boy anyway. 

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Broke boyLostwallet

Your Unread Letter.

Your very first
My most important

Your hand
My thumb
You held it so tight
I couldn't hold my tears

Every night
To make sure you're fed

My side
Her side
You in the middle
Across from your neglected crib

Left foot
Right foot
Your first steps
Corners were quickly covered

Fast forward
Slow down
You're getting so big
I always did my very best

She yelled
I ...

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Gym Gigolo

Between the apparatus and the equipment he prowls

Perfecting his stance and menacing scowls

His carb free diet has led to irritable bowels

Hurrah the Gym Gigolo


So desperate to create a good first impression

He takes a supplement before his daily session

Leaves him ripped but prone to acts of aggression

You what?  The Gym Gigolo


After his protein shake he pumps hi...

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