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Entitled to Love

They tell us;
“You are not entitled to anything.”

But, somehow we feel that’s wrong.

The birds have food,
the beasts have water;
and they can find a mate.

They tell us;
“The world is harsh,
it hands you nothing.”

But, humans seem to make it worse.

Your rules, and laws and boundaries of the mind;
enslave us to earn a dollar,
while you stand and jeer and watch.

They tell us;

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Lockdown Fatigue

Quick scribble. I just want to be the squirrel in the tree outside my window today. I've had enough. 


Up and down the Ash trees,

Round and round they go,

Unaware, oblivious,

Of these troubles that we know,

No Coronavirus seeping,

Through their very roots,

Dampening their daily walks,

Or tarnishing their fruits,

No handwashing,


Searing, hurting longi...

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Freedom screams on the back of my words

demanding more than just a numb text...


A nation succumbs decapitated during years;

suffocated by discouragement piled on their path,

mocked for their sorrows, sufferings

and the blood they shed


The perverse, without mercy,

brandish a sharp iron,

ceaselessly striking the cheeks of the innocent...

tearing souls apart,


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