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Turning Mirrors

Turning Mirrors


Roll up, Roll Up

For the job swap circus

Where the occupations

Of minor celebrities

Drawn to the power

Of politics

Are filled by the learned

Men they depose


Hanz Folckhart the physicist

Walks on a tightrope

Whilst juggling the balls

Of the theory of gravity

Bernard Bochelli a notable chemist

Throws great custard pies

At the blo...

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Fool me once 
shame on you.

Fool me twice 
shame on me.

Fools forever 
chasing love 
and destiny. 

Think it through
before you give up 
for a moment 
in the sun 
on the sinking ship
of fools. 



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April First


No more fools again on April 
It was last lies to believe 
Complicated!!, Why not simple? 
Take it easy, or should leave 


If someone forces to trust 
That one puts others in doubting 
When the truth appear very fast 
That one is afraid or hiding 


We should only pray to God 
God will keep hearts more faithful 
When the purity clean the blood 
Surely life will be more u...

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