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Is there a God?

If there is a God, what does He do?
Does he watch over me and you?
We may all hope that the answer's yes,
But all we can do is make a guess.

Has He the power to control our life?
And decide whether it shall be one of joy or strife.
Is He good and is He just?
And is Jesus one in which we can trust?

Or is it the case that we're alone
That we wander this Earth all on our own.
That we mu...

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GodStuart Vanner


It was a special speech:
...a part of the distinguished lecture series.

The Chemistry professor spoke on alternative corridors for a reaction to occur.

He exemplified how Manganese dioxide, when added to Hydrogen peroxide, yields water... ...hydrogen oxide.

The talk seemed insipid till he skillfully indicated
that Manganese dioxide remains untied with the reaction and can be recovered s...

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