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A million moments.


to a picture,

mortality hung to an aged nail

wearing those seconds in coated amour.

a relic to all those too quick to cherish...

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T I M E .

We're all so hung up on T I M E .

Hurry up, don't be late, set an alarm, meet this deadline.

T I M E .

When do we take the T I M E to breathe?

Stillness holds so many answers, yet we won't slow down T I M E .

It passes quietly, for long times unnoticed.

Other times it elbows its way into your life, with a reminder that we don't have much...

T I M E .

Love the o...

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Mindfulness or Mindlessness?

Meditate. Think. Relax. Breathe.

Take a minute to stop, think and react.

We all need a little headspace. 

Look after your mind.

But wait, don't forget, there's work to do too.

Make time for yourself.

Be sure to relax.

Just remember to reply, be present and on task.

Model to the children, be the best you can be.

Don't let them see if you're down, or feeling stressed.


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