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old friend

Give me some time
to remember
who I was
when we met
you might not like
who I am now


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Always Love You

I will always love you. For the sun and the moon to know, to let the fear flow, to let the earth turn slow. Universe is for the lovers...



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Her Heart, My Heart

move a beat binding  

pulse together,

two halves holding

the tailed ricochets

making rhythm this

romantic headache,


hammering allure,


ambidextrous adoring,

we could equally,

elope a pre-set,

picking the pace-

a metronome dragging,

the default off-beat,





I steal the second-

with her heart beating-

with my hea...

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The Epitome

Those shadows the epitome of time

let me bruise them so they cannot move,

make those pale moments clearer

in the light of the hurt-

a life no longer drenched

in shapes eclipsing the stopwatch,

now I can pause time when I want to

escaping the minutes for hours,

see the clouds in still shift,

alluding to an illusion

of some fading minute,

the hands of the clock skim ...

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Event Horizon

entry picture

Event Horizon



I looked out of my window

The man taking his dog for a walk

The mother and child hand in hand

School children hopping and skipping along

Neighbours chatting over a fence

The postman delivering parcels

A cat slinking under the hedge

The wind whipping leaves

The rain falling




I looked out of my window

The dog ...

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calendarchancecovid-19day by daydue courseevent horizonfuturetime


A million moments.


to a picture,

mortality hung to an aged nail

wearing those seconds in coated amour.

a relic to all those too quick to cherish...

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