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Who Am I?

I haven't known how to be me
Or what it even means
For all of my life
Then you entered and finally I could exhale 
And take a new breath 
Breathing easy to your rhythm

You are the song I always want to dance to
Never tire of hearing
Can sing along to every word

The weeks became months became years
I still get excited when the song starts to play
I still listen til the end

Maybe y...

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Is this the end?

I watch as the colours from my life fade away 

What was green or yellow, now grey 

I still look for him in all the same places

Although now they don’t all show his faces 

That hurts

He wants to leave no traces 


I still type even though he won’t see 

I wanted to stop so that he could be free

Now I’m the one trapped ironically 

Still studying the words of his poetry 


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Til the bitter end

We say we'll love until the bitter end
Well be careful what you wish for
I tasted the bitterness at the end
Tainting any sweetness which came before

With the bad taste in my mouth
I look inward at myself and wonder
Have I always been this way
Selfish and inconsistent
Without redeeming qualities 

I know the past wasn't kind to me
But how could that break me beyond repair
The fault li...

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Have you ever stopped to ask why do I run

Ironically its only when you stop the mind runs wild

We run to be fit

We run to be social

We run to be healthy

But is it always healthy to run

I run for a different life I cannot have

I run Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

My love runs Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

I started so I could support her

To let her know I was with her eve...

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Three dots

Three dots bounce with so much meaning

She is still there

We are connected once again 

The light is green 

For a moment we are back

But as quick as it comes it must go

Holding onto the green till the last moment

But must it go

Are the dots a pause

Till we are ready to reconnect

Are the dots hiding the sinister end

Or are the dots hiding the life we could have


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Face in the crowd

I pick your face out from the crowd 

And you're all I can see 

As we pretend to be strangers 

I waited the one hour train journey 

Hoping you would join me

But you never did 

We remained separated by a single carriage 

Little did I know you had far more in your arsenal to separate us

A Trident like deterrent 

How did it come to this?

Well actually I do know the answer...

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Betting on all the odds

I think I'm falling,
But you’re just another guy,
I mentioned you in my prayers.
Cupid is calling,
But in the end I’d just have to say goodbye,
I told my mom about you.
I can’t sleep at night,
You show up in my dreams.
I think I have a crush on you,
No, It’s too good to be true,
I really want to try.
In the end the I’d bet on...

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Treading Water

We sit across from eachother

Our hands clasped tightly over the table

And in this moment we have everything

And yet we have nothing at the same time

Eyes locked on our targets 

I can see your soul 

It's calling me like a beacon 

And I feel awoken 

We lean in closer to this moment 

Feeding off the energy like vultures to flesh 

I could drown in those blue eyes

If I ...

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Wednesday was always our day

The only constant across the many variations of “us”

Drinking as friends in the pub

Drinking as “friends” in the pub

Your hand on my knee in the pub

Definitely more than friends in the pub

Kissing in the pub

Sharing our scars in the pub

Falling in love in the pub

Laughing less in the pub

Difficult conversations in the pub

Crying in the ...

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The splinter inside me

The memory of your love remains like a splinter inside me 

I can get by now most of the time, with it undetected 

But every so often it will still catch on something and snag

The essence of you has gone through me like a thread through the eye of a needle

I continue my life, with you stitched into everything that I do

It gets heavy, carrying around the weight of this loss

I remin...

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Home is where the heart is

We have something

I know this because I keep trying to tell myself it's nothing

To help me walk away

But we always come back like the tide to the shoreline

Coming back to you is like coming home

Coming home in the dark of night when you've left the light on

The rush of warm air that greets you as you step inside

Close the front door behind you


You were my home

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How can one be so consumed by emptiness

Isnt that an oxymoron

The presence of your absence is felt always

We talk in terminal language

Yet it still feels unfinished

A connection was made which cannot be undone

I am forever changed

Your love is not unrequited 

See there are things we still share

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