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Focal point

In life there’s a lot to see
And there’s a lot to desire
There’s people to meet
And things to acquire

There’re so many things
That we can choose
That we want to ourselves
And that we don't want to lose

But if stop to think
We can then realize
That we should narrow our dreams
To go for that one prize

We need to gather our strength
And we need a lot of determination
We need to pu...

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Spirit storm

Deep inside me
Buried in my soul
There's a giant storm
Raging out of control

Everything is entangled
In the winds without direction
Everything lost their place
Because of the destruction

Feelings became broken
In the shadow of fears
And I lose in seconds
What I won in years

Desires became fragments
Being slashed by my doubts
Their light disappears
In this eternal blackout


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The lyrics of my feelings

At bottom of my heart
Deep inside me
My feelings are whispering
That they want to be free

That they want to express
The meaning of their existence
That they want to be shared
While singing with persistence

While searching for the heart
That they want to complete
They sing without stop
In a tone that is sweet

And in a white sheet
I write the lyrics of my feelings
I write the des...

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The poet’s fight

I have always heard
That love is a war
That it’s a battle of feelings
That can go very far

And in this serious battle
I am one of the players
I am the one fighting
To achieve my prayers

I need to be strong
And use everything I can
I need to be myself
I need to have a plan

I need to strike first
I need to give the first blow
I need a good impression
I need anything to show


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What's the point

What's the point of dreaming
If I'm not sleeping
What's the point of my legs
If I'm not walking

What's the point of my imagination
If I'm not thinking
And what's the point of my eyes
If I'm not seeing

What's the point of those words
That my heart is writing
What's the point of those feelings
That my soul is screaming

What's the point of everything
When only me is here
And what'...

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Into the Lockdown

The World fell silent,

Sombre air began to fill the streets, 

There came an end to social meets.

No more dining and no more celebrations.


Hospital wards filled with a new enemy.

Masks, gloves and sanitation,

Echoed through the news,

Leaving a trail of gloomy blues.


Families gathered for the 5pm broadcast,

Rising death rates leaving them aghast.

But a ray of ...

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My anklets fill the air with resounding laughs 

As I scuttle between tall blades of grass.

I feel free 

Like I'm the breeze.

A yearning dream

Lounges among the clouds.

Her hand caresses my cheek,

I feel safe and sound.

Did I tell you that I feel free?

Free from the restraint of a rhyme scheme;

Free from structure;

Free from obsessions

Like a speck of dust on a t...

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Resistance is futile. 

You will not find rest

as long as I am near, 

whispering in your ear. 


STOP,  right now.

Write now. 


Talk about how 

love echoes 

in the valley of 

lost souls. 


Share your hopes, 

dreams, fears. 


I’m listening, 


ready to bathe you, 

in serenity. 


I am your muse, 

voice of truth, 


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The evening sun scorches the shade.

The trees, in their glade, are forced to choose;

Stand tall and brave - or turn to crave

the cool safety of the dusk.


Like soldiers from another age, they are proud and tall,

Defenders of nature with their all.

Their bark tells the story, of seasons full of change.


Frost. Ice. Mud. Heat. Few, then a lot... of peoples feet.



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My Wishes

I wish I could have no troubling thoughts or considerations,

And that I felt only pleasing sensations.

I wish I could have more self-esteem.

And that I could live the loveliest dream.

I wish that in strife I could stay strong,

And that I could right every wrong.

I wish all problems I could correct

And all things in life would be perfect.

Sometimes I wish I could depart this...

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Stuart VannerWishesHopes


Not all tornadoes

      rip and ravage wide swaths

      across grasslands, the flat prairies

      nor deep into the wet pungent air

      of old plantation country.

      No! No Joplin nor Tuscaloosa, here.

                       These drop


                         from the



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rebuildpainturmoilLoss of hopeHopes

My Dreams

My dreams they have died
Buried deep within myself
Hope to renew them

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Some produce from sleep deprivation...


Eyelids fall and so do we
from this rope a wishful me,
No ground to touch, no cold hard floor
fully circle, no breaks, so sure.

Or is it warm?
Does it cushion the smash?
Cover sharp corners, prevent the thrash?
Then there's the harness
stopping it all,
Those big icey eyeballs
Keeping you cool

I don't want the harness
I just want the fa...

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conflictcuriositydilemmasdreamshopespipe dreamssleep

The Cocoon

The curtains a cocoon

which I have outgrown

crushing me

though I dare not venture out

my wings maimed

by an internal eternity.


Some days they open

as the sunlight shines

and snow falls

yet it remains a parallel world

a door to an unfamiliar universe

remains locked.


Even inside plates pile up

like a porcelain possum

they ...

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