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Not all tornadoes

      rip and ravage wide swaths

      across grasslands, the flat prairies

      nor deep into the wet pungent air

      of old plantation country.

      No! No Joplin nor Tuscaloosa, here.

                       These drop


                         from the



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HopesLoss of hopepainrebuildturmoil

My Dreams

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My dreams they have died
Buried deep within myself
Hope to renew them

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You're Present

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i instructed them

with bad grammar

during all day lie ins

fry ups


nights missing in action


high pitched rows

cuddling up


at breakfasts

i could of

managed expectations

dampened the fire

put the crease in the fabric


my type fire them upwards

we go-

the weathers crap

your shoes are worn

that won’t matter

on the moon


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Some produce from sleep deprivation...


Eyelids fall and so do we
from this rope a wishful me,
No ground to touch, no cold hard floor
fully circle, no breaks, so sure.

Or is it warm?
Does it cushion the smash?
Cover sharp corners, prevent the thrash?
Then there's the harness
stopping it all,
Those big icey eyeballs
Keeping you cool

I don't want the harness
I just want the fa...

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conflictcuriositydilemmasdreamshopespipe dreamssleep

The Cocoon

The curtains a cocoon

which I have outgrown

crushing me

though I dare not venture out

my wings maimed

by an internal eternity.


Some days they open

as the sunlight shines

and snow falls

yet it remains a parallel world

a door to an unfamiliar universe

remains locked.


Even inside plates pile up

like a porcelain possum

they pl...

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