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a cloud of dust

a cloud of dust


I watched as you drove down the dirt road

in a cloud of dust

swallowing you until you vanished


you said you will return to me


will you


do you promise


tomorrow I will look down the dirt road

for a small speck on the horizon

that grows until the close perspective

allows your face to fill the entire frame of my mind


you h...

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the time I went to the bathroom to pee

There was a moment when I went to the bathroom to pee. 

My dress was my mother's old bridesmaid dress. A black two-piece. With shoulder cut-offs and a somewhat pencil-like skirt. My hips were wider for some reason, so I had so slowly hold my urge to go to the bathroom, shimmying the fabric so it doesn't rip. 

The blue walls of my parents bathroom watched me take multiple selfies that day. Fu...

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