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This and Warhol says Fall back and pay me your Dollers

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

...all the best | What borders do |

Freedom of Thought

I can't think inside this house.
My thoughts have no room at all.
They struggle, battling each other for space,
jostling against hard, closed walls,
reeling back to me clumsily,
angry, trapped and bitter,
inflicting the darkest mood.

I need wide open spaces
to send thoughts soaring away,
to circle around and arrange themselves
sweeping  along the bay,
over the rocks and over the sea, 

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Also by Judi Strega:

Shipwreck |

The Day the Bluebird got Engaged (12/31/14)

Today I'll tout my love of the impermanent, chaotic life ineffectively: 
bullets through the hypnotic waters of a dream, slowing but never stopping,
mocking in the shadows of doorways that I'll never quite make it through before I wake.
Impermanence do
esn't fill a bed where thinking stops to rest a while, so feeling's free to tread,
and smug debate victory doesn't pull the sun above horizons bui...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

Cutter 11 (12/01/2014) | Heartburn v2 | Working Prayer (11/24/2014) | Thursday Night (09/11/2014) | Muffler (08/02/2014) | I've Lost my Revolution (07/14/2014) | Speech 1 (07/13/2014) | Frank (06/05/2014) | Ode's Lamentation (05/25/2014) | Brazen to Call it Independence (05/24/2014) | Nurse (02/01/2014) | RE: The Identity Farce (12/27/2013) | Demi-Gloss (05/13/2013) | 2am Untitled snippets (05/07/2013) | 777 (04/26/2013) | Desk Job (02/21/2013) | Monosyllabic Apparatus (11/13/2012) | Sunreiss (10/18/2012) | An Alley in Midday (08/05/2012) | Monday (06/26/2012) | Retrogade Renegade (05/29/2012) | Symbol (05/21/2012) | Men of Valor (04/23/2012) | Promise Ring (04/03/2012) | Interview with a Coffee Muse (03/25/2012) | Roulette (03/24/2012) | Wasn't Odessa (02/20/2012) | Blue Light Phantasm (02/13/2012) | Hangover 1 (02/05/2012) | What (12/26/2011) | Red (11/11/2011) | Comma (10/16/2011) | Revol (09/05/2011) | Prair (08/28/2011) | The Napkin Kiss (06/29/2011) | Sin (02/13/2011) | Fence Shuffle Posse (04/07/2010) | Simean (02/04/2010) | Letters' Compilation |

i wish i had loved her as a better man

Lamenting Andy Stewart

entry picture

May al' tha beerrr tents

be poot ap anna ne'er takken doon

may al' tha sex marrd wemmen in tha weruld

move entae oor toon

an' queue oop at ma bedroom dooerrr

demarnden tae get en ma beed

so al' wesh ye al' ay grrrand new yearrr wharl a carn

wi' enna luck tae mawra al' be deed!



nae McCopyreet needed arn thess wun! sence et warz ...

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My sin I misunderstood.

Ropes may burn your skin.
Thick as a skull,
twisted as a sin.

Plenty to fill a position,
if you're pleased with its skin.
To take part in revelation,
to be King, is not the end.

Many walls, early years.
Many hills, later valleys.
Not many entries to descipher your galaxy.

Take part in which the sand destroys your land.
Or which is it I stand tall and noble to place my hand upon your nam...

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Also by Amelia:

I escaped the reaper. | Depression. And not the money kind. | Our World. | Split |

Merseyside poets

Liverpool Salon will be organising a debate on poetry in the New Year. If there are any poets with a publication that they would like me to include in an article I will be writing for the site then please contact me through Facebook  





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Also by Denis:

This is such a fantastic collection. |

DebateLiverpool SalonMerseyside poetspublications


Now Two Zero One Four winds down to its close

I wonder once more where the time of my life goes.

As we welcome the onset of Two Zero One Five

There's comfort in knowing the spirit will strive

Through life's hurly-burly...the push and the shove -

For the prospect of giving and getting some love.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



And pathways 

Are funny old things
Twisting this way
And that 
Back and round
And forwards 
Inside themselves 
And out
It seems to me
One way 
Or another 
You get 
Where you're going
You like it 
Or not
And maybe
Of following 
Your feet
You should look
Some place 
For most of
The time 
Your feet will

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Also by Twilbury Wist:

murikami's wood | Tiptoe | Shipwrecked | Barefoot | pictures of living | Listless | Road Kill | All the little fishes | Silver light | Poet-tree | Life tales |

A hole in the sky

There’s a hole in the sky

Where the light pokes through

Where white cotton clouds

Move softly, silently

Confusing the eye

Diffusing the view


Whilst in contradiction

The dark grey, the white and the black

Mix, match, meld and obscure

Everything within sight


Every now and then a snapshot

Reveals a pocket of the deepest blue

As if trying to escape


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Also by Martin Elder:

A card from home |

The Mechanical Turk

entry picture

A neat contrivance of rods and cams

creates the illusion a hustler seeks.

His window dressing perfects the hoax –

the turban and robes a thespian’s flourish…


This season Mechanics is all the rage

in fairground shows and court, where

an empress cheats but can’t outsmart

some gadget’s lack of class.


It takes a certain kind of flair to plot

the chequered board. A ...

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Also by David Cooke:

A Waldorf Salad | Work | Aretha Franklin | ICE | Pheasant | Whisper in Agony |


No familiar horizon.

No Sun to acknowledge.

No blue, for clouds to saunter across.


Sky and land,have merged,

into a single,unwelcome,

frozen,white shape.


This old man of season's morning,

brimming my sight

with a grieving sense of closure,

glare's at me,cruelly,beautifully,

with glittering glint's of dominance.


How bitterly,we oppose each other!



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You take the sunshine ....


You take the sunshine from my morning.
You take the dreams from my night
And you leave your crimson shadow
In every corner of my life.

So many times I’ve tried to be your friend
I know I’ll never try again
This time, this time it’s goodbye.

Your footsteps have always guided me
I did not move away
And your blood red shadow has covered
My every day.

So many times I’ve tried t...

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You come to me when I least expect it,

As my thoughts, idle, spiral into the inky darkness which envelops me


Rising in a euphoria of hazy violet, unanchored, until you materialise, suspended above me, 

Drawing them around you, immersing yourself in the haze, as you

Drown me in hazel and poison me with possibilities, each more fantastic than the last;

Tumbling into my thoughts, ...

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AnteroscigaretteGayLoveunrequited love




I’ve found Angels haunting darkness and some riddles clear as answers

Seen evil help the weakest soul saw new lives start with cancers

Studied rocks to learn to fly found learning in forgetting

Saw blood and bone return to dust then watched the new sun setting

Pondered if there is a soul and at what price would I sell

Contemplated on the afterlife and tales the mystics tel...

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All or Nothing

I toked and turned away

Blowing out the long, dry drag

Over the old dying thoughts, laugh and say

I don't know why it was so nice to be with her

Kinsey rolled back over

The looks in our eyes so questioning more

My hope in us, if ever lost; whenever

I wanted you to want me to be the whore

It's gonna take me to forever

Let the energy speak

Without your excitation and fe...

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Judge My Love

entry picture

She didn't understand what she did
When the first hello was said
Words soft and sweet wanting more
Listening to every word she told
Honest and fun a sweetheart's tale
Giggles to stupid jokes I failed
Becoming depended on her each day
Each moment I think of her
My drug it seems, I'm addicted
Orgasmic pleasures with her miles away
More erotic than I ever imaged
Wanting more than I could have
I wish for differen...

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Also by UInk :

Painted Passion | Losing Battle | Heart Felt | In Chain, No | Sides of Deception | Burden | Linear Measurement | Repeat | When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands | An Edge | Scribble | In the Snow | Seclusion |

loveLove lostuink

A heart as big as Syria - a tribute to Alan Henning

entry picture

A heart as big as Syria

It always seems to happen at this time
Must be the time zones across the world
I can’t sleep, I get up in the early hours
And someone has lost their life
A member of the Paparazzi
A soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq
This time an aid worker
A taxi driver in fact

He left his home at Christmas
Leaving family and friends behind
Not to worry, there’ll be others to ce...

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"I Love You."

~~"I love you."
is just three small words,
but when it is spoken
it holds a power
so beautiful.

So, When revealing
those three little, yet powerful words
to a heart so fragile
make sure that you mean it,
and show her the difference between
" I LOVE YOU." and "I love you."
because anyone can say " I love you."

So, remember that love is a feeling
that is shared between two,

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Also by Spoken_Thoughts:

Fuck You | A Fool |


An archaeology poem in Jellyfish Whispers magazine

entry picture

My last poem for 2014 is published in Jellyfish Whispers magazine: http://www.jellyfishwhispers.com/2014/12/a-poem-by-leilanie-stewart.html?m=1 Happy New year for 2015 everyone! http://leilaniestewart.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/an-archaeology-poem-in-jellyfish-whispers/

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Also by Leilanie Stewart:

Winter writing blues | Survival Skills - my poem in The Commonline Journal |

A Model ArchaeologistEyewear PublishingJellyfish Whispers magazineonline poetry magazines


entry picture



Love hides in the gap

Between sleep and dawn

In the space under stairs

The air above skies

And the void below ground


Love is neither left nor right

Up or down, in or out

It will not be confined

Like a ship in a bottle

Or restrained like a horse

With bit and bridle


Love keeps no appointment

If you ever meet love

It will spring out


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lovepoetrySUBACCHIWelsh Poets

Merry Christmas

entry picture

Merry Christmas , my dearest friends, 
Living on different and beautiful Lands! 
Merry Christmas to all - big and small! 
Merry Christmas to you and you, and you! 
To all those who say more often "hello" than "adieu".
Merry Christmas to all… rich and poor,
To those who are always know and sure
That tomorrow will certainly come, 
That our world is blithesome and awesome.
Merry Christmas to...

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Also by Larisa Rzhepishevska:

The 22nd of December | Pritty Little Boy | Butterfly & Snake |





We gathered round

And tucked into

Some family


(of that there were plenty)


Forgettable presents

Opened and discarded


A carving knife

For the vegetarian

A heavy metal CD

For the soul fan


We pulled crackers

(of which most of them were)

And left everything

Which had to be said



Slowly we crept


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Also by David R Mellor:


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

They've come through another rubbish day
    fitted like files in cabinets
    of standard dimensions:
nameplate at their workstation,
    extension in
    the Division's phonebook.

After lunch, turning a page in life's diary,
    afternoon goes by:
    phones ring, birds fly to skies'
    end, and back again.


Each moment not a moment too soon,
    neon lights ...

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Also by David Andrew:

Delirium in winter: the destination of snow | Christmas Morning | A modern nursery rhyme |

What is Life??

What is Life?

What is Life?
The treacherous path known to wise
Untroubled course squandered by imbeciles. .

What is Life?
The journey pronounced by time
The journey lost in time. .

What is Life?
The gift from heavenly abode
The curse of humankind. .

What is Life?
The tool to exist
The way to live. .

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Also by Undead:

I |

Song - Me Baby ...

entry picture

Oh me baby went out with the bathwater

‘e went sailin’ darn the drain

Me baby went out with the bathwater

Ain’t it just a blimmin’ shame!


‘e was never a beautiful baby

With a face like a little pug

Me baby went out with the bathwater

Cos I forgot the plug!


I remember when I ‘ad ‘im

It came as a big surprise

When ‘e popped out with a scream and a shout

I c...

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Also by Ann Foxglove:

Song for a dead gannet |

Waiting for her

A connection between you and me

A lost connection in time i cant find

I cant let go as it comes by

A fortune lost in space

A fortune in her heart and i cant find the keys

with struggle I breathe

A nightmare that never ends

If it comes to an end I fall

we have our separate ways

Just that one piece we need to see

A chance

space is infinity

The emotions I cry with ...

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Love lost


upon shoulders
so high
and the blades of grass become trees
trampolines bounce
we're in the sky 
and the puddles become lakes
I can swim
because I have you to teach me 
but who taught you?
thrown in and forced to paddle 
not ready
sunny sidewalks are flooded by shadows 
I tried
beating on the bathroom door
and oh god
in your arm 
it sticks
the devil is yellow 
mixed wit...

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Also by Cher:

Fly |

Waiting for Nancy (XIV)

entry picture

Dancing around half empty coke bottles
Chiselled in shadows
Our 14th meet up
By now spinning into Mid November
Was laced in a glow of happiness
Of reconnecting with old friends
And awakening new love
(with your encouragement of course)
covered in a glow of happiness,

bubbling in my emotions
fashioned in marble
cutting a swathe with excitement
from her home in Bacup
throughout all of...

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Also by Gray Nicholls:

Waiting for Nancy (XIII) | Waiting for Nancy (XII) |

Mind the Gap

Thirteen billion years and more
The universe has turned.
One three hundred and fifty millionth of that
Is but a minute fraction on the cosmic scale.
But in that time the earth has been around the sun
Forty times, enough for two generations to try and fail.

As is proper in these enlightened times
It’s considered wrong to treat this gap
                           ...as if it doesn’t matter...

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This Christmas

This Christmas
I have a man, a tree.


I have awesome friends
that care about me.


This Christmas
I have a cat, Mum and Dad -


I have sisters and nephews
that make my heart glad.


This Christmas I can say
“life is great!”


I sit in love
and not fear or hate.

And every year
I’ve had prospects, a bed.

I’ve had nice clothes.
I’ve always been fed.


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Card Story (A Christmas Poem)

entry picture

Stuck in the middle of another drift
The sledge looks lost without reindeer
As Father Christmas stands there
Looking over the roof
At firstly the smoke
Blowing off the next house
Choked out by the wind

Taxis turning into snowploughs
On the next road
Almost by magic
Out of total nowhere
And dogs morphing into wolves
Howling over and over
In the moonlight

Children in the nearby fie...

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Good Times

entry picture

Good Times

Cold light of dusk
illuminated through
these stained glass windows.
Candles lit for saints and sinners
cast dancing shadows
on the marbled aisles.
Prayers for lost souls,
mumbled in archaic prose
to heighten sense
of magic and reverence.

      Sign of the Cross.
               Body of Christ.
      Blood of Christ
Soul of Man

The burnt rag smell
of i...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

A Wee Dram | Anti-Christ(mas) |

Ann Maguirechild killerinfamyreligionsins of the childteacher killed


entry picture


Sublime Christmas, you come bejeweled

filling with magic every home

with your noble expression of generosity


Along the tree, gifts, lights,

the dreams that come reality,

and others that remain behind,

feelings of love invade us nostalgically

with sadness for those who are no longer with us


Suitable time for love,

friendship, spiritual wealth,

convinced ...

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Also by Noris Roberts:

It's only that... |


I'm not German But...


Well it's already started off bad.

But IF I lived in Russia

My name would be Vlad (you stereotypical basterd)

I would have time to take an iron hammer blanket

to freeze in a watchtower to spy the Ice grow

forming and joining like a secret service clan

meeting in the dead of night

discussing the nuclear plan

Oppressed by the sun light...

Quiet patriotic meets


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Also by Quiet Comet:

No regrets | Just another day |


entry picture



My Santa you will never see upon your Christmas card,

The counterpart of Pere Noel: his brother, Pere Fouettard.

I know if I’m a good girl that his presents will be mine;

Le Pere Noel will visit me, avuncular, benign.



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Also by John Coopey:

Dear Sarah and Samantha | IN THE GROTTO | HARRY POETER |

Poem published on poetry24

My poem on the Scottish referendum result, published on Poetry 24.  Big thanks to Laura Taylor for switching me on to the blog..


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Also by Gary Smillie:

The Hill Runners (A New Poem) |




An eloquent visage placed upon a pedestal of mosaic stones, 

Creamy white snow shimmering, 

Glistening freshly cut phernomes sit eloquently upon your chest. 

"They will die!," you say. 

"They will die!," you say. 

Erogenous plains outline your temporal landscapes,

An infinite glaze of still-life sunflowers,

Procreating infants breadth, 

Hypnotizing Adriatic oils,


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I know that I'm a lucky man;
it seems apparent every day.
But I am one among a host
whose luck evolved another way.
Such unwonted suffering
is not the grist that gods allot,
so how shall I be happy here
amid all those I know are not?

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humbled and worn

"Why don't you yell back!? Why don't you argue and fight!? I need a man who will challenge my opinion!" I am humbled and worn. The days of playful pleading are passed. The hours of only our company for sustenance have left us. You once begged me to hold you until you slept, but now my presence disturbs your slumber. I will still work tired to...

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Also by Lint Gannon:

Within My Rights |


How prolific your profundity,

To see what others cannot see,

To relate your divine acuity,

To take the time to talk to me,

To advise advice altruistically,

To lower yourself to charity,

To solicit unsolicited graciously,

To presumably pontificate pompuosly 

To offer two red cents for free.


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Also by James Roper:

Warm Nights Behind the Orange Grove | Girl of My Dreams |



 Cuffed and collar’d – not entirely wedded n’ bound
 Retaining strength with freedom recently found
 In gallant splendour of posies he dutifully bade
 She became his princess, and nonchalant maid


She washed away his tears with sweat of sin
 An’ hell coloured hair that whipp’d his skin
 Oh scornful mistress! How can you chide and glow?
 Because, she smiled, that’s the way troubadour g...

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Katypoetesslovelove poetryShadows of Magdalene


Public and Personal

I will be launching a collection of my poetry at the Dead Good Poets in Liverpool on Wednesday 17th December.If you have read and liked any of my stuff on Write Outloud,

please come along at 7:30 this Wednesday.

Stephen Smith

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..i have this fear

  -the ramblings of another young girl-

written: 11/29/14

  I have this fear.

It keeps me awake when I try to sleep.

It drips into my mind like the rain drips from my window. 

  I have this fear.

I feel like it will never leave me.

I can't remember the last time it wasn't weighing me down.

  I have this fear.

It keeps my heart wrapped in heavy chains.

It makes me scar...

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Also by .L.m.P.:

Feel |

"I want to eat your cancer" - Nirvana

Inspired by Nirvana's song 'heart-shaped box'. The line "I want to eat your cancer" was so strong and powerful, really got me thinking


I want to eat your cancer,

Sip your darkness, your evils,

Drink from your chalice of disease,

Soak up your pain, bathe in it, wash in it...

So that you are dry.

And when you are too dry;

Powdery, breaking, crumbling,

Ill offer you a dri...

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caredestructionlovenirvanapainrelationshipsacrificetake a bulletultimate


The scarlet of your poison still stains deep 

The girl left stands in the corner weeping

Hiding her face so you can't see the shame

You've left

Love lame and passions undermined 


From nowhere you appeared as if by fate 

Your face awake and bright you teased and won 

You stole the light and toyed with me all night 

Your intentions unknown to me that night...


SP ...

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For An Afternoon

your fingers
shadowed on the grass
the soft
sound of the leaves
in a pass of breath
as it begins
to rain

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Breaking Bad for Christmas

Breaking Bad’s at last run out

Walt and Jess got even

Bodies lying all about

Someone’s finally leavin’

Can’t get by on Game of Thrones?

Not a fan of Dexter?

If you want more Breaking Bad

Here’s a Christmas Extra


Heather Page and Stan Bymee

Lived in Alberquerque

Stan was cooking crystal meth

Heather breeding turkeys

They went on a date or two

But it came ...

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Wheel of Fortune

Sir Silly Billy

Flushed his fortune

Down the pan

Dealt a card

Joker of jest

High society reject.


Roger the dodger

Took a chance

Slice of luck

Credit card found

Name Billy Silly

Spent it all.

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Just that one moment, when I lost what held us together,

I regret more than anything; that I trusted her.

He did not deserve, my sword of betrayal,

I cannot go back and stay still the same loyal,


The poison has spilled now, won't stop its flow

Through our veins, our hearts, our existence of sorrow

We all just meant to play nice, care one way or other


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A poem youll never hear

Just another drop love, just another glass.

Just another bottle , im sure that this one will last.

Just another day gone , just another week ,

Its only here and there love, its just to help me sleep.

Its just another month where ive felt a little stressed

And ive needed it to get me by and decide on what is best,

Its just another argument , that I cant remember now ….

I know t...

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alcohol abuseLove lostMothers

Show me to my Sweet, Sick, Dark Cave

Show me to my sick sweet dark cave. The cave where dreams stab at the clumsy waking mind. Where the wounded and forgetful sleep crow is welcome and not mauled, by the growling brown beast of perceived consciousness. In the day I walk- Strut- confident in the ground beneath my feet. Falsely sure of the surrounding wood, predictable and ancient. When I hunger- For nourishment, ple...

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Sweeter Than Any Wine

No, I'm not doing a thing tonight

She uttered to her red dress

Carelessly caressing the wind


The man in the pinstripe twisted

Her brown curl with a sly smirk

Then walking down the hill glanced one last time

At the 'v' fold of her skirt

And those chubby knees scarred

By worn nylons


After the dusk had mellowed to black

Twice over and brought up a new morn


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Also by Pity-Poetry :

Marriage and Her Lover | Null and Void | About Falling In Love Without You |

Poem: The Manger Is Still Empty

entry picture

Long ago, a Savior was born
and hidden within a humble birth;
covered with the cloak of humanity,
His presence impacted this earth.

Although we remember His birthday,
know that Christ is no longer a child;
He stopped being an infant, who was…
helpless, quiet, tender and mild.

He grew in strength and wisdom;
He demonstrated His holy authority;
He lived as He divinely taught;
He set t...

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Also by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd:

Poem: By His Grace | Poem: Colored People | Poem: Golden Rule |

breunigchristian poetryfaithpoetryThe Manger Is Still Empty

Time blew away like dandelion seed

entry picture

A few years ago, I collected 110 of my poems into a book; I'm bringing it back into print for a few months in order to pay bills since my partner and I are both too sick to work. You can buy it from Lulu in the UK, US, and many other countries-- usually it's US$20, about £12, but at present it's discounted to US$17, about £11.

There will also be a numbered and signed proper hardback edition of fi...

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Darkness and Light

entry picture

My Mother, Sister, Brother and I

check into a hotel room. When we

enter the room my Dad who had

passed away almost five years

ago is sitting on the bed. He has

a wide smile on his face.


We ask, "Daddy why are you here?"

He says, "I wanted to see my family."

We are overcome with emotion and hug

him. We are all talking at once. Dad

interrupts us, "OK, ok let me say...

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On the Cards

entry picture

Royal Flush:


Prep School

Eton College

Oxford University

Prime Minister.


Busted flush:



Somewhere else

Stockport Jobclub



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I have a dream...

A dream to fly, a dream to succeed &....to run away!

Touch me not, a venom you see;

Forget me not, try till it's possible & you might just turn grey and gone!

A snap of the time & I turn theatrical,

A punch into my stomach & I vomit my happiness...

Vagueness in the wind....I cry for the pigeons!

Don't let them suffocate, don't let them die!

An urge in my e...

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Also by Rims:

Critical Weirding Point | Aching Heart | Midnight Dream | Whatever...& anything! | Poem | Poem |

The Good the Bad & the Turkey

entry picture

Here comes Xmas to fill us all full of cheer

A delightful time of peace joy and celebration

Spend spend spend like there is no tomorrow

There’s a consumer jamboree across the nation

Christmas has got nothing to do with religion

Hey Santa - lead us not into temptation

Have a thought for those less fortunate than you

For whom the festive season will cause frustration


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The ostentatious breast-feeder

Drinking in my local

last dullday afternoon

soft drizzle outside

nothing much happening

usual 21st c. sense of ennui


when the door burst open

and a woman danced in

spinning wheeling pirouetting 

across the floor 

up on to a table

scattering drinkers before her


eyes flashing devilment and untamed fire

the shimmer of her dress was scarlet, 

silver, pu...

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Also by steve pottinger:

last out of Pandora's box (and last to die) |

breast-feedingNigel Faragesatire

Cards - December Collage Poem

entry picture

Stressful, unbearable,

caged predator breaks free


Steady and purposeful

pouring like a lover's fountain




It was something out of control


Whoever is to blame, only One can save


Sweet baby sweet or would you rather

have it salty?


Kinky magic waved her wand of golden dust

"It" may have a great deal to answer for...


Slate remains, s...

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Dreams or Nightmares

I wish it would stop, I no longer wish to see your face.

You are invading my dreams,

turning every dream to a nightmare.

The images invade my mind of you,

with her.

How does it still bother me?


It has been long enough,

you need to leave.

Leave my life and all my dreams.

I want to delete you from my life,

but I can't because first I would have to face the truth.


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Also by Kate McKean:

The Outside Looking In |


Looking back, we remark upon another year

crammed with readings,

poetry festivals, am dram rehearsals.

The illustrations? Jaunty railway

posters, preferably from the 1930s,

views of promenade and coast for you,

moors and uplands for me,

awash with confident colours.

Life begins at 60? Too true!


Looking forward, an older woman,

us before too long,  

checks her ...

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Diary of a Shape Shifter

entry picture
My new collection for children available from Planta Press, Liverpool.
Diary of a Shapeshifter
With its mixture of poems in a variety of styles, including riddles and kennings about the natural world, and poems on subjects ranging from bonfire night and circus lions to ghosts and the fearsome Gloom, this is a rich collection, full of poems that children will enjoy. John Foster
£7.99 *

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Christmas Lights

entry picture

Blue lights on the top road, I can see, over there,
Half way up the hillside, meaning trouble
Across the valley, through bare winter trees
With branches like the arms of bony skeletons
Tendril fingers scratching at the sky

Blue lights at a distance, almost enchanting,
This near to Christmas: twinkling,
They move at speed, though,
Across my plane of vision, then suddenly


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Nativity ‘73


He’d three lines and a gleaming neck,

stank of Imperial Leather.

I was gagged and tidemarked,

the Mother of the Messiah.


Under strict instruction

I smiled beatifically

with muted mouth, and purple feet,

in Bethlehem, in Primary.


Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Silenced, made to breed.

But Joseph (famous cuckold)

was worth three lines of speech.



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How kind the rain

to tiptoe down my


as I lay down

to sleep.

How kind the breeze

to whisper past

the autumn leaves

when I in slumber deep.

How kind the sun

to cast a ray

golden, tender

making way

upon the earth

a brand new day.


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The City (2013)

In the passport office there is a city
of tall white towers above blue water;
a green forest hugging the outskirts.
A city in a poster above a desk
where requests to cross borders
are granted or denied,
and a press of people,
hundreds of people,
none of whom are visible in the white city.

There is no place among the clean towers
for this swarm of bodies
that reek of charcoal;
the for...

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Also by Alex Smith:

Night Market (2013) |

Don't be a sheep in a goat's age

A sheep and a goat once
Got locked in a fracas

"Off you go!
Don't you know
You are an embodiment
For an idiot!
How dare you trample
On the leaf down
From the stem of an apple
That dangle
And which I was apt
To cut and eat.

I really hate
A sheepish creature of your sort
With alacrity to a dictate
Going to an altar is whose fate
And that no offense on others inflict
Or none con...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

Your coronation |

An advice given to me from a slick person to be sl

Best Friends Are Never Boring

The three best friends you'll ever have are ME, MYSELF and I

A triumvirate of eager minds to see where thought can fly.


They deem it rather stupid if you never learn a thing

From the counsel of your elders, or the wisdom books can bring.


So they'll swot unashamedly through tomes of argument

To absorb, discuss and challenge the crux of their intent.


The goal all thr...

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My Ebook (free)


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Also by c byrne:

Learning Poetry | EU |





     The deception wasn’t warranted,

We only came to see the heavens,

To spiral through galaxies from the Black Hole

Hidden within the Sun,

     To find the paradise that across the universe,

Holds everything, in awe!


     The deception

Came so fast, collected

All aboard for incarceration

And for what,

For why in this quarter do

We sit wit...

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Gidiot's Autumn Statement

George Osborne’s autumn statement –

oh, what a very bad joke.

He pretends he’s fixed economy

but just look at what he broke.

He says he halved the deficit

but aims have not been met,

the deficit’s on the rise again

to say nothing of the debt!


Many folk think he’s halved the debt

but this just isn’t true,

he’s well on his way to doubling it!

and doesn’t have th...

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Also by Lynn Dye:

We were only sleeping... |

Life Singers

Life singers,

Composers of the morning song,

Allow me faith to sing

Tunes cradled when the wind

Whistles down hillside.


The dawn comes eager as a two-year child;

Good days I am that child.

It's heaven's breathing stirs cotton clouds,

Lets me sing louder still.

When trees sway to the turning of our planet,

Bending from their hips, limbs over head,

Their sensual...

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Ugg Pas Cher Avis Enfants Classic Short 5281 Noir


uggs pas cher

Bien que leurs ventes ne étaient pas aussi élevés qu'ils le devraient, Hisham croit famille week-end a permis de générer beaucoup d'affaires pour le magasin pop-up et le dévouement des étudiants de premier cycle qui travaillent dur laissé passer cet événement soit un succès. "Faire partie de ce projet et de travailler avec la nouvelle ligne de détente UGG Australia a été un i...

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ugg femme pas cherugg franceugg pas cher femmeuggs pas cher


Mommy sorry that she hurt you. I swear to god i wanted to keep you. I wanted to name you and pray for you. You were my wish come true. I wanted to grab your hands and count to ten . Buy picture books and hold your hand . Mommy wanted something to call her own. She didnt care if she would be unclaimed and unknowned, mommy just wanted something to call her own . I didnt care if you were a blessing o...

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God The Banana

entry picture

I've now published my epic verse-novel God The Banana. It's available in print on Amazon & on Kindle at http://www.amazon.co.uk/God-The-Banana-Tim-Ellis/dp/150317428X/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1417545504&sr=1-2

I posted the first two of the 437-sonnet story here a few weeks ago.  This is how it continues:


Many thousand sticks of incense smoulder

blueing the gloomy hall within t...

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Oh How Those Dolly Birds Do Play...

She was as real as blue bananas,

her profile made of ‘borrowed’ snaps,

with random words to fill a little space,

will it convince many, well just a few, perhaps…


But at the end where the the typing was done

sits a fat old guy who came from a slum

who uses false ID’s on a dozen sites a day

to pretend he is flirting in a feminine way…


Then a week or more later a ple...

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The School Run

Swinging upwards,

scathingly steering myself towards salvation.

School Run: teacher testimonials and tallies.

An “Other,”

an outcast from tradition.

Rousing the reluctant offspring,

combative to my requests.

We breakfast briefly,

on little balls of sugary synthetic yellowness

We arrive at school,

greet the countless glamorous goddesses

oozing out of the orifices


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mothers taboo subjects.schoolSocial Observations

Warmth and Fire

You are warm

He is fire

You are safe and comfortable

He is exciting and exhillerating 

But fire burns

Warmth is safe

Sometimes I need to feel the fire 

I love you both or I simply desire

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Also by Mackenzie:

Gone | mixed feelings |

Sarah Unique

Wounds wrapped fervertly,

Like tongues held convex,

Body of a halloween pumpkin,

Faces carved amongest.


Featured with humour of a clownfish,

Eccentric above mediocrity,

A drunken smile without a fee,

So in depth of trouble.


The malleability of the heart,

Rope thin, any moment to be cut,

Ready to burn into tatooed insults,

Releasing control for a night.


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Dad and My Car

I sometimes find my Dad sitting next to me in my car

Not exactly him but some likeness, a vision from afar.

I can’t exactly see him clear

But either way it’s nice to have him near.


I sometimes find myself talking to my Dad,

Sitting next to me, in my car

It’s good to talk after all these years and I suppose he’s not really there

But it feels so good, so I don’t really care...

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