Ode's Lamentation (05/25/2014)

Brandishing the side-eyes, luck's a trifle,
Momma taught me better, except
nothin' better than itchy fingers on a rifle.
On your knees, never tasted like Oedipus,
use your stagename, run and try with us.
You sick fuck; You suck fick
thick and torn, a tongue named razor
eyes full of scorn, coerced so aptly
innocence mourned.
Baby I could eat your lips, the way you hurt
O', how I'd bury you hard and deep in the dirt
hard to tell me you don't love me with your mouth full
hard to tell the courts that you want to anull.
Underneath six feet, in four months
you and me, our skeletons flirt.
My bones burnt black and yours beaten blue
Your dentist won't hardly recognize you.
(Ma, Pa, Ha-ha-ha!)
MD I do declare, 
DM rolls twice, intuition
for that stare.
That opening move, how I benefit from your doubt
here in hell, you haven't got much clout. 
let's show you what those seven circles are all fucking about
Two out of six ain't too two bad
this cylinder's the best night you'll ever had
since you been buried and shatter'd in that fucking order
my ghost's turn once we cross over that border.
We won't even have to bleed anymore.

old bad bets brimmed regrets intentionally stupid

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