A poem youll never hear

Just another drop love, just another glass.

Just another bottle , im sure that this one will last.

Just another day gone , just another week ,

Its only here and there love, its just to help me sleep.

Its just another month where ive felt a little stressed

And ive needed it to get me by and decide on what is best,

Its just another argument , that I cant remember now ….

I know that you were crying , but I don’t know what about.

Its only been a few years , where ive been a little depressed,

And that glass that used to help me sleep now seems to cause unrest

But I know that I can stop , when it needs to be addressed

So lets not get all worked up , over something in a glass.

Its just another memory , its just another dream

A bit of my self confidence , a drop of my self esteem

Its just another panic attack , self doubt and anxiety

The loss of friends and hobbies that made me , really me

Its only two children , that both chose to move away

My daughter and my friend , my best in many ways

I think she tried to help me , but in the end she couldn’t stay

Its only one that I have , one daughter to share my life

But if I had to chose at this stage , I think its best to carry on the lies

Its only another few years for me , ive only got to retire

I haven’t any mortgage and my mother seems alright

And im too tired to start something new or think about addiction

And its safe and warm inside my house where I cant feel my own afflictions.

Because its just one more glass love , please tell me why your weeping,

Why don’t you have one with me , its so much easier than thinking

I love you , don’t be silly , don’t ever question that ,

Im not trying to hurt you , I love you , please come back.



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Graham Sherwood

Thu 18th Dec 2014 12:56

Agree with Cynthia, shorter cleaner lines would make this incredibly powerful.

Well done, HannahMary



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 15th Dec 2014 20:03

There is much to admire in this, not least the subject itself. IMO, it has so much to say, boldly and honestly, that a little extra attention to tighten it up would produce an even stronger, more effective work.

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