In the Snow

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This was inspired by the song "Let it Snow", still the same kind of up beat feeling. Enjoy.

Well the weather is making me spiteful.
Even if it looks delightful.
I still don't want to go.

In the snow, the damn snow, the damn snow.

It has been falling all day;
I can't seem to get a break....
I wish I had no where to go.

But I do, in the snow, in the snow.

So I take my shovel outside;
To clear my driveway tonight.
Then the plow conveniently goes by.

Oh more snow, more snow, more snow.

When the driveway is finally cleared.
I could use a couple of beers.
Oh look I got some Buds right here.

Oh more snow, more snow, more snow.

By the time its was said and done;
I had a six pack already gone.
Now the cops were outside my door.

Oh more snow, more snow, more snow.

Now who thought I would be in trouble.
But they say I got a drinking problem.
Just because they found me naked humping snow.

Oh its cold. its cold, in the snow.

So the moral of the story is this.
When it is snowing don't get pissed.
Because the cops will be at your door.

In the snow, in the snow, in the snow.

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