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"I Love You."

~~"I love you."
is just three small words,
but when it is spoken
it holds a power
so beautiful.

So, When revealing
those three little, yet powerful words
to a heart so fragile
make sure that you mean it,
and show her the difference between
" I LOVE YOU." and "I love you."
because anyone can say " I love you."

So, remember that love is a feeling
that is shared between two,

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Fuck You

I have done nothing to this world,
and to those surronding me
to be treated liek this, or to have such pain.
I've did ntohing, but cared, loved, and trusted.
I've did all that I possibly could,
but I guess that didn't matter: now did it?

Becuase people like you
still treat me like crap,
people still take advantage of me
when I have trusted them the most,
and people still don't give two...

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carelovetrustedworldshitfuck youhate

A Fool

I am not a fool for loving you.
I am not a fool for trusting you.
I am not a fool for giving you
everything that I had.
A fool is not what I am
and a fool is who I shall not be.

It is what you've become
in this situation.

You are the fool for not loving me
the way I deserved to be loved.
You are the fool for not being
the man that you needed to be.
You are the fool for letting me g...

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Foolishlovebrokensadhopemangivng upbaby

The Monster

She  was born from a parent
who left her at a young age
to be raised by a monster.

This monster created
such fear and depression
for this poor young girl.

The monster she feared
was there everyday waiting
for when she got home
or for when she woke.
The monster she didn't love
broken her down far too much
that even a thought of it
or the thought of being home
would make her panic.

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fearsorrowfatherpoor young girllifemonster


Through these halls
I walk alone.
In the classrooms
where I sit with many others
I am still, yet alone.
In the Cafateria
the same thing there goes as well
I am there, yet I am not seen.

Alone is where I am
no matter where I go.
I am here, I am there,
I am everywhere.
And standing there
I try to get
your undivided attention
because I am tired
of being in solitary,
yet I continue ...

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aloneinvisiblenot being sseensadlife

Now I know

You were wrong to underestimate me.
You were wrong to not have any faith in myself and my success.
You were wrong to say the things you've said.
You were wrong to bring me down.

Although, while you were wrong
for everything you've did.
I cannot fully blame you
for my sadness you've caused.
For, I was also in the wrong.

I was wrong to believe
every word that you spoke.
I was wrong to...

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now i knowbullyingbeleifyour wordssucessfailwrong

Captured within my Darkness

My darkness is never ending.
My darkness is your greatest fear.
My darkness is something you can't escape.

Although, you can try
to shut out my darkness
with your precious little eyes,
but you silly, poor thing
you've forgotten that I exist there too.

So, please understand
that there is no way out.
That there is no ounce of light
to my darkness you try to run from.

So, stop your ...

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captured within my darknessdepressionno lighthopelessno way out

Three weeks with you.

Day one
you came to my work.
You asked me if I wanted to date you.
Of-course my answer was yes.
You smiled and then asked me
if I'd like to go to the movies.
So, after we work went
and it was our very first date.

Two days, six days,
then eighteen days went by.
Within those eighteen days
we've texted, hanged out,
and with everyday I've fallen
for you more and more.

A few more days...

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with youstrangersfirendssomething more

Dear J.

Dear J.,

The first time that we meet
was at a eighth grade track meet
and since then we've became friends
though now I think that's changed; for me at least.

It was at that night
and that other night too
that I realized I was wrong
because to me your more than
just a friend because day by day
I'm slowly starting to fall for you
and day by day before I'd realized
my feelings for you...

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dear loveloving you

Barbie is fake, Beauty is real

What we are is real
and real is who were suppose to be
and If we were meant to be fake
our skin would be plastic like barbie,
but we are all humans.
Humans who make mistakes,
who has scars: seen or hidden,
and who has things that they wish
to change about themselves.
But, our Uniquely selves
are imperfections of beauty
because beauty isn't fake; beauty is real.

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Friendship over Love

If I can't be your soulmate.
If I can't be the one you love.
If us isn't meant to be
atleast I have you as a friend.

And if that's all
I could ever be to you
it'd be the best thing
that could of happen to me
because a friend like you
is something special to keep.

But, if us is meant to be
faith will bring us together
and as i wait for that time to come
I'll be sitting here cherris...

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faithfriendship over lovespecial to keep

Let me be the one

I've seen the way
they treated you.
I've heard all the mean things
that thye've said to you.
I've seen and heard it all
and it kills me inside to know
that you'll be crying yourself
to sleep tonight.
But, everytime I get close to you
you push me away like all the others
because your afraid to let your heart open
to only be crushed again.

But, girl please I'm begging you.
Let me be...

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heart racelet me be the oneworries fade

I've seen it, dreamed it, and thought of it, but never felt it.

I've seen it in movies. I've seen it in life. I see it all the time. I've seen all the ups and downs that comes with it. I've seen the way how it can make someone so sad or happy in a split of a second. I've seen the colors of it; bright and dark. I've seen it, dreamed it, and thought of it, but never felt it.......................... I am a loveless lost soul just waiting to be loved.

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lovenever felt it

The time has come.

The time has came.
Today is the day.
It is here upon us
and there's no going back.

Today we'll celebrate
the class of 2014-2015
as we leave our nest
and as we say goodbye.

And as we walk down that stage
in our green cap and gowns
classmates, friends, families,
and teachers will all be there watching
with joy and tears in their eyes.

And now that this time is here
it is time to ...

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time has comefuturenext chapter of our livesfirst step

Save me!

Please save me from this nightmare
I can't bear to keep on going this way.
I didn't know that this world could be so cruel.

I had tried repeatedly
to make it all ceased
but had failed every time.
I had tried to talk to one
but no one seemed to cared enough
to listen of what I had to say.
I had tried it all over and over again
but nothing changed.

Please save me from all the pain

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save mehappen nextunknownnightmarecare enough to listen

Playing with the heart

What I thought was true is now a lie.
What I thought was real is now a fake.
What I felt for you is still the same
as I feel for you now.
Everything that I've said
and felt for you was true.
Never once was any of it a fake.
But, for you this was nothing but, a silly old game.


You had played me so well;
you'd must of done it before.
You had left my mind and heart

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playing with the heartfoolishtrue

Let there be love!

There once was a man that said
he"d loved all his children no matter what.
And if that's so and if we choose to believe it
then why can't we accept they way others love
if he can?

Because quite frankly
everyone deserve to be loved.
And when being loved or loving one
it shouldn't matter about the fact
that a guy likes another guy
or the fact that a women
likes another women
because lo...

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lovelove is lovegod loves allgodrespectstop the bullyinghuman

Together again feels like a dream

There was you, heather, and I
this feeling of intact inside me
but so young into our lives
we've become departed,
leaving a feeling of emptiness
in my heart.

And as time continued
we've grown apart,
going in are directions
leaving nothing but a memory.

And now that we've become whole again
it seems as if this is only a dream.
A dream that i will soon awake from
but is a dream I wa...

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dream I want to live ingrown apartmemorytogether again

One Day

Everyday is a journey.
Everyday something is learned.
Everyday each one of us is loved.
And everyday is a brand new day.

But, like you and everyone else
I will take my last breath
and say my last goodbyes.

And when I do
don't feel sorrow
because one day
we will all have to leave.

So, when that day comes
know that I'll be watching
over you from above,
know that I'll always be wi...

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deathheart and soulheavenone day

All good things must come to an end

As we continue to grow
we will learn many things
and one of them is that
every good thing
will come to an end.

Whether it's by a choice of mind,
by a decision made between two,
or by a lost loved one.

But, as these things come and go
remember to make each moment count
because you'll never know just when it'll go
and a new will start;letting the cycle repeat.

Because, every hello ...

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good thingscome to an end

Through an arthurs words a beauty is seen

Despite the never ending wonders
and the darkness it brings.
Life and nature itslef
brings a beauty so rare
that makes moments in life so specail.

And if we take a moment to stop
and really see with our eyes
we'll find something so breathtaking
that no play on words could even describe
the beauty that you and I seek.

That only a writer
could capture natures beauty
and just one wron...

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beautywritercapture beautybreath taking


Does your inspiration
come from someone
who lives and breathes darkness?

Does your inspiration
come from someone
who wishes and prays for death?

Does your inspiration
come from someone
who has issues of controlling
her anger at times?

Does your inspiration
come from someone
who hates almost everything
about herself?

Does your inspiration
come from someone
who tends to alway...

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inspirationproudsomeone to look up to

No one knows

You see my smile,
you hear my laughter,
and you see my general glow
of happiness that is fake.
Because on the inside
there's my frown
that you don't see,
there's my cry for help
that you don't hear,
and there's my general glow
of darkness that is true,
but no one knows.

No one knows
what goes through my mind
when i smile on the outside.

No one one knows
how I actually feel,

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depressedinsidenot knowingoutsidereally am

One Life, three time periods

The past is the past.
So, learn and build from it.

The present is here, right now.
So, live to the fullest and don't hold back.

The future is ahead of us waiting.
So, whenever that time comes
take ahold of it and don't look back.

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pastpresentfuturedont look back

Don't live or forget, but learn from the past.

If you live in the past
sadness will reappear.
If you forget the past
You can't learn from it.

So, don't live the past,
but don't forget the past.

Let it be your guidance
to be someone better
and to make better decisions
for the life you live.

The past is something you shouldn't forget
because whatever it is that you choose to forget
just be glad that it'd happened then not now.

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living in the pastlearnbetter future

Death of a loved one.

On a cold chilly night
I sat and watched
my one true love
slowly die.

Then falling from the sky
was the first snow fall
just right before
she took her last breath.
She then whispered
her last goodbye
and kissed me once more.

Not a second later
her body went cold,
no heart beat was heard,
and no more life inside her.

The angels have took her
to a better place
where she was gi...

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better placedeathkisseslost loved onewishing

Need me like I need you

You said that I deserved better,
so you told me that it was over.
But I don't deserve better;
I deserve you and only you.
You're the only one for me
and I need you to see that.

I want you to need me
like the way I need you.
I need you so much more
than what you think.

I want you to need me
like the air you breathe.
I want you to need me
like the flowers need water.
I want you to ...

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i need youloveneed methe one

Made me Believe

Don't know what you said
was true or meaningless,
but as time lingered on,
as we continued to talk,
and as we've gotten to know another.
You had made me believe in me
and had made me believe
that I'm someone special.

You made me believe in something
that I thought was impossible to do.

And for that I am grateful
that our paths had crossed.

Don't know what you said
was true or me...

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believegratefulmeaninglesssomeone specialtrue


Poetry isn't just a pencil,
or pen, a piece of paper,
or words that flow just right.

Poetry is of many words,
many unspoken thoughts,
many unshowed feelings,
and is put together
to tell a story.

It tells a story
of a persons' struggles
and happiness.
And paints a picture
for the reader to see.

And each poem of mine
is written with such heart.
All my feelings I keep inside
is ...

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poetrystory to be heardstory to tellwritten words

Chasing Love

You can't go chasing love
for it'll bring you long, lonely nights.
Because love isn't something you chase.
Love is something you find; sometimes unexpectedly.

Love takes time.
Love is not rushed,
but for some
love is at first sight.

And when you do find it
it's something that can't be expressed
even with all the words in the galaxy.

Do not go chasing love.
Let love find you.

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chasing lovelet love find youlove at first sighttime

Great Sadness, Little Happiness.

Happiness lies in everyone.
Everyone has it, everyone feels it.
But, for me, its a feeling
that I have not felt
for a long period of time
that I don't remember
how It feels to truly be happy.

Because every bit of happiness I come to feel
is destroyed so quickly and is replaced with sadness.

It's as if the world doesn't want me to be happy
that the only feeling I'm only allowed to fee...

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happysadunknown feeling

To be YOUR best

Everyone wants to be better
at something they do or to be
a better version of themselves,
but to be your best there has to be effort
because you can't and won't succeed if you don't try.

To be the best you can be
you have to push yourself
harder each time you fall,
You have to keep at it
and try again and again,
you have to not only believe,
but know you can do it,
and you have to be...

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being your besteasy way outhard taskeffort

Never did I Thought

Because of words once said
and other things that I choose
to not discuss with you
is why I never did thought
that I would amount to a single thing.

Because, as a sad young girl
never did I thought
that I would be here
where I stand right now.

Never did I thought
I'll be able to be
A A/b honor roll.

Never did I thought
that I'd be the cheerleader
that I have become.

Never did...

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never thoughtperson i am todaywordshurt

24 days before Christmas

24 days before Christmas Day.
24 days of cold chilly nights.
24 days of laughter, joy, and spirit in the air.
24 days where people are a little bit nicer.
24 days of giving to those in need of help
and to those we love and care.
24 days of playing in the glistening snow.
24 days of Christmas songs sung.
24 days of preparing for celebration.
24 days of counting down
'till Christmas Day.


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christmascelebrationfriends and familysinging songs

Two in One

As you continue to stare at me
you'll see that there is only one me,
but if you choose to,
to dig down deeper
past my heart and to my soul
you'll find my true self;
of how I truly feel.

But, when you look at me
on the outside, what do you see?

"Someone who is smiling."
"Someone who is laughing contagiously."
"Someone who is joyful."

But. if you choose to look past all of that

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happysadtwo in onecry for helpjoyfultrue self

Day to Night

Sighing to myself
as I sit here and watch
the desolate world change
from day to night.


In just a minute
It'll no longer be today
as tomorrow will approach.

And now I sit here
looking up at the night
to see that there is no more light
of yesterday, but the million
of shinning stars that overlooks
this chilling night.

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timetime changeday and night

What I love about myself.

Today, tomorrow,
and the next day after that
there will always be one me
and there is nothing truer than that.

But, what I love about myself
is more than words can describe.
But, if I have to choose one thing
as to what I love about myself
it'll have to be my caring heart
for those that I love the most.

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loving yourselfcaring heartone you


From time and time again
you proceed to state
how you expect more from me,
how you expect me to reach
such high expectations,
and how you know that I have
that potential to do so.

Yet, I don't know how or why
you proceed to tell me.
Because when I look at myself
I see nothing but a failure.
Absolutely nothing but a failure.

Because, you can give me a day,
you can give me a week,

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All I'll be is me

All I'll ever be is me.
I'll always be Crystal Ruth.
And I'll always be the girl
who they continuously pick on.

And through these past few years
as time went on the more they teased
and the more I felt useless.
But, I've gotten use to the teasing
and the pain that came with it.
In fact I've gotten so used to it
that there's no more feeling
what so ever.

But, maybe someday

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myselfnothing lessnothing moresomeday

A letter to you...

For fourteen years
all that I was known
was that I had a mother
I didn't know of.
And all I knew of her
was her name.
Then there came that day
when I was told of you both
but only because of her,
because she made a decision
to tell me so.

So, now I take this time
to write you both this letter.

A letter to you both,
to my brother and to my sister
who I just came to heard of,
to ...

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letterbrother and sistermotherLasting Hope

With You....

I'd always sat alone.
And always thought to myself.
I'd never said a word.
And I'd never been outspoken
until you came and until we became as one.

Because with you, I am happy.
With you, nothing else matters.
With you, I feel accepted.
With you, I feel a part of something
and with you, I am myself
Not no one else.

But, without you,
I am everything but happy.
Without you, somehow t...

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better with youlove

No Guarantee

In life there is no
guarantee of anything.

There is no guarantee of happiness.
There is no guarantee that we won't feel hurt.
There is no guarantee that there won't
be any struggles along the way.
There is no guarantee that anything will be easy.
There is no such thing as a guarantee.

Life is something
that we cannot truly understand.
Because, no matter how many times
we ask and s...

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no gauranteeunderstandreal life

Always the same....

Everyday for her is always the same.
All the struggles, all the pain,
all the hurtful words, and all the pressure
to be someone, and to be something.

And each day she wakes
to feel the hurt again, as it never changes.
And each day she breathes to longer her stay
no matter how much she wants to leave.
And each day she eats to feel whole and to not feel empty
like the way she feels about ...

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emptyescapehappyhurtlostnever changesame old stuff


My heart has never loved
and will never be loved.
My heart has been shattered
to many times to keep track.
My heart has been let down
through dreams and hopes
of someone actually loving me.
It has dwindled. It has hardened.
And now my heart is useless.

My heart was once strong though now its not
because of all the damage i had let happe...

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deathlifelessforever sleepnever wakeuselessnever loved


If there was no happieness
There would be nothing to enjoy.

If there was no sadness
There wouldn't be a care in the world.

If there was no friends
there would be loneliness everywhere.

If there was no uphill battles
there would be no courage
to keep on trying.

And if LIFE itself had nothing
imagine what LIFE would be....

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Dear Brother

My poor dear brother,
I don't know you
and you don't know me.

Your name is Robert.
My name is Crystal.

You were born on march 4th,
 and I was born on March 14th.

You are three years older,
and i am three years younger.

But, my poor dear brother,
Although we don't know much
bout each other, I somehow still feel close to you
and I know that someday we'll meet again.

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brothersisterunknownclose to youmeet againsomedayhopelove


L is for limitless.
For our limitless love
that will continue to grow.

O is for only you.
For you're the only one
I adore to see.

V is for voice.
For your voice that speaks
of an angel.

E is for extraordinary.
For our extraordinary love
for another, that is so rare.

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You took my Heart

You took my heart
and held it your arms.

You took my heart
and guard it with your soul.

You took my heart
and filled it with love.

You took my heart
and showed me how to love,
and how it feels to be loved,
but just like that
you tore my heart into pieces.

You took my once empty heart
and filled it love.
Then in a blink of an eye
you destroyed it.
Making my heart
an empty pl...

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brokefilled with lovepiecessadlovedestroy

Lost Child

Each day I starve
is another day closer to death.

Each day that i'm not loved
is another day i realize
that i am not worthy.

And each day that I'm ignored by others
is another day that I'd rather be dead
than suffering in pain.

Because as I've become
this wandering offspring,
I've become to be invisible
to you and all others.

Cause can't you see
that my light brown hair
has b...

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lost childoff springunnoticedjokehappysadlifeunseen

Ones' Face

God has given us one face,
he has given us something great
that we take advantage of each day.

Our face is a work of art
each so similar,
yet different in many ways.

Each work of art he's created
is a beauty that only few notice
and is something that we hardly see
In our own selves.

God has given each of us a gift beauty,
yet that's not the way we see it.
We judge and critize our...

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