Kelsall. 1856.


From the doorway
Rosanna silently watches her daughter.
Ellen is slowly combing her dark hair,  
the September sun just rising into a chill morning,
a small window softening her face
with brushstrokes of perfection,
the chair creaking a floorboard, already old.

The corners of the room
are still in shadow
a white sheet flung sideways at dawn
her sister curled in half the bed

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Telephone against your skin
How I wish I was him.

Glasses perched against your eyes
To be that close and still survive.

The coffee cup against your lips
That I could stay within each sip.

Computer screen facing your breast
You ask a question , it's always yes.

Keyboard bouncing with each fingerprint
To lay beneath your hands again.

Purchase ledger on your knee

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You take the sunshine ....


You take the sunshine from my morning.
You take the dreams from my night
And you leave your crimson shadow
In every corner of my life.

So many times I’ve tried to be your friend
I know I’ll never try again
This time, this time it’s goodbye.

Your footsteps have always guided me
I did not move away
And your blood red shadow has covered
My every day.

So many times I’ve tried t...

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The Silent Steps.

On the horizon and blurred in passing smoke
figures move into the distant fields,
and closer the dead battleground
springs red grass blades.

Here the poet silently tiptoes, grieving,
another tear-stained handkerchief,
counting dying gasps and stealing
last words meant for a mother.

And count the words,
Place them side by side
Dead grass
Here I died
Scorched mud
Missing hand

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world war one

On the news of a death.





Between us we managed to erect the table and some chairs and the sunshade
The leg of the sunshade went neatly through a hole in the middle of the table.

When the shade was opened it cast a dark area exactly bisecting the table top.
That’s where the sun was. It was positioned to do that.

On the table in the shadow I placed a beer
On the table in the sunlight you placed ...

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Office Dance.






I  look  up   she  looks  away , she  looks  up , I  look  away
We  cannot  carry  on  this  way , same  old  dance  from  day  to  day.

She  starts  to  speak,  I  interrupt, I  start  to  speak, she interrupts
Both  drinking from this broken cup, too complicated to say I need you .

I  start  to move, she moves  away,  she starts  to move, I  move  a...

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Austin Fridge !!

I’m  driving  my  fridge  ,  it’s  a  terrible  green
There  are    icicles    where  the  heater  had  been
There’s  a  snowdrift  ,  and   glacier ,  all  round  my  feet
And   ice  in  the  boot  
Where  I  keep  the  raw  meat  .

I’m  driving  and  driving  far  down  the  road
I  can’t  see  a  thing  the  window   so  froze  and
I  can’t  see a  thing    my  brea...

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