When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands

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The brink of insanity is a stroke of genius;
Bounded by their thoughts and their passion
Conformity to no walls of impossibility;
They are the rock against the current rushing
Taking "No" for an answer, using creativity;
As the capacity that they will change things
They are the witches cast in the fires;
As if using dark magic to create blasphemy
Instead of accepting mediocrity;
Rising above the ashes of humanity
Transcendence into the next beginning;
With inception the genius falls into insanity
A partnership when genius and insanity holds hands.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 9th Dec 2014 16:19

It has been said that the line between genius
and insanity is (or can be) blurred. I heard a
host player on one of those TV memory shows
describe herself as clever. She seemed unaware
that creativity/inventiveness is the real "clever" - not the ability to recall trivia.
The acme of creativity can obtain the definition of genius, something to be found in science,
medicine and music for starters. When it becomes
an obsession out of control, it can lapse into

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