Brazen to Call it Independence (05/24/2014)

'Ready for our anti-date?'
that forked tongue-and-cheeky bastard greets
in a tuxedo, silk as aramaic soup
the handshake feeds, its army eats.

Freedom reigns in olive drab,
never seen pyre colonies so brave
burning more in protest than defeat
machine gods lighting ants, killed stillgrave.

It's for a good we'll never know,
Five-six-six can't cut both ways
Blueprint blood can leave in twenty-five
but the heart can die for days. 

Fly valkyries, fly!
White, green, blue; collared freedom is hypocrisy!
We put our futile blinders on, deeper and darker
In dog we trust: thy name is democracy.

old trusted viva kalashnikov silk road

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