Revol (09/05/2011)

Come on, my fellow lowest common denominators! Let us be, live, breathe, bleed, breed-- all as superior inferiors. Standing seperate? For who? Or should I say for whom? Or should I say, manchild womb? 
Yes. Factory fresh with a serial number and expiration date! Picked, plucked, and packed at the peak of perfection! Sprayed and spayed with all those delightful additives and addictives and adjectives to make us live forever! 

When Freedom Rings.
When does it ring? How does it wring
the necks of the desperate who sing?
When it calls us, to ask for our name
and all we give is our number that's all just the same?
When it bellows, when it hearkens,
can we answer it? 
Will we stand below the podium weighing down on our backs?

Tell me.
When it's our time, will our watches still tick?
Build from timex and the nimble fingers of all the children
beneath the circus tent?

When freedom tumbles and roars to extend a hand,
if we only would take it, as desperados
in our lacklustre bravado like a man
in the street who has simply had enough.
Does he go mad when he hears freedom ringing behind
a pane of glass too thick for us to reach its salty, weary state?
He's dry leather, sure. 
But we're left all wet.
Soaked in the tides of psuedonyms and idioms
holding monitors for idiots and pseudo-its.

When Freedom Rings,
Will the banner fall from our plump and comfortable hands,
desolate and placid, on fixits and acid
to help medicate our natural state
and make us all one expired fucking tin of dog food
for the one dog of industry, on top
waving his mocking red star flag.
His familiar wrinkles and soothing, hollywood voice
have told us for years, educated us
on the common man. He's defined the common good
But his sons,
his daughters,
none of them have ever gone hungry.
None of them have ever taken a bullet.
None of them have needed to balance the liberties 
of what it means to feel, and what it means to forcibly integrate.
Take a number, get a house. You're our full dogs now.

When Freedom rings, it will toll
Can we pay it without souls?
Will we leave her,
to stand alone? 
When Freedom Rings.

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