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Love hides in the gap

Between sleep and dawn

In the space under stairs

The air above skies

And the void below ground


Love is neither left nor right

Up or down, in or out

It will not be confined

Like a ship in a bottle

Or restrained like a horse

With bit and bridle


Love keeps no appointment

If you ever meet love

It will spring out

Without warning

Staring wildly into your eyes

Desperate for recognition


Love is not planned

Or designed for comfort

It demands attention

At inconvenient times

Crying like an infant

Hungry for nourishment


Love is both friend and foe

Enemy and ally

It defies all attempts

At classification

Offering friendship with one hand

Temptation with the other.

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David Subacchi

Fri 26th Dec 2014 15:24

You can find more of my work on line including some performance videos simply by searching for SUBACCHI POET.

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