Monosyllabic Apparatus (11/13/2012)

You shouldn't take life so serious. It's a joke. So fuckin' laugh, and walk hard on your left leg limp. 
Alliteration; the allegory of alleged allegiance, all-knowing nouns denounced by the mouth of a brown cow, now. How? In hubris and husbandry, hovering as heretics and hermits with lips hermetically sealed like the seals in tin can tuna -- Viva alla, vie la ata fortunata fortuna.

I can half speak a hundred languages worth a thousand words in a smile. Personification; a hundred miles smiles snidely and widely. Why? Because the sun makes you take away your coat with kindness rather than force, and if you leave it behind, your friends by the wayside, your journey is only heavier on one set of shoulders.

A similie--assimilate like a might that might be right, liking a like that may like twice. Like a self aware bear trap. 
Like jack's breathing smoke. Like a peacepipe like a warpipe like a like on facebook liking tripe like a disgrace; it's your face, like your head on your body, like your shoulders under the world.
When atlas shrugs, you'll feel the word.

Not the word of a commentator, but of a comedian. A poet who knows it, shows it, blows it -- sucks it up and chews it and spits it out for dollars on the bottle. In his basement, he grows it. Loves its tender leaves. Threshes it with malice and erectile dysfunction pills. Grinds it up, adds it to the ads that makes mad for madness.
Loses an arm.
Loses a leg.
Gains more of himself 'cause the doctor of scientology says he's worth it. Says his soul ain't ethereal, and the mermaid ain't ariel she's just medicated like you and me and me and you;

Cause laughter's the medicine
the catastrophe
And I'll still laugh when my lips go blue.

old excitement spoken word

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