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the beautiful hungry baby

dirt ring neck

abandoned at the grocery store

wailing in the cart

sticky fingers outstreched

reaching for those who stare

and now when the sun sinks into the ground

when the street lights come on

no cell

no texts- "get your happy ass home"

and down this dirt road 

the lights flicker out


relying on stars for sight

and no...

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Hey Dad

this peach pit

lodged in my throat

and I cannot swallow it

cannot throw it up 

makes me short of the breath

I'm already running to catch

I want to stop

purge all that was never digested

with a heart beat so irregular 

so unrested 

wishing for words unsaid

hanging in the gallows by my vocal cords

cut down and dropped dead

festering in my stomach



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upon shoulders
so high
and the blades of grass become trees
trampolines bounce
we're in the sky 
and the puddles become lakes
I can swim
because I have you to teach me 
but who taught you?
thrown in and forced to paddle 
not ready
sunny sidewalks are flooded by shadows 
I tried
beating on the bathroom door
and oh god
in your arm 
it sticks
the devil is yellow 
mixed wit...

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Even as a child

I leaned this body against the truck door

Full weight, eyes glued to the pane

Watching the world fly

But what if I opened this door and flew too?

If I bled into the blur of the trees that whip by?

This feeling of my belly botton kissing my spine

Finally satisfied 

Even as a child 

Would I lift the handle?

to die

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