Roulette (03/24/2012)

Paint me in all your lovely brushes, honey.
Feed me all of those pseudo-smiles, and late night lonelies.
Ain't a fuckin' thing much funny, honey.
We gonna be done if blackjack's chance.

Let me use you up, my darlin', my love
Let me sing this song to you.
'Stead of painting the town blood blood red,
Let me paint you corpse noble blue.

No one wins thumbs when you're around,
all bets are lips and ears.
When the night's over, and it's time to pay up,
Your see-oh-see, I guarentee, just fuckin' disappears.

Now you lived on the edge of a nail,
the last one in your coffins.
So in the ground you go, smoke in the driving hail,
You ain't innocent; ain't no Mary Poppins.

All yew fuckin' gamblers had ought to think on twice,
Enjoy warm rum while she lasts.
Cause dis devil ain't got time for nice,
he's paid in death and casts.

A wind torn face and leather heels,
makes you realize.
Alone is how you'll take your meals,
so scared of harrowtale eyes.

Can't take back no promises,
in that time before the war.
Sleep close to that gun, the Missus,
Don't bother sleep no more.

Too many dreams haunted, about the knife in your back,
Can't even track your own front side.
You'll miss death's knock, he's on your track!
And in plain sight, she slides!

Through aching vertebrae and sunken skull eyes,
You barely feel a thing.
Cept the pain of your demise,
It really fails to sting

as hard or fast as you come to,
see you've really been dead a while.
You can't run that long and still be you,
You can't be born with that sorta guile.

Can't be born with nimble hands,
so perfect for betrayal.
A price so high, across the lands,
as far as Israel.

So say goodnight, get in the ground,
It's your own hole long-dug.
Death don't got all day to hang around,
for your ugly gamblin' mug.

old bars gamble gamble Israel death finds you

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