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I know that I'm a lucky man;
it seems apparent every day.
But I am one among a host
whose luck evolved another way.
Such unwonted suffering
is not the grist that gods allot,
so how shall I be happy here
amid all those I know are not?




Travis Brow

Thu 18th Dec 2014 06:47

Thank you M.C., thank you Daniel. My mother has a friend who has a difficult life and i heard the young woman utter the words 'god willing' in relation to her ongoing problems. It's hard to be complacent in the face of others' struggles, and it leads me to examine my own happiness.

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Ged the Poet

Wed 17th Dec 2014 16:11

Andy.. very profound and your work always leaves me with food for thought.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 17th Dec 2014 13:28

The ability to be profound in a few lines is a
gift given to few. These lines are brief yet
pose a conundrum that lingers in the mind.

Travis Brow

Wed 17th Dec 2014 11:41

Thank you El Jafari.

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