Darkness and Light

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My Mother, Sister, Brother and I

check into a hotel room. When we

enter the room my Dad who had

passed away almost five years

ago is sitting on the bed. He has

a wide smile on his face.


We ask, "Daddy why are you here?"

He says, "I wanted to see my family."

We are overcome with emotion and hug

him. We are all talking at once. Dad

interrupts us, "OK, ok let me say this,

sometimes I get lonely without loved ones."

It seems as if only a few minutes have

passed and a man walks into the room.

He says, "It's time to go." he has coal black hair.

He is dressed in a dark suit. I say

"No I'm not ready to say goodbye!"


I follow Dad and this strangher into

an elevator. I look away for a few seconds.


When I look back this stranger's hair is now

white. His dark suit is glowing.

He is holding a small baby wrapped in a blanket.

I ask, "What did you do with my Dad?"

The dark stranger who is now glowing says,

"Sometimes we have to let go and allow our

loved ones to move on."

"This baby is your Dad, I am taking him to

see his new family."

The preciding was a dream. My Daughter
Amanda Smothers tells me that the Stranger
who was dark represented Death.
The glowing stranger represents Life.

This is a more detailed version of THE DREAM.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 15th Dec 2014 20:47

And a very intense, interesting dream it was. I'm glad you have shared it. I think our symbols and metaphors in dreams are very personal, and occur to assist us in living.

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