upon shoulders
so high
and the blades of grass become trees
trampolines bounce
we're in the sky 
and the puddles become lakes
I can swim
because I have you to teach me 
but who taught you?
thrown in and forced to paddle 
not ready
sunny sidewalks are flooded by shadows 
I tried
beating on the bathroom door
and oh god
in your arm 
it sticks
the devil is yellow 
mixed with the green of your sick
turning your face blue
upon shoulders
you're too high
and I cannot hold you up
and this poison injected 
in the vein and family blood
the devil is yellow
mixed with the green of my sick 
turning my face blue
wish my arms were stronger
trees to blades
lakes to puddles
we are dead
it's nobodies fault
yet it's all on us 
and when your heart stops beating
how do I keep mine from stuttering?
need you to teach me
to keep this tune
oh my god 
in your arm 
it sticks
oh brother
you're so sick

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