Retrogade Renegade (05/29/2012)

What can you buy on a streetcar named desire?
What can you buy for hapenny-pence?
God damn, do I ever miss you,
The charcoals of my innocence.

Fleeting promise and sleeting rain,
we never said goodbye
with dynamite between your teeth,
and rifle pointed high.

A marksman of a thousand yards,
that sick Cupid on his sinew bow
Love's undead draught, a thousand miles
So I can fall down at your do'r.

And if one piece of me just makes it,
with blood pumped from my heart
I can stop turning in this grave,
deathgrip to rest off the 'lumbus chart.

Should I lose my other eye, 
and live just with my hands
here's to feelin' you, babe,
be my eyes forever
bone to bone
to sand.

old charcoal for the light brigade stop writing ab

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