A card from home


Send me a card from home

My dear

One that is rosy and red

A chocolate box picture

Of a chocolate box dream

Where the flowers still grow

And no one is dead


Send me news of my brother


And my mum and dad

How’s the boy doing?

Does he ask after me?

And his sister Annie

How’s she 


Send me a card for Christmas

My love

Send one Full of good cheer

Remind me of home

The streets, the chimneys

And our hearth

 Warm bed

And a bottle of beer


Send me a card my darling

Let me know that you are still keen

That you are still there

That you are alright

And that you still care


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Jeff Dawson

Sun 4th Jan 2015 09:07

A poignant piece Martin, I felt a war connection espiecially with mention of the flowers, we have just covered Pete Seegers 'where have all the flowers gone' as our Bard Company group.

Lovely words and nice sentiments, thanks Jeff

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 12th Dec 2014 14:54

I read these the lines while imagining the stoic
"Tommy" that Kipling would have recognised...no
self-pity but a cheerful matter of fact sort of
man far removed from today's age, who wouldn't
dream of upsetting anyone with tales of woe.
Say it out loud with an upbeat tone and it takes
on a different slant from that found by A.N.

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Andy N

Thu 11th Dec 2014 12:46

remember this from Monday. it's lovely but very very sad (oddly enough i didn't find it upbeat in contrast to m.c. but hey..)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 10th Dec 2014 19:57

I agree, it has poignancy, like a card from a war zone (by any definition.)

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 10th Dec 2014 14:39

I like the gentle optimism of these lines and
whilst some of them are uneven to my eyes
(and ears when reading them under my breath),
somehow they still work. A nice upbeat seasonal piece.

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