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A colourful Band

To catch a Rainbow.

Appears in all of the colours.

Grips for a moment.

Mesmerised as the

skylight fills up

through beautiful bands.

But have you gazed 

long enough?

By chance,

as the bow grows duller.

Surrendering to the moody clouds,


Penetrating the beam of


Almost like a chance meet.


From a bashful greet.

Ship wrecked m...

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One mans thoughts

A whispering wind from the south blows tonight, 
A candle light flickers
In the windows 
No shame?
Not one to blame!

Lost souls 
Once more 
A somber mood 
Witnessed too much
Splitting a wound 
Pained To the touch
85 lives 
Too much a toll.

With love
With love
We still stand tall
With hate 
With hate
To be you 
 pitifully small

We blow a western wind 
Your way

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Our Lives, Our Lives

The sharp sounds of popping gun shots.

The sharp reality of every shot heard

rings out to another mindless death

another mindful human being.

The gunmen hidden from view

finding it hard to relate

Hard to understand...

the gunmen's venomous hate.

Senseless killing, screams chilling.

Scrambling to escape in any route they find.

Clinging to window panes

Whilst panicke...

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A view from afar

entry picture

The words "Jesus Christ", burst out of my mouth.

Whilst watching the daily news.
To swap the words from illegals to refugees
to change the peoples views,
with stealth...

Eyeing a Crisis that has overgrown.
A handful of dictators we have overthrown,
And yet we groan!
Sites we see such as " Britain First"
More like "Britains Thirst"...
For Blood.

Where do Britain's benefits "lies"...

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Winter Wandering

Wicked, wintery, wind

Recklessly, ravagaging,

raging, roaring

Camouflaged as the colours

of mother nature

Bitterly iced as the most

northern point.

Warning, whining, whistling.

Invisible to the sharpest, shooting eye

Wheezing, wandering, whipping.

Hunched over, woolley head down, shouldering

against the invisible force...

A breeze for the raging wind.


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brain tease

Here again with you two guys

You confidently talk

Casually leaning in...to listen 

Your dark blue eyes

They shine when the light catches,

they glisten

The conversational words spoken pass through

But mix and muddle with

The words that are sinking...drowning

In the worn out cluttered head

knowingly looking zombie dead

sounding quietly dead

talking one word answer...

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I'm not German But...


Well it's already started off bad.

But IF I lived in Russia

My name would be Vlad (you stereotypical basterd)

I would have time to take an iron hammer blanket

to freeze in a watchtower to spy the Ice grow

forming and joining like a secret service clan

meeting in the dead of night

discussing the nuclear plan

Oppressed by the sun light...

Quiet patriotic meets


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No regrets

The lover I gave up

Not through choice!!

Not through being fed up

not wanting to give up


So we delt friendship

Into the deal

some say "not ideal"

At the time it seemed right


I shifted out

Times pulled tight


for the girl

I worried

For the girl

I thought hard

but not fought hard


10k away

Months drift by

they say

"times a h...

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Just another day

Blimey, already mis-placed my app

In the wrong place on my phone, i flap

Stumbling over the floor boards

my bro removed. mind the gap?


But we try...

We watch TV together

Brothers forever

so close, we fight together

So distant, in silence forever

But we know...


Well, a quick cigarette

Next door boy arrives

don't fret

Waiting, smoking, waiting.

Am ...

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Onion rings

Now I have a thing for onion rings

the roundness and batter

Oh my heart sings


reminds me of polos

but softer and bigger

glad they are not minty.

I hear you snigger


But with my rings and a mayo dip

I close my eyes

Off I go on my trip


To the land of onion rings

floating though the loops


swimming through the rings

Marching with onion ring tro...

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My mate Ben...


we meet now and then

Time ticks by

with wild times...

now and again.

Jousting the yellow or red

here and there

Best of the best?

On the table

we fare

A friendship that takes


for the strongest

to break

Only the closest

can give it a soda stream shake

alway here old friend

when you need me..

what are friends for!!


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Stake of the heart

A heart that hides

Hunted for...

a heart that lies

Already broken...


A heart that has loved


Over time

A heart worth loving

to match

your crime...

a heart given out

bruised and scarred


the mind...

to be fused and marred

la de dar de do de dar


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5 years

My friend you are absent

5 years on

Fading away from your closest 

who have no choice to stay strong


In the waterhole, we raise an ale filled glass

in the hole, i try to figure

try to grasp

Simple in terms

to try to understand 

more complex, 

to me

more grand.


Joyful Memories of times gone by

Hussled around the tables

In these awesome memories


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The Old Oak Door

Stumbling through the cream papered corridor

The ruby red rug shuffling under my Wholly odd socks

peppered in specks of gold

like an Alice in Wonderland dream

There is no Alice, this is no dream

The red rug ends merging to the old oak door.

Now etched in green.


Darkness awoken by the dimly lit lamp

Casting a shadow in the role of a stranger tracking their victim in the...

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Cowering in the hills

Distant from your tide

Within your footprint

Camouflaged from your stride

Safety thrives here

Words tell me inside

My head

Cocooned within

these four walls

Im safe here!!

Already thinking

of futuristic chores

With you

"the one"

Saturated in a safety sheet


My life is so neat

Mentally tied up


Hands behind my b...

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Drunken fool

Chasing bottles of Gin

Instead of You

You Think of you 

So thinking of Gin


Blind drunk

Only with Gin

Maybe the wine started it

But finished by Gin

Agreeing with the senseless

Being defenceless

Maybe the wine started it

But ended

with the Gin

Solve the world in a rant

barely sufficient...scant

The wine started this

now need a ppp... wee


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Enveloped and doped

Cool it down

Cool it down

Tomorrow is a new day

Forgotten from what happened 


Teasing the words

spraying out

from the shotgun mouth

Spreading through the mind with offensive words

A momentary rage

I can't see!!

What I said wrong

I can't see

I won't see!!

Ticking over

Weighing up

Scrabbling, searching


We are hurting


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A million little pieces

The girl in my dreams

Broken at the seams

Torn to see 


so long

In times when low

Time travels 

So slow

But dreams of you creeps in

A decade past

Forgotten so fast


A message from the blue

Words connect

No need

To be select


to hold you tight

With the love

A feeling

Always wanting

Always needing

From a distance away

I love you

I say...

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Our home, our castle

entry picture

Our country, our home

Our home, our castle

Our rules

No space for foreign shouting fools


No place for the ugly words spread

No land here

To be force fed


Never to agree

With contradicting laws

Eyes wide open

We see our flaws


No one is perfect

But we all have a right

Keep niggling away

You will see our people unite


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Full up

The drain, the drain

It's gurgling too much

Shit covering the grate

Now housing the land

Overflowing, no bowing

Rattling the door

no one answers

Curtains twitch

No reply

Standing back,


The shute overflowed

spreading like a disease

Watch it grow,

It flows, 

It grows


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Waking up to reality

Tripping past the newspaper

In the hall

Doors open,

The glare burn my eyes

But even the "sun"

Won't stop me getting my fix

Regretful breathing

Softens the feeling

Tiptoed on iced slate

Misty morning

Spit into the grate

No one can see

This early morning I'm free

Only in the early hours I'm free.

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The words of God

entry picture

Dragging feet in to the factory of doom

Break the security lock with the secret code

3 digits later sucked into groundhog day

Followed with "good morning, we are half way there"

Shuffling past,a forced laugh, Wishing our lives away

Low grey clouds reflects the mood within

Impending doom, a phone call soon, 

Just how I imagined

Positive this appeared in my dreams

Hoping t...

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Only in Bangkok

At night time

This place is Sin city

One million different faces

passing by

But really all the same

The same goal

Looking up from swigging my beer

To see the blind leading the blind (literally)


The local girls

Make eye contact too long

You get offered anything

With a with a wink of the eye

I carry on supping my beer

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The Dreaded Haircut

entry picture

That time again

Thoughts kicking in

all week,

Pushed to the back  of my mind

Mondays only early

Saturday seems such 

A distance away

Springs memories

Of when I was young.

The electric chair!!

A glance away, I would Dash

Filling the corner with tears

Huddled on the stair

Trust anyone with scissors?

Not even Momma bear.

Tried it myself once

Shaped out ...

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Mind Game

Sitting there quiet

Away from the Queen Bee

Not wanting to be the first apple to fall from the tree

Not wanting to be the sharpest thorn

Or the ripest acorn

over which the squirrels brawl

To take in to their hibernating spot

To keep them filled over the winter lash

Just to be Discarded

as an empty shell when spring has past

But to fend off the pack of wolves


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Big Man

Watching you take someones confidence

in a time so short

Stood back, as they curl back

Pushing them into their court

But if you can see them quiet at first

Timid to come out

Maybe in bursts

Why do you look for their weakness

To kick them back in

So they have to retreat

Back to the start

Not sure 

Where to begin

Maybe this is Human nature

When someone feels...

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Beautiful photos

What will always be a fragile relationship

Could always be shattered by a sharp frost

A word now and then

Brief meet as and when

Time washes away memories

Developing film in reverse

Revisiting old photos

Negatives failing

Drifting far from grasp

One choice

Take a new film

Snap an awesome

summers day


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Oh Katy

entry picture

You touch my lips

The sweet taste of you sends tingles down my spine

Your warmth strikes my heart

I feel no limits with you

Oh Katy,

All i can do is empty you

With my ever consuming greed

You send me to sleep with ease

Taking my thoughts far away

The morning you are not the same

Tippy tapping at my head

Memories of the previous night 

Disappearing in a haze


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entry picture

In this house you are isolated

Held back from life outside

Time seems to be rushing by

and then I think of you both

Hold on tight

Maybe talk another day

Hoping that someone will pull the cord

The fear will not let you

Deemed to live this way

Washing away from each other

Further and distant with each passing day


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A million miles away

entry picture

The hero within the human mind

Some times a feeling of unknown takes hold

Watching from a milliom miles away


should I say

The repercussions still rattle around

from that fateful day

From the doorstep, the tongues can click

A view from inside the victorian brick

Recalling the moment time after time

powerless to stop such a hideous crime

The anger of wantin...

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The order of the sandwich

entry picture

Today is the day, Sweet savoury arrives!

Same time, sameplace

Week in, week out...

Out in force!


Hunting to fill the empty morning grumble

Time is not on our side

Lets see if we can turn this tide

as the early mornings stray

Dealing a menu, hustling around

we will always win this race


By a whisker, a hair

a distance some weeks

Names set against the abb...

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The same but different

Well, I have to walk away 

from you 

searching for something more

something true


Not what you want

although i'm like you

searching for something deeper

something true


I wonder if i could tempt you

or ask if you would.

But the edge tells me

you are looking for something easy

I'm searching for something true.


Last message sent

feel the coldnes...

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Dreams collide

Two lovers with different dreams collide.

Smashing both dreams into thousands

of little pieces.


The two lovers grow distant

Scrabbling around to piece

their dreams back together


They end up resenting

each other for the destruction.

Not realising that they could make

new dreams together.


By which time it was all too late.

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Big old Bertha, the weather machine has been a little bit moody lately, pissed at the Caribbean.
She is now heading across the Atlantic in a dark aggressive rage. Looking for someone or some place to condemn .
She seems to be stirring, but having a little think and calming down.
Still feeling stormy, she is heading for the UK.

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Wide Awake

Shocked wide awake.

A dream that has unsettled my wellbeing, my state.

Thoughts now anchored firmly in my mind.

Unable to shake them off, i try to unwind.

Darkness overwhelms me, doubled with dreams.

My thoughts racing, my heart bursting at the seams.

Talk myself into a quiet smoke.

Thoughts lost in stars with every toke.

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Wooden Bridges

The bridges are broken between our two families and the reasons for that i don't know.

For our elders are ageing, they carry the blame. For that we must show.

It is not those who to blame and carry the shame and let them feel this way.

I hope you can find it deep in your hearts, that you will understand one day.

The tick of the time, the hand and the chime. That day will be too late.


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