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November haze



gazing through clouds of early fog

perceiving silver sphere above

and for just a few moments

thinking it’s the moon


until it burns through heavy mists

brightening the morning

turning the sky blue

as only the sun can

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Your Voice

Let me walk on golden sands,

let me breathe sea air,

let me hear your voice again,

let us laugh as one.

Let us swim in tranquil seas

or jump among the waves,

let us watch the sunset where

saffron and pinks aflame.

When darkness falls, let’s snuggle

whether there be a chill

or it be a balmy night,

let us make love again.


Let me know you’re happy

wherever ...

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There are elephants on the roof,

I know that sounds absurd

But there’s elephants on the roof,

I know because I heard.


I am told it’s just a few pigeons

That think our caravan’s Heathrow

But waking at five in the morning,

I don’t believe this can be so.


My ears can hear quite enough proof,

There are elephants on the roof.


Pigeons are just much too small,


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