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Dog, with one dark and one milk chocolate ear,
You come to me, seeking attention and offering love
And paws that scoop the Earth, and a wet nose
That leads you into trouble, often as not.

Runt of the pack, you trot along to rear in walkies,
Happy sniffing your own furrow and
Savouring simple pleasures, tail a windmill,
Your arse plastered with mud.

What was Parson Russell thinking

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Still Beautiful

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Still beautiful, in the way the rain over the marsh

Is beautiful, with its storm-light like the gleam

Of grey on an axe edge. Still beautiful,

As the howling of estuary gales through sedge,

A note impossible to replicate, and unexpected.


A note impossible to replicate, you are

Nevertheless, now you have come downstairs,

Still beautiful, with your Hitler Youth shorts


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